The Earth is Definitely Not Flat

The Earth is Definitely Not Flat

It’s Professor Dave, and I wanna show you the world. Throughout this astronomy series, we’ve
learned quite a bit about every object you could hope to see in the night sky, as well
as many others that you can’t. So how does all of this fit in with the understanding
held by the common public? For one thing, just the way that an understanding
of chemistry and biochemistry makes it easy to refute things like alternative medicine,
the understanding of astronomy we have just gained will make it easy to refute similarly
alternative cosmological models, most notably the present fad that is the flat-earth model. There exists a community of folks who believe
that contrary to everything the human species has learned over the past few centuries, the
world is not spherical, but is instead flat, and is also the center of the universe. A knee-jerk reaction to this is often one
of disbelief and even mockery, but rather than go that route, let’s consider this
model in a rigidly academic way. Whether the earth is flat or round, we should
be able to demonstrate it, and show how all astronomical phenomena make sense in one model
versus the other. Let’s go through some of these phenomena
now, and put them into context. First, let’s just look at the celestial sphere. We look up and we see stars and planets going around. The flat earth model says we stay still while
everything goes around us, and the round earth model says we rotate, which is what causes
the apparent motion of objects in the sky. At face value, with no further investigation,
these are two completely valid hypotheses. Either of them could feasibly explain what
we see in the sky. Now let’s dig a little deeper. What are some details we notice about the
celestial sphere and certain earthly phenomena? We experience night and day, alternating periods
of light and dark that change over time. We see the ecliptic. This is the part of the sky that traces the
sun’s path throughout the year, as well as the paths of all the planets. The path of the sun follows a slowly tilting
pattern that lasts one year. This length of time also outlines other cycles
observed on earth, which we call the seasons. These seasons go a particular way in the northern
hemisphere, and the opposite way in the southern hemisphere. There exists a phenomenon called the Coriolis
effect, whereby rotating masses like storms rotate in one direction in the northern hemisphere
and the other direction in the southern hemisphere. Each hemisphere also sees an entirely different
collection of stars. These are just a handful of the observations
we can make that beg to be explained. Here is where the round earth becomes obvious. All we have to do is understand that the earth
is roughly spherical, spinning on an axis tilted somewhat from the vertical, and going
around the sun just like all the other planets. This singular assumption makes all of the
observations fall into place. As earth rotates, it’s daytime when facing
the sun and nighttime when facing away from the sun. The apparent motion of all these celestial
objects utilizes elliptical paths, and can therefore be predicted. The seasons occur because of the amount of
sunlight hitting one hemisphere versus the other at any given time in earth’s orbit. One year is also no longer an arbitrary amount
of time, it’s equal to one revolution of the earth around the sun, and the differing
lengths of night and day are also explained by the tilt in the rotational axis. The Coriolis effect is just the result of
simple physics related to rotating bodies like the earth. The hemispheres have different skies because
they point out at different regions of space. Everything we see makes perfect sense with
one simple, unifying assumption. That’s what science is all about. In the flat earth model, all of these observations
require their own separate explanations. What is night and day? If you try to place a luminous object like
the sun above a plane like the flat earth, how does light reach half the plane and not
the other half? Say you come up with a mechanism whereby light
dissipates appropriately. How does this then fit with other observations? What are the seasons? If you try to explain them by pulling the
sun closer and farther from the earth, how can it be winter in the north and summer in the south? What is the Coriolis effect? If earth is a plane, what magically alters
the rotation of a storm in one half of the plane compared to the other? Shouldn’t we also all be seeing the same
night sky, since our lines of sight all face the same direction? Flat earth subscribers do actually attempt
to answer all of these questions, but beyond the fact that the explanations are never mathematically
or logically sound, the sheer fact that each phenomenon requires its own independent explanation
makes it unscientific. If we invent a luminous sun-like object, and
start tracing elaborate paths through the sky, this is just the epicycles from the geocentric
model all over again. It’s assumption upon assumption, adjustment
upon adjustment, all of which are totally ad hoc, based in nothing but an attempt to
fit observation. This is very poor science. When we say the earth is round and put the
sun at the center of all this motion, not only are all of these phenomena easy to explain,
even to a layperson, but predictions can be made. In 2017, a total solar eclipse occurred over
the United States. Using a modern understanding of astronomy,
we can do math to predict any such event, like eclipses, the return of Halley’s comet,
