Tank Series - Time to show that algae who's BOSS!

Tank Series – Time to show that algae who's BOSS!

live rock enhance what can this do for your rock let's find out good morning everyone I hope you had a great 4th of July I know I did who doesn't love fireworks my kids that's who no not really if they loved them but you never go wrong with fireworks and cooking out ribs so live rock enhance let's find out what this does what it's supposed to do and hopefully what it'll do for me okay so let's open this up basically what live rock enhance it has microbes in here that's going to help seed rock it's going to help compete out other algie's for food sources there's a lot of great positives that can come from using something like this whether you have issues or not in your system if you do have things like hair algae cyanobacteria diatoms anything like that and your even establish system err new system this can still be helpful it just your dosage may vary a little depending on what you're doing and what you're using it for but this is only gonna help beef up your system while also help getting rid of some of those nuisance algie's that you may be experiencing or keep them at bay before they get anywhere so let's take a look at this what the ingredients are it's cultures of proprietary microbes including names that I can't say so to keep them from embarrassing myself I'm just gonna pull the label up BAM right here in front of my face so you can see what exactly is in this because let's be realistic yeah it's not happening so we basically have microbes that are going to be going into the system taking house helping with our biological filtration in the tank with our live rock our live sand if you have anything like Sara media bio balls and things like that this will help colonize those and make them do even more work inside your system and get these excess organics or dead matter out of the system for me I have the diatoms and like I said I have seen a little bit of improvement and also because I'm deal with it I've also seen some come in that just started it so as it continues to go I expect to see everything gone but this is what we're doing it to review it see how it works and let you know so I'm excited to see it because I have had such great feedback I have really high hopes for it in my system especially since I did start such a clean slate so what this'll do is one that organics in my system and this will feed on those and eliminate those over time and then things like cyanobacteria hair algae and other allergies that you may get in your system it's not going to you know it's not gonna eat those allergies but what it's going to do is it's going to eat those excess organics that are in your system and start competing out those allergies for that food and should overtake those allergies to where they start breaking down then they can start eating it that now algae as well so it's a great cycle that you've got here if you if you really look at it too even if it's a live algae right now it's gonna help compete for that food that that algae needs and then on top of that once that algae start dying out it starts consuming that as well so this thing is a beast you can't go wrong with really adding this into your system just obviously make sure that you're reading the instructions and your dosing properly they do say that good water movement or aeration is good in your system so things like a skimmer or an airstone if you don't have a skimmer is always a great added bonus because some of the microbes that are in this can take out some of the oxygen shouldn't be detrimental in any way to your system but it's always a good thing to have that and make sure that it's not going to do anything and cause any sort of stress to you know fish or anything like that so again not a big issue but it's good to have those just to ensure that everything is working as efficiently as possible in your system you can definitely just go and dose it and let it do its thing and just keep your tank whatever you have going on going on but if you have things like carbon it'll help with keeping the tank clear if you have a skimmer will help pull out any excess or annex that it's throwing through the system and help with aeration as well so let's go ahead and pull this out I'll show you what it looks like and then we'll actually mix it up dose it into this aquarium and what you get in here is the scoop that you need for it the microbes and instructions so they recommend doing one level scoop per 25 gallons you want to take into consideration your tank as well as your sump if you have one so for me I have about 125 gallons here all said and done with an 80 gallon system and I've got like 40s for some gallons down below so I've been doing five level scoops of this and what they suggest is to go ahead and take a cup of some sort and just get a little bit of your water and then we're gonna mix this right into that cup let it sit for about 30 to 45 minutes and then mix periodically about every 10 minutes at that time then we'll throw it into a high flow area and let it mix with the tank now this most likely will make your tank at least somewhat cloudy so be prepared for that it does make my tank cloudy for sure so you will deal with that since I'm doing a seeding of the rock I've been doing this every other day which is what they recommend as well my cloudiness stays around about a day and then it clears up and right now you can see a clear as day and I need to do the dosage today so but it definitely will clear up and having that carbon in there will help clear those things up so let me open this up I'll put it in the cup and then we'll dose it into the aquarium just so you can get an idea here of what this looks like I'm gonna get this mixed up and then like I said let it sit for 30 to 45 minutes and we'll mix it about every 10 minutes one thing that they do recommend is because I do have a refugium they say to go ahead and pour the portion that you would have for your refugium directly into there that way you're actually treating that specifically that way it's not getting filtered out or taken out before even hits any of that down there so I'm gonna pour a portion of this down in the sump as well as up here in the aquarium so I'm going to pour just a little bit over here in front of my vortech you definitely see it's a