Symbols of Power pt 2: The Body Temple, Esoteric Anatomy, Astro-physiology

Symbols of Power pt 2: The Body Temple, Esoteric Anatomy, Astro-physiology

this video is going to be an extension of my previous video called symbols of power and monarch symbolism so if you haven't seen that one yet I highly recommend you go back and check that one else that way you have a foundation of understanding for the content that I'm going to be covering in this video series I'm also going to compile some of my several previous articles that I've done as well as new information that I haven't released regarding what I like to call as above so below the belt the principle of how the anatomy of the human brain as well as some of the glands within the human brain directly correspond both geometrically and linguistically with the sexual organs and the sexual regions hence the pun as above so below the bill so to start off what we're seeing here is I saw this image it immediately clicked in my mind as something majorly important to my monarch symbolism video as well as monarch mind control symbolism but what we're looking at is across image of the human brain during a CT scan and as we can see here directly in the center what makes this image so significant and so symbolic is what we're seeing is literally the monarch mind control we are literally seeing why it is called monarch mind control and again you have don't understand this go back and see my previous video about 12 symbols of power discussing the elements and the symbols and the anatomy the physiology of Monarch mind control so what we're seeing here in the centre what actually makes up the body of the monarch within the human brain is called the first and second ventricle which is the hippocampus of the human brain it's the optic thalamus region and the hippocampus is what we call almonds horn and that is the first what the first and second ventricle are they make up the two wings of the monarch butterfly and the what would be the abdomen of the butterfly down below is what's called the third ventricle which is also called the fornix which means in etymology the fornix means a vaulted chamber and it's called a fornix or a vaulted chamber because as we can see the geometry here makes up an archway or a vault it is the vault of heaven the vault of heaven corresponding to the human skull and that their adventure coal for the fornix inside the brain which is the vault of heaven corresponding to ancient egyptian cosmology and again I mentioned that the fornix is called the fornix because it means an archway and here we're looking at the freemasonic with the Royal Arch and later on in the video I will tie this in as to why it's royal because here in just a minute I'm going to point out to you why the the innermost chamber of the brain if you overlay the Great Pyramid on top of the brain the kings and queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid Falls corresponds exactly to the innermost chamber of the human skull which is the thalamus and the optic thalamus region where the pineal gland sits so again that's why it's called the kings queens chamber and this is why it's located in the why it's the Royal Arch and again later on in the video I'll explain more about why it's royal and how it relates to the royalty to the the Pharaoh the king cobra the king serpent the basilisk which means king serpent which again refers to royalty so I'll cover that in depth again later on throughout the video but again we're regarding this image that we're looking at right here relating to the vault of heaven the cranial vault which as I failed to mention in my last video which is why this is a continuation of it is the sphenoid bone as I mentioned in the last video is at it's the keystone of the human skull meaning that he and masonry the keystone of the arch is this stone right here which is the key that's the stone that holds the arch in place it's what supports the entire structure locks it all into place holds it in support and this is the the finishing stone that is placed in the archway and that's what gives it support so in the human skull the spheroid bone is the Keystone and the sphenoid bone is what supports the most crucial glands which would be the pituitary and so again that's why it supports the archway of the cranial vault and again what we're looking at here is this is the Royal Arch Freemasonry you have the left and the right pillars the twin pillars as I'm about to mention here in just a second which are the left and the right hemisphere the Sun and the moon the left and right hemispheres which also correspond to the left the first and second ventricle of the human brain the twin pillars the twin towers the twin pillars of the Sun in the moon and what we're looking at here is the hora the horizon we're looking at the axis of the zodiac wheel so this is Aries here which is the first it's the first and torso then Taurus would be the last as if you're completing the circle so Aries is the first it's springtime it's the beginning it's the the Alpha and so or if you go cording to processional slippage you know the the tourists would be the Alpha depending on the age of the zodiacal age that you're in but again this is the first and right over here so this is where the Sun rises in the East at Aries and then the Sun sets over here at Libra so this is where the Sun hits the horizon and goes down into the underworld of the of the year the winter months of the year so the Sun sets here which is where it dies and when we die the hardest judged on this weighed on the scales of judgment which is this is Libra it's the scales which weighs the heart at the death of the season at the death of the Sun when it goes to the underworld which again goes back to Egypt the Egyptian cosmology so that's what we're looking at here and I mean I could go through all of this but that's not relevant to the video that I'm making that's not relevant to the concept although here you have the cornucopia representing the abundance but it's also notice it's the horn as we were just referring to almonds horn the hippocampus and here you have the seven stars the Pleiades so but again that's that's irrelevant to the video that I'm making so but also notice this later on notice the caduceus wrap up the up the pole we're going to talk about that later on the snake in the pole the phallic pillar and the serpent so again we'll cover that later on but again and also I forgot to mention this the Keystone is is the sign of cancer which so again this is the where the Sun rises this is the Sun at its peak at high noon but in the season it's the summer solstice when the Sun is at its peak or the longest days of summer so this is the height of the Sun and this is the death of the Sun sunrise sunset when when when set kills Horus when set overthrows Horus and the third ventricle is where the pineal gland is located as well as the pituitary gland and the plenty of gland is obviously what we know as the third eye so this third ventricle here is where we find the third eye the third ventricle the third eye the vaulted chamber and this is faulted chamber the fornix is what we if we place the image of the Great Pyramid directly over the human skull and line it up geometrically this vaulted chamber this third eye this third ventricle this fornix chamber directly corresponds to what's called the kings and queens chamber within the Great Pyramid of Egypt of Giza and so it's also what corresponds in biblical theology as Solomon's Temple the Holy of Holies the innermost chamber and this monarch image here the hypothalamus the optic thalamus region is also what is were the Ark of the Covenant the Ark of the Covenant meaning an archway as in the fornix the vaulted chamber the vault of heaven the two wings of this monarch the two wings correspond to the two cherubim which guard the Ark of the Covenant which are two sphinxes whose wings are touching and the etymology of the word fornix comes from bornus which is which means furnace and in this case were referring to where the eternal flame burns the light of the mind the pineal gland the light of human consciousness which is a photoreceptor and again go back to see my series called symbols of power to discuss the essence of light and the pineal gland being a photoreceptor in other words the receiver of light which controls the human circadian rhythms the regulation of sleep and consciousness so inside the fornix or the furnace where the eternal flame burns in Freemasonry it's known as the eternal flame just like the Olympic torch is lit and is kept burning throughout the entire games which represents the eternal flame the torch carried through the underworld of Mythology which is the light of consciousness it's the light that is never extinguished the light of consciousness the enlightenment the light of the mind and light immense means light within the mind yeah it's like the you know the candle is is that is the sacred flame it's the keeping of the sacred flame or spear I know with this yeah as the spirit which is why you know in like the Olympics the you have you have to keep and in masonry they had they they keep the torch lit they keep the flame this the sacred fire burning and obviously you know that's the spirit it's the you know the Spiritist it's the flame it's the spark of love burning light it's to flame but it's as David Bowie's black star song refers to as the solitary candle sorry the mind's eye the third eye lies directly in the center of the human skull the pineal is sensitive to light and generates its own source of perceptual light as dimethyltryptamine it's known as the seat of the soul and the receptor of consciousness it is the receiver of sight beyond sight the eye of thundera our Thundercats in danger the wavelength beyond the visible light spectrum far infrared to ultraviolet your spiritual eyes the eyes that you used to see when dreaming the eyes that see in the dark when you sleep the solitary candle that burns throughout the night it has said if thine eye be single the whole body shall be full of light and notice how it's called the villa of almond of orman which when he says it in his English accent sounds exactly similar to the villa of almond which as I've covered in one of my previous articles the villa of almond of the human skull the foramen being a hole where the nerves pass through so it's the chamber of almond the solitary candle the eternal flame the light within the mind the torch that bears through the underworld the torch that is lit to carry through the underworld to guide the passage through the underworld to guide the way through death and into rebirth and eternal life and the word fornix is where we get the word fornication because the fornix was also referred to as a vaulted chamber in other words a it was linked and related etymologically to a brothel or in other words a place where you go for fornication but in ancient times which was known as sacred sexuality or sacred prostitution because sexuality and human sexuality is a vital part of life it's a vital part of human well-being everyone has sexual needs that need to be met and in ancient times the this was referred to as sacred prostitution because it was they see the oldest profession with oldest service offered to people in order to relieve their physical ailments to relieve their psychic trauma because all trauma as wilhelm rush points out in his sciences all trauma roots and stems from sexual repression repression of the sexual energy and they're circulating healthily circulating sexual energy is what promotes