or anything else. This is done very simply, with the sun at
the center, and using Kepler’s laws regarding elliptical orbits, which involves basic algebra
accessible to anyone. Only in this model is the math so easy. So when we operate under this framework and
say that a solar eclipse is going to happen at this time, on this day, in this place,
and then it does match our prediction with extreme precision, there can be no clearer
vindication for this model of the solar system. Game, set, match. The flat earth model can never make such predictions,
not just because the notion of an eclipse has no logical basis, but also as there is
no unifying mathematical system. It’s a bunch of separate phenomena with
separate explanations, if such explanations even exist. It doesn’t end there. The flat earth model has a huge laundry list
of other things to explain besides what we have mentioned so far. Everything we see in space is a sphere. Why is earth the only thing that isn’t? Things fall to the earth because of gravity,
which attracts things to earth’s center of mass. If earth is not a sphere, why do things fall
to the earth? What is gravity? The implications run so much deeper than just
what rotates around what. Ad hoc solutions are offered, like the idea
that the flat earth is accelerating upwards which an acceleration of 9.8 meters per second
squared, and that’s why we all stick to the ground. But this doesn’t help, it actually makes
things worse. What is up? What is causing the acceleration? If it is constantly accelerating, we should
be traveling the speed of light by now. What is meant to be a simple explanation actually
complicates things so much further. Then there is the matter of the geometrical implications. How do we slice up the globe to make it flat? What places are far away that we thought were close? How is it possible to fly or sail around the
world, which has indeed been done by so many people? Where is the edge of the earth? Why hasn’t anyone seen it? What about all the pictures we have of the
earth from space? Again, ad hoc solutions are required for all
of these questions. It is proposed that a huge ice wall surrounds
the earth, which we call Antarctica. No one can go there, because NASA is guarding it. How? Where is the personnel? Where is the budget for such an operation? NASA also fabricates all of the photos we see. Why? What is the motivation? And how? We have had photos of the earth from space
since the 60s, which predates computer editing software by several decades. The logical hole gets deeper and deeper. Because it is impossible to form a consistent
framework for these observations, the model must turn to conspiracy. Now to be clear, I am a firm believer that
outside-the-box thinking should be encouraged, and we should always be ready to challenge
institutions and governments, but the validity of a conspiracy theory depends largely on
how many people have to be in on it. The notion that all the governments and all
the scientists and all the airline pilots and flight attendants and communication technology
operators and thousands of others are all in on it… it starts to get pretty absurd. The manufacturing of a holographic sphere
playing a movie of the heavens, which is operated by unknown entities oppressing mankind into
deception and slavery is really what we are left with for the flat-earth model, and perhaps
that realization makes the whole thing make sense. It is the desire to live in a science fiction
movie and feel like the hero leading the fight against evil forces that may be the best explanation
for the motivations involved with those who insist on this model. So that’s all there is to it. We do not say the earth is round because we’ve
been told it’s round, or because we are repeating scientific dogma. We say it is round because it is the simplest
explanation for what we see. The earth is round because the round earth
model makes perfect sense of every observation we can make. No ad hoc reasoning, just a bunch of puzzle
pieces that fit together to form a coherent view of the universe and everything in it. This is the same reason that the heliocentric
model replaced the geocentric model when Copernicus and Kepler came around. It just works better. The orbits of the planets don’t have to
be explained by epicycles upon epicycles. If the sun is at the center of the solar system,
the planets follow very simple ellipses, and Kepler’s laws predict the positions of planets
with much better accuracy and precision than any previous model. When the world is round, everything fits. In contrast, the flat earth model has to come
up with ad hoc modifications to explain each and every observation in a different way. All of these problems simply vanish with a
round earth. The earth is round, and what we see makes perfect sense. The precise position of every celestial object
can be predicted with great accuracy, far into the future. We can say that an eclipse will happen at
a particular time on a particular day in a particular place, and that’s exactly what we see. This is the essence of good science. A model or theory that correlates mountains
of data to form a simple and cohesive explanation for observations, and makes falsifiable predictions
regarding phenomena. If a model can’t do that, it’s not scientific,
and the flat-earth model simply does not hold up to scrutiny, so it must be discarded, as
it was for the majority of the human race a few thousand years ago. Now that we’ve caught back up to what we
already knew, let’s move forward and see what else we can say about the public’s
perception of space.