little cloudy for some right here then I'm gonna take the rest of this what's in here I'm gonna pour it down into the South Sea it's not a bad cloudiness by any means it's really light and like I said for me it goes away in about a day and I'm crystal clear again one thing you want to keep in mind with the live Rock enhance is that that you may not think of is you dose it so you have sine a bacteria or hair algae and I use those just because they were most common so you have that you docent it goes away one thing reef rank does say and recommend is that just because you see it gone on the noticeable parts don't immediately stop dosing this this is actually something that's gonna be beneficial if you wanted to dos long term it's only gonna benefit you because what it adds to your system but when I was speaking with Tulio the thing that he mentioned is that even if you can't see it there are so many nooks and crannies and crevices within our rock within our sand every all this stuff that's going on that we can't even see you know this is working on and handling in the background even though to our eyes it looks like everything's gone how Lou you work we're good to go but in reality there could be others you know al G's hidden in the rock other decomposing matter within the rock that you may want to keep using this so definitely recommend keep using it again it's only gonna benefit you from what its adding to your system as long as you do it appropriately you should be good to go with getting this and just making yours tank overall stronger I'm like said before they do recommend keep your skimmer going getting an extra aeration into there and flow is a great thing for this and just makes it more efficient I don't have much of anything as far as aeration goes because I went to the Herbie so there's no air mixing in really with my drain anymore so that's dead Sal there's no air there I don't have a skimmer yet on here I don't have any air stones I can put in there at this time I'm gonna be getting some just for situations like this I don't really have any really good air make sure so I'm actually going to get my skimmer that I've been waiting to put on here I'm gonna open this up and so I do have some aeration going on and get that going so that means we got to open a box again tada like magic it's assembled and you don't have to watch the 10 minute struggle that I had so let's take it off just before I go ruin it with salt water I'll tear it down next week again for everything but this is actually super pretty really nice construction on it I've got it in here I went ahead and just took the collection cup off I'm gonna leave it off for the time being just because it's setting up so where there's no need to put it on again we'll talk a lot about this later so bear with me here while I'm getting all this situated but you can see it's really producing a ton of bubbles so I'm no problem with aeration now I'll move some more of this water down here in the stump as well and then actually while we're here I want to show the clear that's all set up someone in the comments last time had asked to see it all set up now that it's in the sump so I'm going to take you off real quick here and get a little bit of a closer look it actually is working really well hopefully I apologize about the light but hoping can tell here is the new fleece here's the old fleece definitely a color differ a ssin so I am picking up some gunk out of the system and then in the front right here you can see the water level inside this little chamber which is where the water comes down into this from my drains overflows and comes into this whole unit then goes down through the bottom through the sock on the back here there's the optical sensor right there as that's raise it up it hits the sensor tells it to turn on the motor and we roll a little bit till the water goes back down and then to the motor turns off so that is the setup really nice really easy but it's working very well and very happy with it so far I'm good to go all right guys it's that time again I'm gonna get out of here you have a great weekend if you're gonna go do some fireworks or see some more make sure this stays safe as always I'll put a link for all the items we spoke about in the description below so make sure to go check those out if you haven't already well I can subscribe and hit that Bell for notifications so you stay the most up to date on this tank as well as the other videos were putting out and we'll see you next weekend videos over get out of here no more than seek here but but because you're here if you look at the tank I toast this probably five hours ago going on six hours and you look back in the video you can see how cloudy it got not terrible but it definitely was cloudy and it's a huge difference already on this normally it takes me a good day but now I can tell a huge difference it has cleared up a lot quicker this time and I don't know if that's because the carbon because I got the skimmer going maybe a combination of both I don't I'm not home percent certain on that but I can see a lot clearer through the entire system as to what I usually can so pretty impressive and that we're clearing up already so that's awesome not get out of here go do something fun go go cook some ribs let me know a recipe we'll see you later guys

6 thoughts on “Tank Series – Time to show that algae who's BOSS!”

  1. Great product review, I just won this item from a 100 subscriber contest I entered…lol….looking forward to trying it out😎

  2. This is a very through product review.  I've been using this product since March 2019 with no negative results.   I'd recommend this product to anyone.  Thanks Luke for another excellent video…

  3. Totally off topic but i have the 8 bulb ati fixture purchased from PA and concerned about weight suspending from ceiling. Believe it weighs about 40lbs. How did you mount your light. I have cathedral ceilings and concerned about angled weight pulling on drywall. I am consdering conduit attached to back of stand as am alternative option but actually hate that look. Just wished ati had a leg mount. I have an 80 shallow build in the works

  4. Great product! I have used it to clean up rock in existing system as well as cycle rock for a new build! Very cost effective as well!

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