well-being and health and vital life force vitality having good sex often has so many health benefits that it's staggering but it's no surprise the most important often missing component is the intimacy or the spiritual recognition or recognition of your deepest aspect inside another oxytocin is the social bonding hormone produced in the hypothalamus but released by the pituitary gland during physical intimacy such as hugging kissing and cuddling and the longer the duration of the cuddling or the kissing or the contact the higher amount of the intimacy the higher amount of oxytocin is released into the body and therefore the greater social bonding the crucial effectives of regular sex is hormone production releasing a sleuth of chemical compounds such as endorphins the compound word of endo and orphan which means literally means endogenous morphine in other words morphine generated endogenously which means within the body generated from within and in endorphins are named after the Greek god Morpheus who is the deity the god of dreams which is why sex also improves sleep and circadian rhythms and these hormone productions improve circadian rhythms it strengthens libido it reduces cortisol or the stress hormones it calms the nervous system lower systolic blood pressure cuts the risk of heart attacks improves cardiovascular circulation lubrication elasticity of the tissues of the vagina and strengthens the muscles however there's also the likely case that male DNA from past sexual partners has been found in the female brain which stays there throughout their entire lifespan this is known as micro chimerism so ponder that for a minute but you also have to realize as most people won't tell you that it likely only happens with internal fluid transfer and they also won't tell you that still so much research needs to be done to confirm this but it could mean that you literally carry a piece of your sexual partners in your brain for your entire life if you're a female literally leaving an imprint on them but the thing is that DNA is both a receiver and the transmitter of patterns and demonstrably communicates non-locally via longitudinal waves so in other word which most people will mistakenly and fallaciously call quantum entanglement but this is actually an electrical effect which is faster than the speed of light it happens instantly and this has been proven in multiple experiments in DNA across the country will actually respond simultaneously to stimuli DNA from the same samples and this happens longitudinally through what would be called longitudinal waves or sometimes also scalar waves this means you could either imprint on to the characteristic expression of your past partners as well as vice-versa they can imprint onto your characteristic expression so basically the lesson here is know thyself and heal your personal Karma and therefore you imprint that characteristic onto the expression of all of your past partners and rather than having their expression imprinted upon your behaviors your thoughts and your actions so this is why self work is the most crucial aspect of an individual so this vault this arch this arch chamber this arch of heaven is also where we linked to Freemasonry is where we get the arch and at the direct center of that arch the most crucial component of the arch is to keep what's known as the Keystone and this next image that we'll take a look at is created to illustrate that the pawns which connects to the optic optic thalamus in the human brain identically corresponds to the ancient hieroglyphic depictions of the deity called Fatah or top if you use the silent p pizza which was phonetically pronounced it's pizza pizza and i'll portray how it's more than just iconography and images or images that connect Fatah as the opt alamos in an Egyptian mythology Fatah vocalized again as pizza in ancient Egyptian is the Demiurge of Memphis the god of creation the arts fertility and craftsmanship he's considered the Demiurge who existed before all other things and by his well fulness thought the world into existence it was first conceived by thought and realized by the word Pitta conceives the world by thought of his heart and gives life through the magic of his work that which Peeta commanded was created with which the constituents of nature fauna and flora are contained a document known as the mem fight theology shows the god Ptah responsible for creation of the universe by thought and by the work and it's funny how this directly links to the Genesis creation story long predating the Genesis creation story the Demiurge is from latinized greek demi or goes literally public or skilled worker the deity of craftsmanship artisan demi or ghost comes from demons meaning common people see demotic plus or goes meaning the root word her ghost meaning work which is linked to the etymology of the word organ so the pineal gland and the pituitary gland are both organs which does work since the word her goes as in Demi ergos or a small organ which does work so the pituitary gland is also linked to pit to pit to eteri picked up a small organ which does work this is an excerpt from Antoine's Eagles crown and the hero of the see all this is leading us to the rudimentary I in the human brain the fatah links to the word up thalamus ophthalmoscope meaning I as in the all seen the pineal gland the PIPA that yam Lucas is writing about in his book decay mysteries Egypt corium as the creative intellect the Lord of the truth and knowledge the Fatah who will become pizza all the pasts and all the secrets are in the words and the sounds a long journey from the origins for the most sacred artifact of Egypt a word opt Alamos secularly described as being from the root words ups meaning I see optic a form related to thalamus meaning in a room or chamber or in other words the third ventricle the innermost chamber the Holy of Holies so op thalamus meaning I is a combination of is a compound word composing of I and thalamus meaning in a room chamber of the inner eye and I've gotten into arguments with Stephen bankers of spirit science and metaphysics website overall this theology and the etymology he claims that ophthalmoscope out the pineal gland can't possibly be referring to the third eye and as simply is used in the context regarding the external onyx but that is not true at all and I will prove that through the etymology see again they say that it comes from the word ups meaning i plus thalamus they would have you believe that op thalamus is a compound word of ops + thalamus but that's not the case at all the prefix of the word forming element Kofi OPH I however refers to a serpent or snake so look at the word again it's all Salamis not op thalamus from the point of view of biological evolution the pineal gland represents a kind of atrophied photoreceptor receive which means a receiver of light in the epithalamus of some species of amphibians and reptiles such as snakes it's linked to a vestigial organ known as the parietal eye a parietal eye also known as a third eye or pineal eye is photoreceptive meaning receptive to light it's a receiver of light and is sensitive to light and it emits its own life and is associated with the pineal gland regulating circadian rhythmicity sleep and wake cycle and hormone production for thermoregulation body temperature regulation very fact that thalamus alone means inner chamber is a dead giveaway that it's referring to the third eye the Holy of Holies as it corresponds to Solomon's Temple the third ventricle of the human brain which is direct midline between the left and right ventricles or the twin which are known as the twin pillars so it's the third pillar of Freemasonry which stands directly between the two pillars of the Sun and the moon the left and the right hemispheres the left and the right ventricle the twin pillars of which the third pillar stands directly in the center hence the third eye and the third ventricle so refer to this amulet of King Tut Danka moons to the amulet of the Urrea serpent where the Urrea symbol was made to represent the goddess watch it which was the ancient Egyptian serpent goddess it was a serpent deity and what this amulet is depicting with the Urrea sizz it's depicting snake eyes snakes have sight beyond sight because they can see in the infrared spectrum so in other words they have heat vision they can sense infrared heat so they have thermal vision so they can see beyond the typical spectrum of visible light that humans can see so they have the sight beyond sight and they sense this heat around them by taking in they smell through their tongue but they also send information into the heat sensing membranes which allows them to have the thermal vision and these two cones are these cones of vision overlap directly at the center leaving a perfectly visible vesica Pisces geometry visual pattern the eye of the snake the third eye the all-seeing eye the parietal eye a vestigial remnant of the reptilian anatomy the reptilian physiology which the human brain is segmented into third into three main segments you have the pons or in other words the brainstem which regards to survival and direct basic needs and then you have the midbrain which relates to emotions and men which is the mammalian brain which relates to emotions and temperature regulation and hormone production and then you have the newest part newest development of the brain which is the neocortex which is related to higher thinking and higher cognitive abilities rational functioning problem-solving so the reptilian portion of the brain is referring to the most basic urges of human nature which is survival and the basic needs of human survival again the inner eye the third eye as everyone knows by now the pineal gland is regulated by the Kundalini serpent energy of the body central nervous ganglia in other words gangs are networks of glial cells of glia which are neural cells which represents enlightenment or in other words light within the mind the serpent energy represents life rebirth fertility divinity and royalty as shown by the basilisk which means King serpent which comes from the root word of Basel which means King or royalty basal or basal King or royalty which is exactly why the king pharaohs or the Urrea SCARA or in other words the king cobra on the third which just so happens that the ponds the brainstem and the thalamus portion of the inner brain is known as the reptilian complex which corresponds to the very base of animal functioning the basic animal nature or in other words the base which means the very base of the human brain the bottom most segment of the human brain which relates directly to survival and instinct which is why it's called the basal ganglia or the basal ganglia literally means the base of the brain it's the most basic ganglia of the human brain which is why the base of the brain or the basal basal ganglia looks exactly like a hooded Cobra standing on its tail standing erect exactly like the Urrea skull bruh on the Pharaohs third eye Stanzi Rhett which is a direct representation of the pons it's a direct representation of the of the reptilian complex of the human brain it's a direct representation of royalty of the King's Chamber of the third ventricle the serpent the snake eye the pineal gland is the only midline brain structure that is unpaired or azygos it's not directly by symmetrical and it takes its name from its pine cone shape which refer to which follows a perfect golden ratio Fibonacci hypertrophy wide pattern which is the funnel men fundamental basis of magnetism and every form of function in this universe