100 thoughts on “The Earth is Definitely Not Flat”

  1. There is a one big problem with all this common sense and rational thought that you are espousing, it assumes Flat Earthers have any serious interest in logic or rational thought. Try explaining to someone why certain religious dogma has no scientific basis and see how far that gets you. Noahs Ark is a good one. You will fail to convince them no matter how compelling your argument "because their belief system is not mandated on scientific proof!!!!"

  2. Conspiracy hypotheses don't add up. During the Space Race, when Russia and the U.S. were both striving to be the first in space, Russia maintained the world is round even after putting the first human being in orbit. Wouldn't they have pointed out the Americans' mistake?

  3. i wonder where all the flat earther pilots and ship captains are. oh wait. there aren't any. that is because they work for the world government in chemical distribution, of course.

  4. Devils advocate
    You could say…
    Ugh, can't defend something that I can't believe is true. Simple to prove wrong. Take lasers … One at ground and another on a tall building with a sensor capable of sensing path deviation. It should measure less deviation on the top floor due to the field intensity dropping off at the square of distance to source

  5. If flat … Magnetic field wouldn't exist because no dynamo due to no rotation, and no dynamo due to earth being too thin

  6. 8:00 is a bad argument. It regardless of how long we accelerate upwards, at any rate, we will never reach lightspeed. Ever. It would take increasing amounts of energy to get decreasing amounts of speed. The better argument is against whatever energy would be causing the acceleration.

  7. I have never even believed there is a chance of a flat Earth but whenever I watch anti-flat earth videos I'm always trying to think of ways flat earthers would try to disprove it 😅 is this just me?

  8. Try to explain the 1000 miles infrared photography done by J Tolan. That ist Not possible on a globe.
    Her is easy to find also in YouTube

  9. Everything about the globe can be explained using ONE model, every explanation for a flat earth requires its own "model"

  10. 8:11 This wouldn't be a problem though, you could accelerate the disk indefinitely and never reach the speed of light

  11. alternative medicine does work, my grandmother used to use garlic, honey and cyan pepper to cure strep throat. just as a example. It gets rid of it in about 24 hours. So saying only modern medicine works is not exactly true.

  12. The modern flat earth movement was started by a conspiracy of government agents infiltrating the 9-11 truth movement in an attempt to discredit it. Seems to have worked, too, since you hardly hear anything about 9-11 being an inside job anymore. But just scrolling through the comments a good ways down, I only saw a slight few comments opposing this video. I would estimate that 98% of the comments I read were in support of science and NASA and the spherical Earth. Flat Earthers are just gullible people who don't trust the government.

  13. Great video Dave. Sorry that you get so many negative comments from the mental midgets who know nothing about real science. I too have multiple degrees in Biology and chemistry with a Master's in Science of Teaching, M.S.T. , a degree from the U.S. Navy in Mechanical Engineering and hold several other degrees and minors in physics and math. I have worked in a research lab for two years and worked on several science projects. One I presented at a National Conference in 1999. I am a life time student who was home schooled by my grandfather before I was old enough to go to kindergarten. By the time I was old enough to go to first grade I could do math, read and write and spent my time studying science magazines and books, watching nature shows like Mutual of Omaha's wild kingdom. By the time I got to the third grade the school decided I was too advanced for that grade and skipped to the fifth grade. While I do not have a PhD, I do have a total of 8 years of college education and several years of other education in mechanical engineering. I to this day continue my education on my own through reading books on science topics, attend science conventions, research on-line and conduct my own experiments to prove to myself what is true and what is not. The problem with Flat Earth people is they have no or little education in science. Did not do well in school and if they did go to college spent most of their time funneling beer at parties instead of paying attention in class and cracking books. Because they associate with other not so educated like minded people they have adapted a similar life philosophy of "Seeing their beliefs, instead of believing what they see". Then researching and testing those beliefs to see if they are true. But I guess it is easier to just copy off of someone else just as they did in school.

  14. Flatearthers need to find a global formula that explains their observations.
    That's like chasing your own tail, while the global formula is right there.
    It's called spherical planet.

  15. 8:55 I'm rolling on the ground laughing my butt off! This is the most absurd idea the flat-tards ever came up with… and they really believe it! One really has to imagine the epic logistical requirements for such a task. Those guards must really be getting paid well. Where do I sign up? LOL – Common sense is not always common practice.

