The Gender Switch

The Gender Switch

“Good Morning” “Good Morning” *e-mail notification sound* E-mail reads : From: “The HR Department” Congratulations!!! “Dear Prarthana, Congratulations! We have decided to provide you 5% increment in annual salary” “Yes” “What happened?” *low distance murmuring* “Did you hear that he got promoted and got 20% raise in annual salary!! How much did you get?” “just 5% raise, no promotions” “What!! How is it possible? You work more harder than him and he is always paying games and chatting, but he got promoted then?” “Leave it yaar” “Feel better” “congratulations!!” *message notification sound* “Wife!” “Yes” “After two days, Mom and Dad are coming here from village, start keeping scarf on your head from now on.” “It is better to do so instead of listening to Mom’s complaining, isn’t it?” “What are you doing, son?” “i am watching movie, daddy.” “Is it so? Let’s watch together!” “In this movie, a boy is slapping the girl” “It is too funny” “Why are you all sitting in dark? There are lights.” *clicks on the switch* “Daddy, I also don’t like a girl in my school at all. I will also slap her tomorrow, like this film’s boy.” “You shouldn’t say so, son. You don’t like her, it doesn’t mean that you should fight with her.” “It might also be possible that you were the first one to start the fight with her.” “When you treat a girl with respect and equality, then only you will get the same in return.” “OK then let’s help Mommy.” “I will also help mommy” “Let’s take a selfie to capture this moment”

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  1. a very good attempt …. its a appreciable video .. lots of respect for you n ur team pooja πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ waiting to watch further more videosΒ 

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