a serpent and the tree of knowledge represents the Kundalini energy rising up the spine which is known as the which is known as Jacob's Ladder humans have 200 or so bones but we only have one bone that is considered the holy bone the sacrum however all bones are holy all bones are also full of holes or holy which in medical terms are called foramen they are for our men the word sacrum means sacred and Latin and it lives on in English anatomy as the name for the large heavy bone at the base of the spine which is the sacrum also called the Spade the Romans the Romans called the bone the Oh sacrum which literally meant the holy bone and the Greeks termed it idle and osteon the same thing the holy bone several schools of thought exists as to why what makes this bone so sacred including the following temple in Greek Aaron meant not only sacred but also a holy place or a temple Kyoto as in hieroglyphics which means holy symbols which means sacred writing sacred images sacred glyphs so again in Greek hydron meant not only sacred but a holy place or a temple it was the holy place in the sense that within its bony cavity lies the female ovaries and uterus thus her sacred organs of procreation or Holy of Holies thanks to its great size the sacrum is usually the last bone of a buried body to rot ancients thus may have believed the sacrum to be the focal point around which the body could be reassembled in afterlife the sacrum as a sacred sacrifice or a sacrificial vessel some archaeological evidence supports the use of the sacrum as vessel to hold the sacrifice an ancient sacred or sacred rites supposedly the sacrum was the part of an animal offered in sacrifice since the sacrum is the seed of the organs of procreation but whatever the exact explanation the sacrum was surely sacred to the ancients it was the holy bone as as its name reveals even today thus from the base of the spine we have the most basic animal instinct the most basic nature which also gives us the terms like sacred in metaphysics the sacral is the root of the basis for survival sex security and instinctual needs which is the basis for metaphorical need to sacrifice this portion in order to move to a more advanced state of being however like anything else these things go to shit at the height of ignorance when people take things literally such as things like ritual literal ritual sacrifice of flesh and blood offerings to some deity the ace of spades manly P Hall had said the Spade is actually related to our Anatomy being that of our spinal column and the sacrum bone this will all start to make sense once you realize that the highest exoteric degree in Freemasonry is the 33rd degree there are a thirty third there are 33 turns in a complete sequence of human DNA and the human vertebral column usually consists of 33 vertebrae the sacrum is a large triangular bone that looks very similar to the symbol of the state it's located at both the base of the spine between our two hip bones with the cock with the coccyx or tail bone and also at the top of our spine which connects to the last lumbar vertebrae in a slower part the sacrum bone normally forms from five unfused vertebrae at birth and they begin to fuse together between approximate ages of sixteen to eighteen years old and by the age of 33 to 34 years it fuses into one bone that looks just like a spade I've covered all of this in extreme depth in my PDF file called secrets of all religions which has gone way deeper than I intend to go in this video and at some point I intend to make a complete comprehensive video compiling all of that information into video format but that's gonna require a lot of it's gonna take a long time it's gonna require a lot of work and a long time a lot of editing to compile that video together so I just haven't done that yet instead I'm releasing it in many different segments throughout this video series in separate components but again the serpent represents the serpent in the tree of knowledge represents Kundalini energy rising up the spine which is known as Jacob's Ladder or the tree as well as the human DNA or DNA in itself which is known as The Tree of Life which corresponds directly geometrically to other mathematical formulas and Fibonacci sequence in nature which is what trees follow as well so in other words other trees as being the Tree of Life in other words fruit trees being the Tree of Life as well which is the tree of knowledge of good and evil and so obviously having knowledge means you have knowledge of both good and evil this is not bad this is not something negative this is not something evil some religious concept this is simply having wisdom and knowledge of knowing whether to use that knowledge and apply wisdom to it to do good or to use that knowledge to do evil so it can be used either way but either way knowledge is power and knowledge is the key you cannot achieve good or evil without having knowledge and without having wisdom so that is the essence of the tree of knowledge and of good and evil and all of these ancient depictions of archetypes trampling the serpent or trance standing on snakes or wrestling or grasping or wrestling with snakes or wrestling with serpents slaying the dragon simply represents having control over your Kundalini your sexual energy it means being the master of your own energy that means being a spiritual master holding control over your own basic human nature over your own basic animal nature it means rising above your basic sexual or urges and applying the light of the mind to that it means having control over your basic urges having control over your instincts it means rising up and taking control over your own of your own human nature and wrestling with your own animalistic aspects within you wrestling the beast within you you Jamie Lannister run [Applause] we have one side there's the – I guess without fear take it to the car dream standing in Sun God with you this God is never seen and you shouldn't be afraid you Master Mason these are all archetypal allegorical some deeply symbolic messages deeply symbolic stories being told over time so this is not about simply being is something being good or evil it's about having the knowledge of the human physiology the knowledge of the spiritual technology and the knowledge of nature and the wisdom and of the patterns of nature and the functions of life in order to either do good with that or to use that in order to hide that away to stash that away to hide it to keep it for yourself in order to do evil over other beings to hold that knowledge and to either do good or evil with it that's simply all it is right there the snake and ancient mythology symbology and theology is associated or recognized with the female goddess as well as with the male aspect as well the snake is a symbol of both the male penis the male phallic energy as well as the female energy and this is the archetypal serpent goddess this is why we always find the archetypal dragon queen or the drag queen which is exactly why the drag queens of Hollywood and it's magical druidic order I'll always show you the Dragon Queen the mother of dragons serpent goddess represents the Kundalini energy the Kundalini energy comes from the etymology of Kunda which comes from Kunta who'd cunt the etymology of cunt meaning goddess Queen the only word representing the entire female genitalia and not just one specific aspect of it so Kundalini comes from cunt as well as Leaney Wai Ling Lingam which all refers to the the phallic line the phallic the pillar the Linga the line the linguini the lingerie which are the thin strings the thin line the straight line the phallic lie the Lingam which is the Linguistics the tongue how the tongue relates is directly linked to the Lingam which is the penis which I will cover further on as we get deeper into the anatomy of as above so below the belt relating to how what is above the belt is directly a representation and a reflection of what is below the belt as far as glands and organs are concerned and physiology so cunt comes from female genitalia Old Norse Kunta old frisian little dutch and middle low german Kunta from proto-germanic couldn't done a link to Latin cuneus meaning wedge as in cuneiform which was the language using specific wedge shapes to create the alphabet it's no mystery that the female vagina is known as the wedge it's the female Delta it is the downward facing pyramid the female Delta trick tradition said the triangle was the primordial image of the female triangle of life it was known as the Kali Yantra representing colleague as Kunti or as the yoni Yantra or the sign of the vulva and Egypt the triangle was a hieroglyphic sign for a woman and it carried the same meaning among the gypsies who brought it from their original home and Hindustan in the great sacred alphabet the Delta or the triangle stood for the holy door a vulva of the all mother Demeter most ancient symbol systems recognized the triangle as a sign of the goddesses virgin mother chrome Trinity and at the same time as her genital holy place the source of all life the triangle represented the virgin moon goddess men called men affair in the archaic deity of the first mother city of Memphis of Egypt the triangle everywhere connected with the female Trinity and a frequent component of monograms of the goddesses to the Gnostics the triangle signified creative intellect the Sinai Peninsula which is known as the Fertile Crescent the females Fertile Crescent geneious meaning wedge from proto-indo-european root gu meaning hollow place as in hollow hole or vagina from proto-indo-european Gwen which is the root of the word Queen related to Greek gynae meaning woman hence gynecology the study of the woman of female anatomy and you are Gina Gina hey what's up nothing look I'm gonna be real honest with you it's been a long time since I've been with a man spent a lot of time with the ladies looking to get back up on that pogo stick you know what I'm saying so when we look up the etymology of the word Gina or Gina the name Gina it brings us to yawn the open wide mouths knee on the her gape from gin Old Norse Aegina to yawn proto-indo-european guy or gay – yawn gate to gate the yawn to gate be ajar so this is why we're talking about her yawning her yoni the Yanni the yawn the open mouth and the gate vagina so the origins of the word cunts directly relate to the female goddess or queen hood the goddess hood the goddess aspect it is not something derogatory any time you use the word cunt it is held in the highest most sacred aspect the snake has always been the symbol of fertility rebirth and renewal shedding of the old skin of the old self and being reborn into your new skin the snake emerges from its dead for its dark dank hole in the ground the underworld all life everything in nature and everything in this universe emerges from the darkness aka the black hole which is a vaginal innuendo as far as physics is concerned as this is nothing other than simply sexual innuendo regarding the physics of things like black holes the anatomy of as above so below the belt religion we're referring to the underworld the abyss the dark hole the primordial waters of the goddess this is why the snake represents sex and fertility because it enters in and out of the hole of the nether regions where it resides in the ground as well as in anatomy the male serpent resides in the female hole the female cave darkness represents or represents the feminine nature because the goddess is negative in nature and negative not as in bad it's just simply negative polarity as in two polarities and the