  16. If there are electromagnetic fields everywhere, you should just be able to take a loop of wire and generate a voltage from it.

  17. Aliens: let's check up on the humans
    Us: the Earth is flat
    Aliens: I thought they got past this level centuries ago

  18. There's nothing particularly wrong with ad hoc explanations, or alteration upon alteration of the rules. Look at "dark matter" now; as far as I'm concerned, it's just a placeholder until we can figure it out. It's just that none of these flat Earth explanations fit better than a spherical Earth.

  19. Dr. Robert Sungenis would dispute the claim of heliocentrism…his documentary called the principal will explain. In this video, dr. Michio Kaku stated that in cosmology we are off by 10 to the 120…even the idea that there is opposing views that isn't made know in every area of science but yet we never hear those views or reasons. so to make the claim that it's all figured out is kinda absurd…I don't study the field however those are mighty bold statements by people that are respected scientist…

  20. With the FE map the part that always jumps out at me first is how the war in the Pacific was navigated in WW2. Seems like a boat and a compass could figure out their map isn't working. But then, how does a compass even work in the FE map? And does a detailed map exist for the continents to scale? Seems like it would be easy to debunk a FE map on land by simple driving.

  21. Very good an explanation! Except the misconception that FE'ers would understand logic and reasoning (i.e. science), because they either don't "believe" in science or they think all science is somehow governed by… the Conspiracy!?

  22. Within the first 1:00 you have made a common mistake: To assume we've only known about the globe of earth "for the last few centuries" which Eratosthenes proved in 300BC or thereabouts based on prior assumption that the earth was indeed a globe.

  23. The problem with the flat earth conspiracy is the billions of people and the time span that has to be involved perpetuating the conspiracy. That means this conspiracy dates back 4000 years and it has to include every sailor, scientist, engineer, pilot, astronaut, astronomer, geologist, aerospace worker, sea captain, navigator, cartographer, teacher, surveyor, not to mention the multiple billions of people over the last 4000 years that are intelligent enough to understand there's no limit to human STUPIDITY.

    So… 99.9% of all human beings are in a conspiracy against the 0.1%. Makes sense to me! 😏

  24. What Prof Dave says seems very reasonable to me, but, then, I'm not a hardened flat-Earther. Like the majority, I am largely convinced that the Earth is a sphere, that model makes the most sense to me, however, I can understand the problem, after all, it's not as if our planet Earth is some everyday object like an apple, where we could just pick it up, point to it and say "hey look, you flat applers, apples are not flat, they are round" haha lol. There's a big difference, we are ON Earth, it's massive, we can't hold it in our hands, and, due to gravity, we can't easily get off it to have a look at it.

    Only a few ever have gone out far enough to see it and we depend on them to tell us what they see. Observationally speaking, concluding the Earth was flat and that everything goes around it would APPEAR to make sense, this was what was once believed by everyone, it's only when we learned more that we were able to work out that what we thought we were seeing wasn't necessarily what was really going.

    Even today, it still requires us to demonstrate the shape of the Earth through experimentation, we can't just show someone, like we could show someone that proverbial apple and even though the conclusion to any such experiments might seem obvious, eg, the Earth has a curve, someone who is convinced the Earth is flat, could still find ways to deny it and there isn't much more we can do about that, until it is possible for all of us to go up and have a look as easy as we could hop on a bus Gus (if anyone is old enough to remember that song), I fear this crazy argument will go on.

  25. If the flat earth was accelerating upword, the stars would continuously change, and you could NOT ever predict the stars and planets…

  26. I'm a hobby (astro)physicist but psychologist by trade and I thought of a psychological model to go with the flat earth society and why it is so much more prevalent in very meritocratic societies – i.e. the USA.

    A large part of US culture is Calvinistic in essence saying with hard work come more blessings. This translates into the "American Dream" where anyone can become anything regardless of heritage only depending on their own talents and efforts. Unfortunately this also puts a lot of blame on those who, well, don't get very far on the social hierarchy. The mind is wonderful at compensating for negative thoughts and emotions, rationalising them away unconsciously in amazing ways.

