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  1. Nature is perfect. Aligning our beliefs with the natural laws of nature is critical to our evolution. This video speaks the truth and opens up our mind to the possibilities. I am honored to be part of the Psych-K community.

  2. What a great promise for 2013, I will be sharing this with clients, family, and friends as we enter a new year. What an honor to be part of something so special!

  3. Super presentation, l like too share this presentation too my friends.and relatieves and hope the lik too share also. Thanks for knowing.

  4. Really nice informations and documentary. The fact though, that i did not see a solution provided, makes me think that this is just 'light work'. I was searching for some 'tools' throughout the whole video on how to improve myself but could not see any. Dont know if these are provided with a fee but personally i have found the tools i needed elsewhere. Thank you.

  5. Just how on computers, by using various hot keys… there are a lot of ways to accomplish many tasks. Which one you use depends on the task at hand, and your own personal preference. The new paradigm of Holism allows for this because no two people share exactly the same perceptions. You find what works and you do it, and allow others to do the same.

    PSYCH-K is a wonderful modality in this new understanding consciousness because it is balanced between both worlds of science and spirituality,

  6. When I look deep in the nature, I see the battles, every species is struggle for life. This is the principle of life and evolution. Cooperation and altruism has been developed in every species in order to preserve their genes. Problems and challenge will always be there to be solved therefore every species is evolving.

  7. Something you might not be aware of in your questioning is that Rob Williams has the blessing of the Spirits that guide the Lakota Nation.

  8. It was a nice demonstration, until they started selling their product "psych-k". There's nothing worth watching past the middle.


  10. Jesus said "So it will be at the end of the age,the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous,and will throw them into the furnace of fire,in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."Matthew 13:49-50.Jesus also said "You are my friends if you do what I command you." John 15:14. Jesus taught that the only way to be saved is to choose him as your Lord and Master, obey him and believe that he died for the sins of his people on the cross see John 14:6.

  11. Anyone looking for the answer or the "tool" you can use in this…it's about collaboration. Drop the ego and recognize others as equals. Greet others and show respect. Namasté: The divinity in me recognizes and honors the divinity in you.

  12. So what. That doesn't make what he is selling better than others out there. We will become whole brained with intention and prayer anyway.

  13. You can find free binaural beat technology that will do the same thing for you on the internet. Look it up on Google to get a better understanding of it. Using them with meditation is very powerful.

  14. i dont like how people think the subconscious is in the brain, I like to think the subconscious is your lower Chakras. Why do they keep saying its in the brain, I understand that the right brain could be part of the subconscious because the language of your subconscious is pictures, but I like to think of it as your lower self that cannot communicate with words but with feelings. We Are Sitting On Our Subconscious!

  15. Dawkins and his materialistic. Atheist science is dead. There is no evolution without consciousness. "God is consciousness. And we are all God, experiencing ourselves." ~ Bill Hicks

  16. 'Survival of the fittest' as an evolutionary expression refers to survival of the most fitted to the environment. This is not necessarily violent or competitive. It may well be cooperative.

  17. I agree. If all these organizations and people have these great avenues that can help humanity awaken and be happier, healthier etc. why do they charge so much for their knowledge? They come off to me as the same as the big banker ceo types that their underlying motivation is the almighty dollar.

  18. You have to "go" to a psych k seminar. Its not available on dvds or books where the price of the knowledge shared would be lessened. These people and organizations that want to "help humanity" should do every thing in their power to make their products & services available to the masses. It's the same old story, charging the most so only the elite get the benefit. And the elite has done such a wonderful job so far, eh?

  19. if psych-k really was that good and could end up "fixing" situation in the world, it would be created by someone who would GIVE IT to the world, rather than making money of it.

  20. Hogwash new-age/humanitarian mimicry. As stated, once the product placement occurs you lose all credibility.

  21. That's a shame, for a thousand dollars we can save the world. Shame on u psych k. Your the epitome of what's wrong in the world, just another criminal. Brutal

  22. The video has a beautiful message on consciousness & collectiveness, I don't see the point in charging an enormous amount of money to elevate oneself/or others! Helping others to awaken is our mission w/o charging a fee for the gates of truth… is this intended for the well-off only?
    Bottom line, we all can achieve this by being open to awareness and change, ushering others without hidden conditions, this is not awakening the masses, but the privileged!

  23. I'm sure if dinosaurs were given the opportunity to evolve an immunity to devastating meteors they would be around today.

  24. BIG TRUTH HERE! I've learned and used PSYCH-K. These simple practices have been very valuable in my own spiritual practice, not to mention their practical application in solving any life problem.

  25. The wisdom and science behind this video and evolving consciousness is thoughtful, well-researched and effective. I have personally and professionally seen how our "beliefs" drive the outcomes of our lives. In working with clients I also see how transforming one's own limiting beliefs unconsciously liberates others. It's like being the "ultimate role-model." I agree that nature provides many guiding principles and this video is beautifully done combining both heart and science!
    Thank you!

  26. Conflict and pain may be a necessary element of change.
    WIthout it, we are just a fetus in the womb.
    Life involves pain. Once you can accept that fact of reality,
    it will begin to lose its power over you.
    I think consciousness evolves when each person's consciousness
    I think much of this video, no matter how good intended, will not
    lead to consciousness evolution, just momentary 'feel' good.