female is the negative aspect of the negative polarity where the male is the positive electricity you have an outlet a male and a female out the male deposits the inserts into the female element thus her organs are inward she cut her energy contracts her sexual energy is contracting it is centripetal meaning it sucks within it sucks into this is real directly relating to physics and magnetism in physics you have centripetal convergence and centrifugal divergent forces two forces of nature there is expansion and contraction everything in nature breathes in and out in an evidence hello so the female energy her essence is magnetic as in Magda late as in magic the root word of MAG being female magnetic her essence is water it's cool wet moist which is why she's associated with the cave the caverns the dark hole that leads to the underworld to the abyss into the ground where caves go this is a segment from Sonia Bonacci from the earliest conception of man the sacred egg represented the origin of life and the secret of being in the ancient Greek Orphic tradition it was known that the universe originated from within the silver cosmic korvac a particular egg is depicted with a serpent coiled around it much in the same way that DNA is tightly coiled around the histone molecules called the chromatin within the chromosomes of a human somatic cell as the image illustrates the core of a nucleosome consists of eight protein molecules called histones this 8b Tanvi like structure is the exact same geometry as the star tetrahedron known as the Merkava also the seed of life known as the Star of David in two-dimensional form of the same geometry which is the cube the Creator God which emanated from the waters of the Orphic egg was both male and female dualistic in nature just as the Star of David or the hexagram consists of two tetrahedrons of opposite polarity spiraling into each other so again as as I've covered these are the two polarities the male and the female the hexagram which is correspondingly the sexy Graham it is the male the male triangle upward fire corresponding to the female element water downward triangle downward tetrahedron and these two tetrahedrons these two polar vortexes these vortices they intersect and they create the magnetism of all lights they it is the structure and the fundamental foundation of this universe it's how everything in this universe works electromagnetically through these twin vortices it was believed that this winged God created all the other gods as above just as the nucleosomes are entwined within the genetic blueprint required for the creation of so below here on earth which corresponds to the Egyptian deity called Neph Orkin F which was also depicted as the winged egg looking at the ancient mythological and spiritual teachings of cosmology we clearly understand we're all about and inspired by the cycles and movements of the heavens and planetary bodies above with the aid of the electron microscope were now able to delve deeper within the intracellular structures of the human cell and perhaps come to understand how these stories are reflected within the physiological processes of the human body what we coin as Astro physiology and again it's the divine nature this is the divine wisdom of the human temple all of these myths these stories and these archetypes are referring directly to the anatomy and the physiology of the human body of the temple the inner temple darkness is universally perceived as evil simply because the darkness is associated with all things representing death and unconsciousness in other words the nighttime when sunlight goes away and it dies when the all the monsters come out when the nocturnal predators would come out and threaten the very survival of primordial man around the campfire this is why the light is perceived as good and the darkness is perceived as evil because the darkness is the very basic human survival mechanism where the Predators the nocturnal predators come out and prey upon man because basically because he's not an apex predator so yeah because man is not a carnivore he's not an apex predator by nature by evolution we've developed tools to consider ourselves apex predators but in nature we are not apex predators so this aspect of the fear of the dark is the very root of all human fear especially fear of the dark it's the unconscious nature within us that is the very aspect and essence of fear which is where why we perceive things as dark and darkness as evil and thus why the feminine is perceived as evil why the feminine was always perceived as a demon and a demon is related to the dark nighttime is related to the female goddess this is why the female goddess has been demonized the death the day a downward decline of descent into the demonic realm of the underworld which is the death the death the degrade the decline of the season the summer declines it dies into the winter season so obviously it's not eating all of these dark black shadowy aspects are nothing to fear I mean that's what they want us is to be afraid of the dark to be afraid of the underworld where all the secrets are kept we have some reward barks watch what means we are seeing is like a pyramid if we wish yet the other letter how it looks like which has a fire in the middle because pyramid is fire in the middle and we have Ark sickness would have the fire in the middle the pyramid which opens that arc so pure darkness we can go and see if life because we have the opposite of course the light shines into the dark and that's what gives birth to life is that spark is that arc and letter D is also as a prism because when light goes through the prism we have the other seven spectrum of the other colors so it's actually saying that the were dark it's really is the opening of the gates of the Arctic where the cars of the prison yeah I was thinking about that and I wrote something down a while back how that spirit that light descends into the water or matter and from there on binds to earth through water right then it sends again and sets the matter free and takes the water now your body is almost 80% water so the fires fiery spirit must go through the air which is mind to water matter which is the body so that's the interconnected sexual divine unity of male and female that passes through on its way to the red sea the blood too many fast in matter so so there it is you know through love through love through their unity the fire descends into into the matter water body and just look at the just look at the alphabet from A to Z from head to toe if you line up the alphabet on the 26 letters from from from head to toe it works that way too in German our word for toe is C which is is Z eh you know and you know the Z from A to Z same thing and if you lined it up on the body the alphabet you get a B at the top to MN in the middle and that spells app doorman mm-hmm right from app to MN abdomen it reminds the up being being you know the of being the father and obviously the AAB being the father is also the head or Aries which is the Abba it's the ahh bra and the ramp you know the RAM which is areas the head so that's why the the odd the a and the B would of course be at the head hmm and then down to the toe where the water your body connects to the earth soil where you ground it and this gets me thinking about the way that male dominated patriarchal Christian society which has always been underlined by the female matriarchy but it's just been covered up the matriarchal goddess worship has been taken over by the patriarchal god worship in other words the phallic worship of all the obelisks and the tower so everyone knows that the obelisk is obviously a phallic symbol but so again everyone knows that that the obelisk is a phallic symbol but there's obviously more to it as well anywhere you find the phallic sex magic you find the symbol of the goddess as well you find the penis penetrating the goddess vagina the goddess yoni so of course you're going to see that everywhere as well such as Washington DC and the Vatican anywhere you find the obelisk you also find it find the feminine find it penetrating the feminine as well so there's obviously a dualistic nature to it it's it's not just the phallic worship you know this is a six magic ritual it is the union the divine connection between heaven and earth the skyscrapers the phallic Tower all of these towers these obelisks they're literally their their radio antennas if you compare the electrical science to the the obelisk with the radio antenna they're identical the same with caduceus these are radio electrical antennas the darkness is associated with the death of the season the death of the annual year in winter when the Sun dies at its lowest point of the annual year it's all related to the zodiac it's all related to as above so below regarding human physical anatomy and human sexuality and the physics of nature the Urrea serpent worn on the ancient egyptian pharaohs third eye represents the ancient egyptian depiction of the goddess watchit what john who was the serpent goddess watch it comes from widget' meaning green water and green the colored green represents fertility represents the fertility of springtime the renewal the rebirth as in the serpent the green serpent the rebirth and the re-emergence as the oldest deity in the patron goddess of the Egyptian pantheon she was associated with the land and depicted as a snake headed woman or a snake usually in Egyptian cobra the ancients observed how the snake moves in the most sacred manner of any creature on this planet it moves in undulation in Ebsen flows in a sine wave pattern just as the wave fields of physics and mathematics holding all the wisdom and the knowledge of the universe in a simple fluid motion the fluidity the fluid dynamics of the wave the sine wave Walter Russell said that the secret of the universe lies in the way and remember when I showed you a demonstration a few days ago of the fact now we're looking at the plane of inertia along this magnet which is right down the center it's not located there but it's a pressure field mediation which you can't cut it out you can never cut out North Pole or so well I explained this in great detail a few days ago okay it's a plane of inertia what happens is over a greater spatial difference the pressure mediation and this is a string this is too long for the dielectric inertia plane to sit at the center if I take two or three magnets let me take off two of them here and put them down okay if I just take two of these the plane of inertia will sit right there in the middle you can see it right well that's all well and fine but with too great of a spatial distance let's just say this is a longitudinal transmission here this is really long the plane of inertia can't say at the middle here because there is too much spatial phase between this end and this end so it cannot exist as a plane of inertia that mother nature works by simplex pressure mediation so how does mother nature distribute and I talked about this the other day distribute the plane of inertia when the plane of inertia is too huge ie a longitudinal transmission like this as I showed you if you're able to look up close and you can buy a set of these if you want these are just like two millimeter cube neodymium-iron-boron it distributes itself in a double helix and a vortex exactly like except this time it is inverse to light now the circuit of light listen closely here you better damp eight could pay attention closely here okay and ring there light why is a coaxial circuit we have transverse electrical and magnetic and a