    My hypothesis is now, that most flat earth followers are a special type of narcissist personality who fail to reach a societal level they think they deserve. You can then either reevaluate your self-image (which is painful) or you re-evaluate society. By subscribing to a conspiracy theory you not only elevate yourself to an elitist, enlightened level only attained by few, you also simultaneously degrade every person that you previously had to "look up to", e.g. academics, politicians and "smarter" people. Furthermore, you find others with exactly the same mindset and company is always good.
    That is also the reason why challenging any flat earth follower with rational arguments will most likely amount to nothing, because following your logic they would have to challenge their self-image and re-evaluate their social standing.

    And the unscientific part of me relishes the thought of a perfect trap where you either have to get down to the bottom with your argumentation or admit you fit into the diagnosis of an anti-authoritarian narcissist… But that is really just a side note.

  27. even if you had 100 percent proof the earth is round flat earthers would just deny it. they deny any evidence against the flat earth. flat earthers always say we are being brainwashed by the government or satan satan but they are the ones that are really brainwashed by flat earth priests to believe something that goes against everything we know and makes no sense at all. If you dont believe others then at least believe your own exeriments and the research you do and accept the truth the real truth

  28. Don't forget that even satellite TV installers would have to be in on the conspiracy. They would have to know that pointing that satellite dish into the sky is doing absolutely no good.. they would have to run a secret wire from your house to some location where they are broadcasting.

  29. Flat Earthers can't even explain sunsets, it's THAT simple! How tf could a sunrise or sunset possibly happen on a flat earth?

  30. Great video. Most logic and critical thinking would tell you, don't believe everything you read on the internet, including YouTube. Weigh the logical facts and gather evidence, forming a conclusion. 95% of Earth's population can do this at an average intelligence.

  31. Dishonesty concerning the real flat earth model abounds in this video:

    1) 00:40 Earth is depicted in space. "Space" or the heavens is the area ABOVE the earth. It is not almost limitless but contained in a dome/vault firmament.

    2) 00:50 The Flat Earth Society is NOT a reliable representative of true reality. They actually show the symbol of the U.N and NOT the Flat Earth Society. The Flat Earth Society was created for the purpose of controlled opposition.

    3) 1:16 Once again the Earth is not in "space". The sun, moon AND stars are close and contained INSIDE of the firmament dome. All of this is deliberate MISINFORMATION designed to keep the Copernicus deception alive.
    4) 1:50 Question for globe believers: Why do we see the same stars at night even when the earth is on the opposite side of the sun after six months time? I'll wait for that answer a looong time! 🙂
    5) 2:40 So far nothing mentioned is a problem for the flat earth model. The sun is in motion and moves in a circuit that is smaller in the summer and larger in the winter which makes seasons and sun location differences possible.
    6) 2:45 Coriolis Effect has never been proven to exist.

    7) 3:05 You can't look up in the sky and see all the stars in heaven from one single location because of perspective. It's the same reason we have night on a massive flat earth. The stars that move around the outer edge or southern area of earth are not visible to people near the center, the stars are NOT light years away but are close and very small.
    8) 3:50 How dumb do you think we are? The tilt of the earth is exactly the same in your phony illustration. The most likely reason for this is due to the anomaly in the Copernicus model that has the sun closest to the northern hemisphere DURING THE WINTER!! OOPS!
    9) 4:13 Wait a minute! you are actually going to mention the physics of rotation? Like centrifugal force? It varies, or should vary from equator to pole but there is no evidence of it's existence in any observation. The water should flow to the equator and there shouln't be aby land at the equator IF the earth was a spinning sphere.
    10) 4:25 Fake earth illustration because with all the satellites, ISS and probes we still don't have an abundance of real PHOTOGRAPHS of the ball earth. Wake up folks! You're being deceived!
    11) 6:10 Accurate predictions were being made long before Copernicus and Einstein. The ancient Hebrews ordered their life after time and seasons which God had established by His time piece, the celestial bodies. This fact actually refutes the Big Bang and it's need for chaos. Shooting themselves in the foot again.
    12) 7:35 There is no evidence that everything in the heavens are spherical. Besides that the earth was created for the unique purpose of having LIFE. The sun, moon and stars were created for light upon the earth. The earth is NOT a planet in outer space.

    Gen 1:14  Then God said, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; 
    Gen 1:15  and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth"; and it was so. IT IS WRITTEN!
    13) 7:53 Again, false information from the phony Flat Earth Society. Gravity is concept that attempts to explain why things fall but lacks proof of it's existence.