  27. My experience with PSYCH-K is that it is an extremely powerful way of shifting my subconscious mind. The price I paid for the workshops has been worth it's weight in gold. I started using it every day and learned how to do the muscle testing by myself. I have had a spot on my lung completely disappear. My relationships have improved 100%, among many other huge changes. Everyone has to make a living and I love these people for teaching it!!! It literally saved my life. Worth every penny.

  28. Oh, and by the way, how much do you spend on take out coffee a year? Or manicures? Hair streaking? Dinners out? Updating your technology? Well, this is a gift that keeps on giving. You just have to use it. Best money I have ever spent.

  29. oh come on! this video presents our world much too generealistic. how did we get ourselves into trouble and why. and what can we do about it? none of these questions are really adressed seriously.

  30. While being in this state, before I saw this video, I realized that above all- Love is really the answer…

    Transforming into this state, is just a means to make this world a better place not an end itself…

  31. Once you experience Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K) for what it is, then you will have a whole new attitude about it.
    When it was first offered to me by my chiropractors assistant I was curious; then i noticed a Positive Change. It IS Amazing! Hard to fathom until you experience it.

  32. Survival if the fittest is about the traits that allowed life to survive. One of those traits that developed in humans and is absolutely critical to our survival is sociality. The concept of survival of the fittest this video presents is severely flawed in accordance to the theory of evolution.

  33. At 3:57 ,"As above, so below"…  This is used by the occult and satanism.  Typical depictions of Baphomet with one hand raised and the other lowered represent this phrase.  Your beliefs are indeed important.  And there's good beliefs and bad beliefs.  But this is dangerous stuff.  Stick with the Bible.  Jesus is Lord.

  34. The originator of this psych-k program has a degree in philosophy and counseling and worked in telemarketing. He has no degree in any neural science of any sorts, yet he has a program that can change your inner subconscious mind? Real scientists who study this field day in and day out haven't even figured these things out yet. but a telemarketing counselor has? its just another charlatan using humans gullibility and thirst for answers to get that money. you want to wake up? stop dreaming.

  35. Not all of the thoughts in this video I consider to be false. But actually it it nothing more dan a random visualisation.

    Consider this. If humans remaind hunter gatherer. There would be place for 10.000.000 people.

    Consider this.If the world has the people growth of germany today. Humans will be near extinct in 2250.

  36. True story…. Very interesting video. But even though we are aware of this things, changes are not possible as long as individuals respect this planet and others treat it like inexhaustible resource. As you say at the end we can make changes only if we unite and that sounds impossible

  37. Consciousness is like the wave on water. It can't be picked up because it isn't a real separate thing. You sweep through the wave, but capture nothing, because there is nothing real. It is an observed behavior of the way molecules

  38. Consciousness is not dead, nor can it be killed. Just as you can't pick the wave from water, you can't damp it. What is outside Nature's control? Things that can't be killed. Like consciousness.

  39. I see a lot of nutty comments below…lol. YOUR BELIEF's play a large part in what you can achieve. BUT, beliefs don't solve everything, but they are THE START of everything.

  40. This is true but is never the less selling the Psych-K course. £525 for a 2 day course in the UK.
    You can re-programme your subconcious mind using deep ralaxation/self hypnosis type stuff with positive, present tense affirmations.
    It needs to be studied before using it. Check out Bruce Lipton.

  41. If psych-k is so important why doesn't he give the knowledge freely? He should be a teacher of this to all if it is so important.

  42. and after showing the importance of this program could you also add how much it costs ?
    because a lot of people all over the world can not pay for it

  43. The video is correct in its basic statement that there is an overwhelming level of ignorance and greed in our world today. People with integrity are looking for answers and looking for community with others who share similar thoughts and feelings.

  44. What happened some 6,000 years ago to change a peaceful matriarchal society into an aggressive patriarchal one? Research the work done by Wilhelm Reich and Dr. James DeMeo, "SAHARASIA" (A few quotes):



                                 SEX AND THE VIOLENT OR PEACEFUL SOCIETY

    The study and book, titled SAHARASIA by Dr. James DeMeo:

     The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse,
    Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World, by retired
    professor James DeMeo, Ph.D., is the culmination of years of library and field
    research on the subject. Professor DeMeo undertook the original research as a
    7-year dissertation project at the University of Kansas, which was concluded in
    1986. He has since put more than 10 years of additional research into the

    "With very few exceptions, there is no clear and unambiguous evidence for warfare or social violence on our planet Earth prior to around 4,000 BC and the earliest evidence appears in specific locations, from which it firstly arose, and diffused
    outward over time to infect nearly every corner of the globe."

    "Something happened around 4000 BC which forced the drying-out of this vast desert region, which I call Saharasia, and the drier conditions created social and emotional havoc among developing human agricultural societies in these same

    Go to the sites above for more.

  45. Beautiful video but with one tiny mistake, the dinosaurs did evolve into the creatures we refer to as reptiles today🤗

  46. Enmanuel Vicente is correct (see below) it was born on the last day this great cycle ended, and it was no accident!

  47. “Education at any age is a lifelong dedication to the improvement of character, and the enlargement of understanding.” — Manly P.Hall

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