longitudinal plane of dielectric pulses actually excuse me pulses are right here where the electrical and magnetic or at their null point okay and with increasing frequency like blue light towards the blue end of the spectrum we have more pulses which is why we have this is also the explanation for the photoelectric effect which now I'm Stein won a Nobel Prize for but he gave the wrong II made observations with incorrect conclusions this is why we have more units of power on likes a blue light okay as a poster red light we could say this is red light and this is blue light okay well that's fine we have transverse electrical and magnetic field perturbations resultant to the longitudinal dielectric pulses which exists here the longitudinal this is a coaxial circuit you know what a coax cable looks like right you know it has an outer sheathing of copper or in a central conductor for coaxial circuit light is a coaxial circuit we have electrical and magnetic transverse okay and we have longitudinal dielectric pulses which occur here okay now these are the power by the way this little thing right here is what the idiot's of quantum mechanics and general relativity called the sleek wants or what the common idiot calls a photon there is no such damn BS as a photon it doesn't exist it is a misunderstanding of a dielectric pulse okay misunderstanding big-time misunderstanding so what does this have to do with high power not just power transmission wirelessly we can do that but high power high directionality non lossy meaning it's not you know you spray out a water hose you know water goes left right goes all over the damn place right a lot of it you know you shoot out a hundred percent of it but only ten percent of it reaches the target at the end right okay lossy some people look like what are you talking about you mean lossy means you shoot out a hundred percent but only ten percent reaches your target what we have here is by creating a helicoidal of the plane of inertia around an electrical longitudinal pulse perturbation and I am in direct contact with the person and I've seen demonstrate they're not on YouTube sorry no now when you're seeking a patent and you made a huge discovery you're not gonna post videos on YouTube you have a longitudinal electric so now and every transverse we have the dielectric and a double helix or the plane of inertia that is quark screwing around impulse perturbation and so what we're able to have is the grow the holy grail of all humanity that which let me should make a point here the holy grail of what everybody's been scoffing at Nicollet test oh that's not possible no no no no no no that's not not possible the holy grail of what Nikola Tesla said was possible and we said no it's not possible well it is possible longitudinal wireless high voltage transmission here's the real Holy Grail in actuality at least this is what my buddy calls it Wireless high voltage transmission so in other words this is why the serpent represents the tree of knowledge this is why the snake is always associated with wisdom and knowledge and why the snake portrayed this knowledge and the wisdom to mankind just as Prometheus stole the fire from the gods and gave the fire to mankind to humankind the fire the eternal flame of the mind and gave the Enlightenment to mankind this is why the serpent is always demonized because the Royal elites the ruling Basilisk these Royal bloodlines did not want the masses or them asses to gain the wisdom and the knowledge of the human physiology because that would lead to their enlightenment and their freedom and their sovereignty ruling classes do not want that so therefore the way you do that is you demonize you take nature from the Clutton from the masses and you demonize it you tell them that it's evil you tell them that their bodies are evil that the wisdom and the knowledge of the human physiology and the knowledge of all the universe is evil you keep them away from it through fear you tell them to fear it at all costs therefore they will never awaken they will never have knowledge that is how you control humanity is through the control of knowledge and wisdom what we are trying to do is return the focus of attention to individual experience we have been slaved too long to ideology transmitted hierarchically and based on a tremendously alienating instrumentality that's what science depends on now and tremendously alienating instrumentality what we need to do is empower experience because it's misbehavin misbehaving is a great sin in fact it's enshrined as the first sin you'll regard that the psychedelic issue was there indeed and somebody misbehaved and then they got tossed out forever their children's children into the chaos of history it's interesting to read in Genesis why this was it was because they will become as we are says yahwah they will become as we are if they eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge I suggest to you that this is precisely what we seek to do and that this we is the voice of hierarchy the voice of eternalism the voice of the male ego finally right up into the storm god the volcano God who lies back there in the origins of monotheism we empower our experience by insisting on our authenticity it's a wonderful thing to learn to be able to stand up and yell bullshit if I did it when I first when I was about 18 years old and it was the mean look the hour and if hell it blew their minds it didn't blow their minds it was uncivil it was uncivil it lacked quality it was rude and crude and correct correct because so much is being slung and nobody is talking about the primacy of experience and the dignity of the individual the dignity of the individual we went a long way with this in America before we betrayed it and it wasn't only betrayed by the clowns in Washington it's also betrayed by anybody the clusters themselves around the feet of some self-proclaimed named Bob because the fact of the matter is nobody knows what's going on nobody knows nobody has the faintest idea the best guesses are lies you may be sure of it and so to pretend that one human being will lead another out of the dark night of ignorance and into the shining light of truth is ludicrous absolutely grotesque a product of this empowering of the human image that has gone on through several thousand years of dominator culture if you wanted a teacher try a waterfall or a mushroom or a mountain wilderness or a storm pounded seashore this is where the action is it's not back in the hive it's not in the end you it's not knocking your head against the floor in front of somebody who claims that because of their lineage ACLU's they washed and whose feet they watched the news you to them knowledge is professional and we we are yet to approach and the first moment of civilized understanding the way it is to be done is by trusting yourself trusting your intuition reject Authority Authority is a lie and an abomination Authority will lead you into ruin it's not real and it isn't don't get the idea that it's this liberal rap about how everybody has a piece of the action you know dudes know something the Buddhists know something that we chose know something nonsense rubbish nobody knows anything these are different kinds of shell games that have been worked out by priestly castes of people to keep things under control institutions seek to maximize control control control that's what they're into did you think they were in the business of enlightening you saving your soul forget it control is what this is all about and to the degree that we commit ourselves to ideology we are poison any ideology Marxism Catholicism objectivism you name it rubbish all rubbish what is real is experience what is real is this moment and so then what it becomes about is what are the frontiers of experience how much of that has been taken away from us by these dominators by these priesthoods by these cults by these little philosophical shell games well a lot that's the whole story of history our growing unease our growing disease are my legs is all about the fact that we are kept from the wellspring of experience we are sexually repressed you may not feel it but it look back a hundred years to a world where pianos wore pants you know we mainly made a little progress on the sensual thing maybe not maybe more or less than we think but we are repressed in all of these areas and we are particularly repressed in the area that relates to experience because it is it is raid to the dominator insect innovation they can't take it they can't stand it because it empowers the individual it dissolves the cheerful model of science is just exposed as you know a nice story it enriches the accessible universe tenfold a hundredfold a thousand fold it makes the individual complete with no news for herself and his completion of the individual is extremely destructive to the plan of the dominators which is that he will be a cog in a machine you participate in the life of an organization not your life the life of an organization you will go to some bullshit job you will pour the best years of your life and your genius and your hopes into this you will serve an institution you will serve serve serve serve well it's a bad idea for free people to go along with this a much better idea would be to insist on the dignity of human beings to recognize that the freeing of slaves the giving of the boat to women the ending of public whippings that this program of political enlightenment must also then include hands off on how people want to relate to changing their minds we are not interested in being sexually regulated by the state and we are not interested in being intellectually spiritually emotionally manipulated by the state a state should stand down the stage is acting and as the enforcing arm of the dominator culture specifically of a fundamentalist screwballs who you know are horrified by all this by the notion that people would claim the authenticity of their own minds the people would stand in the light of nature and reject original sin and the guilt from evening and you know the sins of the fathers and all this rubbish which is handed down what the archaic revival is going to have to mean if it has teeth is a real powering of the individual and a consequent of the of the profile of institutions especially government we need to think about these things because we have bought into the idea that we have to serve and behave and be enslaved else chaos will engulf the world we I don't know how many of you have ever had the privilege of being in a society and a pre-revolutionary situation but the cafe's stay open all night and there's music in the streets and you can breathe it you can feel it and you know what is happening the Dominator is being pushed it never succeeds it never heard of it never is able to claim itself but on the other hand history is young we may have we may have a crack at this if we continue as we have then you know we're doing and the judgment of some higher power on that will be they didn't even struggle you know they went to the boxcars that their suitcases they didn't even struggle this is to nightmarish to contemplate we're talking about the fate of a whole plan why are people so polite why are they so patient why are they so forgiving of gangsterism and betrayal it's very difficult to understand I believe it's because the dominator culture is increasingly more and more sophisticated in its perfection of subliminal mechanisms of control and I don't mean anything grandiose paranoid I just mean that through press releases and sound bites and the enforced India