    14) 8:35 Circumnavigation is simple on a flat planed earth. The problem for globe believers is that though people have circumvented the earth going east and west they have NEVER done it going south because they just hit the outer edge.
    15) 9:03 No one says NASA is guarding it! LOL!! There is an Antarctic Treaty though. Look it up. At over 54 million dollars a day NASA could afford it even if they were guarding it. Terrible video!
    16) 10:04 It's called compartmentalization and deception. You might be part of it for all I know or you are just as biased and deceived as everyone else.
    17) 10:18 Wrong! It is the Copernicus disciples (some not all) who are satisfied with a science fiction false reality. Many want it all to be true. We never went to the moon and the Mars fantasy is all a brainwashing hoax. even Captain Kirk himself admitted that there is no difference between modern science and science fiction.
    18) 11:36 Do you not know the difference between round and spherical? How can I take you seriously?
    19) 10:53 How many times are you going to use the prediction argument? Predictions are based on time and history and have been for thousands of years.

    20) 12:20 You want observable science?? How about the scientific observations of the top surface of calm WATER? If the earth is 70% water then at least 70% of it is FLAT. The curvature of large bodies of water is not scientific but is complete ad hoc. If you put this sphere in motion then you have many more problems that are simply "explained" unscientifically.

  32. If STUPIDITY would hurt……. FErs, especially the religious indoctrinated ones, would be in so much pain…..

  33. North star is fixed for pretty long time, earth North Pole cant maintain this phenomena, considering earth movement around the sun and sun around center of Galaxy.

    And BTW Newten Gravity and enistien relativity are falling quickly the more knowledge we are getting of quantum physics.

    Science is relative reality, you can't consider it pure fact whatsoever.

  34. Gravity… It should come in at steeper angles as shown by vsauce when reaching the edge … However let's go with the acceleration model…if accelerating, where does the near if not equal to i infinite energy for acceleration force of the flat earth come from? Such an acceleration force for any object…not just a massive one…is nearly impossible. Therefore due to Occam's razor … The global model is correct!

  35. I think this reasoning of yours is the very best. "Debunking" flatearthers' various and separate ideas is one thing, but taking in account ALL that is known, observed and continously measured and make up ONE model where all this data fits like you do is, I think, the ultimate way to fight the flat earth.

    One of my favourite books is George Smoot's description how he first set up a hypothesis about a graininess in the background radiation, due to a universe that 300 000 years after Big Bang started to become less dense.

    In various experiments he then tried to test and verify this model, which resulted in working on Antartica (!!!!!) and finally sending up a satellite for the final measurements.
    However Smoot had to one more thing, RULE OUT any other explanation to the observations.
    The flatearthers should learn from real scientists instead of mocking them. Men and women in white coats do NOT make up new formulas and laws of science as they go along trying to adjust reality to their models. Failure is an option and by failing, lessons are often learnt.

    So far, I haven't seen any reasonable explanations of anything, or as Manfred Mann sings – "they answered my questions with questions" (

    Oh, I have to add. I did see a very disturbing documentary on Swedish television yesterday evening. A few years Zaida Catalan and Michael Sharp, two UN-experts investigating suspected mass-murders in Congo were executed during a mission. Of some reasons UN covered up much of the story and finally blaming Michael and Zaida for "cowboying", though clear evidence showed the they were lured into a trap.
    How do know about the UN cover up?! Leaks! Someone leaked thousands of classified documents from the UN HQ.
    So what has this to with the flat earth? Well, if NASA has been for a few thousand years tricked people to believe that the earth is round, why haven't we seen any leaked documents?! No proof for a round globe, but a sound thought.

  36. Hi Professor Dave! I was reccomended to watch your video by…uh…Professor Dave? You may have heard of him?
    I'm watching this out of order, saw the the 10 Things Flerfers Say (twice) before I watched this one…😁
    couldn't s

  37. The Coriolous effect is just looking at the storm from the under side. If you turn something right someone on the other side of it would see it turning left.

  38. Wow these flatearthers in the comments actually believe the earth is flat? the earth obviously isn't real and is just a alien science project to simulate intelligent life. Based on these comments, that alien is getting a F on his project XD

  39. Obviously flat earthers are not navigators or they would know that the lines of latitude are horribly distorted on any flat earth map. Too close together in the northern hemisphere and too far apart in the southern. Also the sextant ONLY works on a spherical earth. The GPS system also only works on a spherical earth by satellites in low earth orbit. You can look at many GPSs and see how many satellites the GPS is tracking and where they are.

    I blue water sail, I navigate, using sextant, compass and GPS all of which only work on a spherical earth. I also use binoculars and radar to look out for shipping and for navigation. Radar is line of sight, if my dish is say mounted on top of the cabin my radar range is extremely limited, roughly 7 miles, mounted to the yard arms I get about 10 miles range, I can get all the power in the world and the best radar made and it makes little difference. The only thing that increases my range is additional height above the water which would mean I would need a larger boat. Unfortunately I cannot do much to increase my range with binoculars even zoomed because I can only see about 4 miles from the safety of the cockpit. This is all about the curvature.

  40. You’re wasting your time mate, normal people who aren’t mentally deficient already know you’re right. As for the flat earth fuckwits, well you just can’t argue with stupidity. Your time would be better spent explaining it to a potatoe, at least it would understand you more than a flat earther would

  41. The sun really looks like this ⭐️
    And the moon is really made of cheese 🌕
    Because the earth is flat lol

    I mean round 🤪
    Flatards want attention (positive or negative) and want to feel they hold some special knowledgeable information that no one else has or knows about.

    Truth be told….

    I support reality-based knowledge 👍

    If the world was flat, there should be no real way to explain the 24 hours of sunlight that they get in Antarctica, nor the fact that the places below the equator have two unique set of stars that rotate around a southern axis.

  43. Flat earthers PLEASE think straight. The shape and size of the earth has been calculated centuries ago by men of faith if faith is your issue. The only time they recanted was to save their own skin from the papacy. Do'nt go down that rabbit hole. The earth is roughly a sphere and that's fact. Your faith in God will not diminish if you accept hard evidence of science. There are still scientists with strong belief in God today. Don't throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Be reasonable.

  44. Some of these numbskulls sent a balloon up to almost 100,000 feet with a "normal" camera (no fish eye lens), and the footage clearly shows a curved Earth. Yet, they STILL refuse to believe it. They blame the curvature on "barrel distortion" from the lens.

    Flat-Earth belief gets ahold of these people, and they claim that "Globers" are suffering from cognitive dissonance. That's quite ironic, actually.

  45. My brother was in the Navy, he sailed around the world on an aircraft carrier. He, and roughly 6000 people on that ship's crew must be in on it as well. Flat Earth boggles my mind.

  46. There is one issue you havnt addressed. Flat earthers a closed circuit thinkers.It doesnt matter what reasonable argument you make, they will always come back with increasingly ridiculous ones. Instead of being willing to think that they may be incorrect, they descend into saying that NASA (bcos its a well known fact that NASA is the only space agency) is making sure that no one reaches the edge by patrolling Antarctica . Also every government in the world is forcing the globe theory on us from day 1 to stop a scientific uprising (?).
    -Or the fact that we cant see the curvature of the earth is therefore also proof. The fact that we may not see it because the earth is huge and we are very small is an inconceivable idea.

    The main difference I think however is that all people who agree on the globe model are open to new ideas and perspectives that challenge their beliefs (Im open to having me mind changed) if given reasonable arguments.
    Flat earthers dont. Its like playing tennis against a wall.

  47. But the Flat Earthers DO have three basic formulas: 1. Flat Earth Because My Eyes. 2. Round Earth Because Billionaire Illuminati. 3. You Explain, I Refuse Because God.

  48. Flat Earthers used to be considered in the same kook spectrum as the Free Armenians, I guess since Armenia is now free the Flat Earthers think their theory is more valid?

  49. Could the coriolis effect arrows be backwards? Shouldn’t they be CCW in the northern hemisphere, CW in the southern? You can see it on videos of storms in both hemispheres.

  50. Ur a liar. The sun spirals around the earth it doesn't go up and down. Seasons make more sense this way. Also explains why Alaska gets sun for months then dark for months. And no real flat earther thinks we are going up. If the earth is flat we dont need gravity. Density is why we dont float around.

  51. And you think people think they're super hero's and thats their motivation to get ridiculed and called crazy and lose friends and family. Ur bogus. People Don't think they're cool becauae they think the earth is flat. No one wants to think that what they thought reality was was fabricated.