C of television the drama of a dying world has been turned into a soap opera for most people and they don't understand that it's their story and that they will need it in the final act is somewhere between here and the final act they don't stand up on their hind legs and howl and it's not done through organizing it's not done through Vanguard parties or cadres of intellectual elites it's done through just walking away from home then claiming your identity claiming your vision your being your intuition and then acting from that without regret cleanly without regret so the serpent is also found in the trees where the sacred fruit which bears life and nourishment for all the animals is found and this is why the snake could be perceived as the guardian of the fruit of life the fruit which humankind evolved developing knowledge and wisdom was from eating the fruits of the tree the juicy fruits of Mother Nature the fruits of life which this planet is a garden where the true trees grew all around in tropical regions very temperate very moderate climate where the fruit was abundant and the fruit is the most dense nor is the most nutrient dense and most nourishing food on the face of this planet it's the simplest food to digest it is the ideal food of humankind and I have covered this extremely in-depth in my articles because it's the simple sugars that are easily digestible instant energy passes right through us cleanses the body the most highly detoxifying food that we can put in our bodies if you want to detox your body eat fruit it is the fruit of life this is why the snake is found in the tree with the fruits and guarding the fruit of life the roots the seed of knowledge and wisdom when we look at the etymology of the word snake we go to the ancient Hebraic roots for the word snake the identical word as she make pronunciation she make in other words she she makes start serpent goddess it's a feminine word the Chinese word she is snake recalls knee couche meaning divination or magic snake magic is all about the creatures in Neurology as I've already covered snake handling has long been associated with magic from snake charmers in Bombay India to medicine men among the Native Americans modern medicine men still uses the symbol of the serpent and the pole the Asclepius the snake in the pole just like moses and a snake and his staff in other words his phallic pole and his serpent which the serpent represents the goddess from ancient greek the idea python which is why today we still find the serpent goddess dancing with her phallic pole this pole represents the male where the snake represents the goddess the female so the snake represents both the male and the female the Kundalini serpents the eda and the Pingala which wrap around the Shoshanna or in other words the midline of the human body the midline that falls directly between the vise lateral symmetry of the human body snake is from anglo-saxons naka or s Naga Naga Sanskrit meaning serpent the Nagas and in the spiritual teachings we have the two Kundalini serpents which intertwine the eda and the Pingala the male and the female energies which intertwine of the body which are red at the colors of red and blue which the red and the blue when they converge at the middle makes the purple which is the unification of red and blue and the red and blue relating human anatomy is what we call the vainest system or the venous system as in goddess system as well as the arterial system or the atrial system so we have the venous system and the arterial system which is red and the venous system is blue the arterial system relates to the to the color red which relates to the god Mars in other words the male phallic energy the sword and the venous system relates to the goddess Venus which is the colored green in other words the fertility the springtime the renewal the rebirth because the venous system is what the arterial system delivers the oxygen to the organs to through the blood it's what delivers the oxygen to the cells and the venous system is what excretes the carbon dioxide out of the cells the goddess Venus is born from the ocean from the sea shell which the ocean obviously is blue the sacrebleu veins which carry the blood once it's low on oxygen looked bluish green but that's because of the tissue that makes up the veins and it's not due to the blood itself it's due to the wavelength of light that we see when viewed through the skin there's the term although blue-blooded which especially in previous areas areas used to refer to someone who was a royal or noble class or noble bloodlines so if your family was rich or notable people may have said that you were of blue blood in other words this often relates to the term cold-blooded as in these royal classes were often tyrants and often very sick people very disgusting individuals and so hence they lacked empathy they were sociopaths and so hence they lacked the emotional capacity of the mammalian complex of the brain in order to feel empathy so in other words they operate from the lowest portion of the brain which is survival and dominance which is the reptilian portion of the brain hence the term cold-blooded or blue blooded as in cold blue blue blooded despite these things nobody's blood has ever actually been blue the red color of blood is because the cells contain tiny mounts and iron heme iron which is contained in a molecule called hemoglobin which you may have heard of iron turns red when it combines with oxygen or in other words it oxidizes just like when a piece of metal rusts it turns a reddish orange it's the also the color of Mars which is the red planet for exactly the same reason the dirt on Mars contains a lot of iron hence Iron Man which is the color red hence red Ares bloody Ares bloody Mars God of War some animals though use a different mechanism to transport oxygen instead of using iron the element of Mars they use copper which is the all chemical element of Venus copper also binds to oxygen so copper oxidizes a bluish green and so animals that use copper to transport oxygen have blue blood most notably arthropods such as lobsters arachnids as spiders and snails have blue blood and if you notice the previous etymology that I just did on the etymology of snake the root word of snake being snag links to snail and even the Lithuanian word snake means snail hence the link between snail and snake and the blue blood cold-blooded so that relates to the red and the blue Kundalini serpents the male and the female energies in the human body the arterial and the venous system so all of this leads us directly into the anatomy of as above so below the waist so below the belt the correspondence of the sexual organs to what is as above what is below the belt to what is above the belt again the pineal gland is the only gland in the human one of the only glands in the human body and it's the only gland in the human head that is unpaired or in other words it's asymmetrical it's azygos meaning it falls at the direct midline of the bilateral symmetry of the human form so the only other organs in the human body that fall directly at the direct midline of the human bilateral symmetry is first the pineal gland then you have the thyroid gland then you have the thymus gland and the only other gland that falls directly at the midline of the Shoshanna the mid the third pillar of the human body is the pineal gland or the Klint the female clitoris directly azygos ly asymmetrically in the midline of the human body and now I'm going to cover the direct connections between the pineal gland and the penile glands female clitoris and the male glands and that figure will start at the top basically at the at the top of the anatomy to again link what I was describing again the connection between the pineal gland and the penile glands as we can obviously see the geometric similarity as well as the obvious symbolic similarity the same representation as well as what we can see here at the base of the thalamus you can see that is where the pineal gland is located and at the base of the penile glands is where we find the penile frenulum which in the female anatomy right here at the base of the of the glance of the frenulum of the glans would be the clitoris in the female anatomy what would be called the frenulum clitoris and again as I had just mentioned how the pineal gland is one of the only eyes I guess glands within the human body again following the direct midline down the center of the human body or the Shoshanna the midline the third pillar of the human body and the direct center of the bilateral symmetry of the left and right halves of the body so again the only other one of the only other glands that follows that falls along that midline is you go all the way down you've got the thyroid the thymus and then in the male anatomy it goes down to the penile glands is the only other gland and the human in the male body that falls at the direct midline of the human body and that corresponds in the female to the clitoris and the uterus and again I mentioned previously in the video about the pineal gland and the brain stem or the pons and the medulla as well as the thalamus corresponding to a snake corresponding to the uraeus serpent of ancient Egyptian symbolism and again the pineal gland being the parietal eye the snake eye the eye of the snake the one eye the all-seeing eye the one-eyed snake which again directly corresponds to the penile glands as well as this looks exactly like the clitoris in the female anatomy and again at the frenulum is exactly where the female clitoris would be located so it's interesting again we have the uraeus serpent and it's funny how the male serpent or the male penis the male snake excretes something called urea which is the main component of urine so you have the urea Serpent and the urea which comes out of the male snake but again what corresponds to the male also corresponds directly to the female so again I just showed a slide with the markings on its hood which obviously represents a penis but was most don't immediately recognizes that also directly corresponds with the female uterus and the ovaries so again what corresponds with the male is exactly correspondent to the female as well because again as I showed just a minute ago the both of the genitalia are exactly the same there is no difference other than the uterus which is correspondent to the prostate but again the male anatomy is exactly correspondent to the female hood and what we're looking at here is as above so below the belt we're looking at the sphenoid bone which again if you missed my last video series about the symbols of power the monarch symbolism regarding the Moloch owl the butterfly and the bat symbolism of the sphenoid bone go back and see that video or else you won't know what I'm talking about here so we're looking at the sphenoid bone and as above so below the belt we're looking at the pelvis compared to the sphenoid bone and we can see the obvious correspondence here and what I failed to mention I believe in my last video was this point right here letter D is actually what is not what is called the vaginal process so again the vaginal process is located directly in the center point of the sphenoid bone and in the pelvis we would have the vaginal process would sit at the exact corresponding point and notice you can even see the two different bone structures also have similar foramen in corresponding locations and I found this image surprisingly as I was actually looking for the vesica Pisces to relate to this innermost chamber here in the brain as well to relate it to how certain segments of the fornix here directly correspond geometrically to the vagina as well as the as well as the the pineal relating to the clitoris and I'll show that geometry here in a second but what we can see as the vesica Pisces here related to the geometry of a butterfly so again the vesica Pisces relating to the innermost chamber here the first second and third ventricles of the optic thalamus and here as I was just mentioning we can see again which I mentioned was the innermost chamber the fornix the third the third ventricle as well as the first and second ventricles of the optic thalamus so this is an image that I found quite a while ago of a CT scan of the human brain is what we're looking at here and as soon as I saw this I immediately made a mental connection of the geometry that I was looking at and what I immediately saw was how the vesica pisces fits here it within the two hemispheres of the human brain making up the geometry of this third ventricle which falls direct midline of the bilateral symmetry of the human body and so what we're looking at directly corresponds to the female vagina or in other words here we can see the we can see the prepuce right here of the clitoris and here would be the clitoral for anyone the frenulum clitoris which as we can see directly corresponds with the terrain here we've got the two branches which would be either the bulb of the vestibule or the two major labia the labia majora the two lips of the vagina and again the frenulum of the clitoris the clit rhenium clitoris here at the top which joins the two and yet again as I was just describing we can see the obvious geometric similarities and the correspondences between what is as above – what is below within the female anatomy and again as I was mentioning we can see the similarities you have the clitoris and the frenulum clitoris the body of the clitoris within the human brain as well as we can see the exact same corresponding geometry and again the vesica pisces making up the two hemispheres of the human brain or at least that third ventricle within the human brain the optic thalamus region the optimist the all-seeing eye within the human body I was wonderful you wanted to get together there's a lot of stuff I'd like to say so if you get a chance give me a call back no we can see each other I'd love to see it and you and your whispering eye all right bye whispering I classy move did you whispering I'm where he mentions the vagina reference to the vagina as and he calls it a whispering eye and it's a funny little joke there but again you have the all-seeing eye within the human body and so as is obviously apparent as we know is that the female anatomy has two sets has two sets of lips you've got the lower lips the labia majora as well as the labia minora and then you've got the obvious two lips of the mouth and as I was just mentioning within the within the optic thalamus region of the brain I was mentioning again the frenulum clitoris as we could see in the human brain and here we are looking at the correspondence between the tongue and thus images flipped upside down to mirror the image of the frenulum clitoris which would actually be this invisible section right here on the outside just beneath the clitoris right here but again we're seeing what is called the lingual frenulum in other words the lingual etymologically linked to tongue as in from latin lengua relating to the tongue and again I mentioned the female anatomy having two sets of lips which refers to late the word labia which means lips which the root word of lab as I said the female has two sets of lips we all know that Mayo the male has two heads as above so below the belt so again as I was just mentioning here we have an image of the developing human anatomy of the human sexual anatomy and what we're looking at again is the similarity between the male and the female which again this is the prepuce or in other words what corresponds in religion to this is the virgin mary's this is her hood and just beneath that we have the glans clitoris which is the clitoris let's hold you if I could but you might think I'm the big bad person hey there Oh additional flowers marries this is her hood and just beneath that we have the glans clitoris which is the clitoris the glans the male glans is correspondent to the female clitoris basically I will see that every human starts off as female the female genitalia becomes male over time but we all start off as female so we're looking at the similarity between the two genitalia and what we're looking at is the progression over time of the different genitalia tween the male and the female so we're seeing that they have the exact same anatomy and I was mentioning the vesica Pisces in the human brain and again how it corresponds to the clitoris here geometrically in the vesica Pisces where the clitoris is located in the vesica pisces and that also corresponds to the male anatomy here is obviously I couldn't find an adequate graphic to just to portray what I'm talking about so I just drew this simple image of what we're looking at is actually the male glands we're looking at the male penis head which holds the same geometry of the vesica Pisces as well but so we're looking at how the male anatomy also follows the same sacred geometry the vesica Pisces same as the female vagina and again same as within the human brain so both the male and the female both correspond to as above so below the belt and since we're on the male anatomy corresponding to the human brain as above so below the belt here what we're looking at is the pituitary gland which hangs down from the hypothalamus area and as we're looking at this it needs basically needs no explanation although I'm here explaining it anyways the similarity between the male genitalia and as above so below the belts the pituitary gland and the male testicles so as above so below the belts again one of the only glands that falls at the direct midline of the human brain and again one of the only organs that falls at the direct midline of the human anatomy and I mentioned how the female anatomy the female has two sets of lips the labia majora of the vagina as well as the lips of the mouth she's got some what we like to joke about is her vertical smile as well as her horizontal smile so the two lips the labia and here we're looking at the the as above so below the belt in the male anatomy and what we know as the lingual frenulum as well as the Lingam frenulum the penis the penile frenulum so again as above so below the belt and when we get into the linguistics and the etymology of the Lingam again the link refers to the phallic the link lingual comes from latin lingua is in language we have what's called the labia though late labial meaning referring to the lips as in a labial stuff which is a cloak complete closure of the lips during speech during discourse when we look up the etymology of the language from language the etymology of the root word ylang or lung actually means long when we look up language Adri refers to the tongue the linguistics from the Latin lingua of the tongue which comes from the proto-indo-european root of Bing meaning tongue and this is the root word ding the root sound the root phonetic sound ding as in the ding-a-ling as in you're the male Lingam so the tongue as it corresponds to the penis the Lingam and the linguae the tongue and the penis so we have the Lingam and the língua and the root word of tongue again comes from proto-indo-european ding so the ding-a-ling the ding-a-ling the penis and the tongue which brings us to the root word of ling of Lon's year of lingual is Lon's ear to lick to use the tongue to lick lawns ear or printouts could all alternately be pronounced lingerie and the traditional the secular etymology of lingerie refers to linen but when we look at the lingerie it's actually the long thin string or in other words the Ling which when you look up etymologically of Ling refers to things that are long and as in a penis the fountain the mail the phallic it's the male aspect so this brings us back to the cunnilingus using the tongue coming there is a compound word of Connie or Kunis vulva when you refer to a Connie is known as the Playboy bunny which is the fertility of the bunny a female bunny refers to the honey the rabbit's synonym for honey which comes from cunt which is where we get the sexy fertility Playboy bunny the female bunny so Latin CONUS or vulva the cunt and to lick lawns ear cunnilingus to lick the cunt and this is why a cunning linguist is always best at cunnilingus as I said the female has two sets of lips we all know that Mayo the male has two heads so this is called the diencephalon and it's referred to as cephalic portion of the brain leading to the diencephalon which etymologically comes from cephalic pertaining to the head from latin cephalic –is some Catholicos pertaining to the head cephalic contains the word phallic within it cephalic pertaining to the head as above so below the belt does an image that I compiled what we're looking at is the muscles of the perineum or in other words we're looking at the pelvic muscles of the the Jenna Jenna Thalia we're looking at the genitalia muscles and this is the female this is the male which obviously have an almost exact corresponding muscle structure ok I got a kick out of this you're gonna love this so I was just covering out the urogenital triangle combined with the anal triangle and the muscles perineum the perennial muscles look are exactly the figure 8 shape they are the lemniscate the Lenise kiss which the lemniscus is a bundle of nerve endings which is why it's in the shape of the lemniscate and the limb this gate again is the figure 8 form and so I got a kick out of this because they'll in the lemniscate the figure 8 is also that what's known as the analemma so I mentioned earlier what we're looking at are called the technically medically called the peroneal muscles but you can alter that easily alternately pronounce that the perineal muscles and this is no coincidence and this is no mistake and as I'm showing you here there is a direct link between the muscles shape as the lemniscus or in other words the analemma and the analemma again covers the cycle of the perennial year it's the path of the Sun throughout the year the peroneal muscles the perennial muscles so this is no coincidence this is Astro physiology at its finest so it's the anna-lena is the path that the Sun takes throughout the year so I had always been wondering previously why why it's called an analemma up again after seeing that the anal triangle the muscles of the peroneus and the sphincter muscles are literally the analemma shape that gave it a whole new meaning and from latin anna-lena the pedestal of the sundial from greek anna Leymah props support but it gets interesting when we get to the roots of the word in other words from anna meaning – meaning upward in other words to lift up and Lamba not lambani to take so anna leymah literally means to take up and as I just showed you the symbol of the hora boris the leviathan no lemniscate the serpent eating its own tail and this makes me think you know it's funny and Alima the hora boris the snake and the serpent takes us to astrolabe and the astrolabe is from middle medieval Latin astrolabe Ian and I find this interesting because again as we've already covered lay beyond means lips astrolabe is linked to the anna-lena and it's related to taking ups it's a star taking instrument lemma is something received or taken so what about the anal triangle and the sphincter muscle relates to