  52. The motivation was always one of my main concerns like come on guys why would they lie to us about the shape of where we live? What do they gain from that? Whats the purpose of making us think we can go to space? If anything wouldn't it be more beneficial for them to make us to think its flat and we have boundaries, so we just all know ain't shit else but us and ice walls, And so what if it just so happened to be flat and the governments get exposed…now what ? -_- will life really be that different? Will you not go to work anyway to get that check to pay bills? Will you not send your child to school? Are we gonna get off YouTube and is ANYONE gonna get off social media? Nope. Flat or fuckin triangular, nothings gonna change unless some crazy way we globally rebel after learning the "truth" and even then, wtf do we do exactly? Let society all go to hell because of the shape ? IDC what shape we living on as long as life is the same as it is rn, its not perfect ofc but it could always be worse.
    Okay love you my not flat earthers ❤
    Bye 🙂

  53. 9:41 yes thank you. Most scientific proofs that we are on a globe can be written off by flat earthers as “fake science”, but this can’t be refuted by anyone.

  54. The Alien Hypothesis similarly is the simplest most unifying best explanation for many UFOs, USOs, missing person cases (read David Paulides 8 Missing 411 series of books: I've read 7 of them), & crop circle formation & certain types of animal mutilations. Other explanations become ad hoc. And, no, this is NOT the same as "God of the Gaps". Nobody said extremely advanced technological alien species are impervious to death or omnipotent. The alien hypothesis is 100% consistent with the general idea of evolution.

  55. Water is the starting point for understanding the shape of the surface of the Earth. Water is the obvious choice, however the ocean would be a poor choice for a  scientific experiment. It  is a constantly moving surface,, pushed and pulled by air pressure and thus movement, and the rise and fall of the tides. Its extremities are beyond the reception of the human optical element and evaporation plays havoc with the environment of the experiment. I therefore posit that an intelligent man wishing for a clear and unambiguous result would use a still body of water to experiment on, such as a lake. A large lake on a clear still day offers a pristine surface to view. Now if one studies the performance of reflective surfaces one will understand that a very slight curvature on a mirror surface creates a well distorted reflection which is easily identified as such, as the reflection of an object, such as a tree or a mountain, will differ from the object. All water surfaces on a globe would have to be curved in both axis's as a concomitant fact. I presume I have everyone's agreement to this point? Now the clanger is that all pictures of lakes, still enough to have good clear reflective qualities, show the object and the reflection to be identical, but opposite, obviously.  Even pictures where a mountain is reflected in a very long lake { I have seen one where the reflection goes from the shore where the photographer is standing to the base of the mountain 6 miles distant in the water and is a perfect inverted image}  must necessarily produce a distorted image. The greater the distance the greater the distortion.. There must be a reason for this phenomenon. I would like to hear a conclusion to this matter if anyone is able, for this must be addressed before any other conclusions can be made by way of less effective and inaccurate experimentation.Thank you for your consideration.

  56. We are told we’re on a “24,901 mile circumference sphere” — which would make the radii an approximate average of 4000 miles which, per the Pythagorean theorem, would make the curvature rate approximately 8 inches per mile squared for at least 200 miles at a time:

    2 miles out should hide the bottom of a boat by 2.67 feetq

    3 miles = 6 feet 
    4 miles =  10.67 feet
    5 miles = 16.67 feet
    …and so on.

  57. Sometimes it's fun to go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. I adore looking into the wild idea people have. It's fun. It's especially exciting to look into the really monumental stuff, and it doesn't get much grander than the notion that everything we think we know about the universe is a massive lie. You're never going to change the mind of a flat Earth true believer by throwing information at him or her that contradicts what that person already believes. I don't think flat Earthers are dumb, just very stubborn and fanciful. They want to believe in the amazingly weird world they've created, and that's fine. They're like LARPers who refuse to accept that real wizards and magic don't exist. Sometimes the world is disappointing and I don't fault anyone for wanting to believe in something more fantastical.

  58. Thank you for an excellent video showing the how absurd the flat Earth nonsense is.
    I would only suggest a small correction of your pronunciation of Edmond Halley's surname @6:24.
    Halley, as in alley, rather than "Hailey" would be the proper pronunciation.
    Edmond Halley (8/11/1656 – 14/1/1742) used the laws of motion to calculate the periodicity of Halley's Comet in 1705.
    The Comet was named after him upon its predicted return in 1758, which he did not live to see.

    After the 1950's the rock and roll singer Bill Haley, who called his backing band his "Comets" left a common contemporary disconnect between the two differing pronunciations.

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