something received or taken in other words to take up the anal M the anal lemma and as I know this is very crude but it's but it's also very interesting and very crude and very humorous but very interesting nonetheless so I think that yeah sorry this is definitely went off-track but I had to put this in there because it's interesting oh yeah and so now we're and so when we look up anal just to confirm this from Latin analysis of the anus the anus is the inferior opening of the alimentary canal from old french anus from Latin honest meaning a ring on herbs from an o-ring as an analemma so called for its shape compare Greek docked illios anus literally ring for the finger dactalos finger the dactyl means finger hand so the anus is literally the ring for your finger so I think that yes either it's obvious to see the correspondence between the muscle structure of the perineum and how it directly relates to the human form in other words I guess you could say this is the fractal the larger fractal of what is within as within so without we've got the human structure right here within the human genitalia and this is why the human sexuality and the sexual organs are so sacred and we can see the similarities of this here is the gluteus maximus muscle so in other words it's the butt muscle and it's in the exact corresponding spot as you sit in meditation or yoga you sit on your gluteus maximus and we can see the similarities here the similar shape between the hands which when we look deeper into the symbolism of the hands that is actually the vesica Pisces as I just mentioned which corresponds to the female anatomy which corresponds to the female sexuality once if we go in even deeper into the anatomy corresponds to the Virgin Mary and in the anatomy we have the hood which forms the labia minora again this is what's called the prepuce the clitoral profuse and the hood of the Virgin Mary and again the praying hands referring to the goddess the female anatomy the female goddess aspect and again as I mentioned with the the hands the position of the hands and what I'm pointing at here is actually the sphincter muscles which again as I mentioned earlier in the video the sphincter which relates to Sphinx comes from etymological roots of of fixe meaning to asphyxiate meaning to strangle it's the strangler because the muscles constrict or they strangle so again these muscles contract because that's a feminine energy as contraction in physics the contraction is the central people cut convergence where things contract they go inward so this is a constricting contracting energy and again we're looking at the similarity of the hands the hand position regarding the female anatomy and this is why and people like Angela Merkel always show you the hands the sacred vagina the sacred goddess the feminine aspect what she's showing you is the matriarchy she is showing you the power of the goddess which it is the matriarchy that holds power behind the patriarchy the hidden hand is always the goddess behind the matrix and the patriarchy it always will be that way as I mentioned in my previous videos everyone knows that the matriarch is always behind the patriarchy always will be she controls reproduction she controls genetic lineage she controls how that she controls how the bloodlines will be passed down everyone knows that when the female is not happy the male will not be happy the goddess has the goddess has the ultimate say so again as I've covered throughout this video it is I've included the symbolism of the masonic arch or the Royal Arch as well as the obvious free Masonic compass the square and the compass which is the main most prominent logo or symbol for Freemasonry and this is the deepest truth and you will you won't find this from anyone you won't find this anywhere else you're not going to get this truth from these so-called pseudo fake Christian youtubers such as Mario the vigilant Christian KJ Osbourne of scariest movie ever not truth red pill revolution truth media revolution none of these people are going to tell you they don't have no idea as to what any of these symbols actually mean as to what the all-seeing this is the all-seeing eye of Lucifer absolutely clueless what we're looking at is known as the urogenital triangle or in other words the as above so below reflection that is shown in so much esoteric artwork that it's ridiculous and this is what no one else is going to tell you is that as you can see here we have in the Masonic compass which draws feminine curves for arcs you have the arch or the keystone of the arch witches which represents the clitoris as well as you have the legs of the entire body of the clitoris making up what's known as the urogenital triangle and then we have the square down below which draws phallic straight lines in other words that draws angles and the v is the ruler and that corresponds to what is known as the anal triangle which consists of the peroneal muscles which attach to the pubic arch way the pubic arch and in the center we have the gateway or in other words the vaginal gateway from which all life emerges from the darkness of the womb the cosmic womb from which we emerge from a separate realm into this realm all life is born out of the darkness comes through the gateway and the men of Freemasonry wear a feminine apron with the Masonic logo of the vagina right over covering their vagina because they don't want to get the cement onto their vagina so when you actually want to know what the real all-seeing eye in the pyramid and of the Illuminati the symbol is all about all you need to do is look to the human body which is what it's all about and this is what none of the Christian youtubers or the Christian so-called fake Christian truthers are going to tell you because they have no clue they have no idea what they're talking about so here is your all-seeing eye of Lucifer your truncated pyramid with the all-seeing eye in the middle this is what it's all about because you get to the inner most muscles of the perineum and you have the deep transverse perineum and again this is the pubic arch way Steadman's Medical Dictionary describes the innermost layer of the brain as tender mother the innermost layer the Pia mater which is Latin again tender mother is a thin delicate membrane that inspired some early neuroanatomists with a poetical bent to compare the way this membrane envelops the brain to the gentleness of a mother caressing her infant note again the Medical Dictionary refers to this inner part of the brain as a mother caressing her infant does this begin to make sense to you as to who the Virgin Mother is the outermost layer of the brain matter it is called the dura mater meaning tough mother and the inner layer the Pia mater the tender mother between the two lies a reticulated layer of tissue called the arachnoid whose appearance reminded one of a spider's web arachnoid the web the curtain the veil it's in the brain separating the outer from the inner just as the temple veil separates the inner from the outer arachnoid literally in latin means old spider mother the Native Americans have legends of spider grandmother who is the creator of heaven who wove the web of the stars just as in our neuroanatomy we have the web woven of neural connections just as in the universe we have the web of neural connections within the mind of the universe so again we've covered the meetings of sacred sacral as well as the sacral energies the sacred sacral energies which revolve around sex impulse urges survival and the sacral regions in other words the sacred sexual regions the reproductive glands are also where we find the sacred secretions either secretions of the sacred hormones hormone comes from Foreman meaning urge impulse instinct in other words our first most basic urges the word secrete and secrets are etymologically late thus affect the secretions the sacred secretions the sacred secret so again this links directly the connections between the sacral region the sexual regions and the pineal gland as well as the pituitary gland in the brain which also had produced the sacred secret the secretions of the hormones of the hormone the aura urged the impulse so again this directly links the as above so below the belt as within the brain so below the belt and again the fornix and the PIA mater or in other words the vault of heaven and the tender mother and her vault within the brain the vesica Pisces so the so the chrism the Christ sits within the vesica Pisces the tender mother in the arms of the Pia mater of the tender mother and within the brain the word Christ comes from Latin and Greek chrism this piece dose or oil and these are all of these are the holy anointing oils they are the sacred creation and the PIA mater the tender mother actually produces 70% of the BOD of the cerebrospinal fluid in other words the PIA mater the tender mother literally produces the Christ the PIA mater literally produces the chrism the cerebrospinal fluid the holy the sacred oil the anointing oil [Laughter] [Laughter] Christ is the Anointed One and you anoint something by anointing it with the sacred fluid the milk the cream this is why you have to get down on your knees to receive the sacred cream to receive the fluid onto your head to get anointed with the sacred fluid with the cream the milk the oil to the land of milk and honey what's the only substance that is sticky like honey the consistency of honey and is the color of milk what is the only substance it's the sacred secretion it is the semen from where we get the word like seminary seminal seminary literally means a breeding ground from seminarians meaning of seen literally from semen the genitive Asst cements seed the semen the seed that come the kun meaning with or together meaning school for training priests commonly used for any school but especially academies for young ladies literally a breeding ground and this is why in the Catholic churches this is why we find the pedophilia this is why they're always associated with the children and the scant sex scandals that the pedophilia the sex trafficking most religious terminology and symbology is rooted and stems from the seed were the seminal seminal literally from the seed of ancient fertility rites rites of passage and sets because the sacral regions are where the most nerve endings in the body are located and this is why I when you have an orgasm you have a godly experience you have a communion with God a cum union with Latin root word Combe does indeed connect etymologically to sex Latin Combe meaning width or together and the only way that you'd come is you come with four you come together as one you become one with God you come together with your sexual partner sure you can do it individually but it comes from together it comes from two being together or multiple so it does link etymologically with the word come and so when you graduate with honors or cum laude you are indeed graduating or being anointed with the benefits you are receiving the benefits you are receiving the blessing your receipt reaping the fruits of your labor just as the child is the fruit of the woman's labor you're receiving that you're being anointed with the benefits so thanks for taking the time to watch this video if you're new to my channel make sure to subscribe with the button down below that way you can receive updates for each video that I make and if you enjoy it make sure to like it and go ahead and leave your comments down below let me know what you think [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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