The Hidden Powers of Language: Lifting The Veil

The Hidden Powers of Language: Lifting The Veil

by telling you about how we’ve
been unwittingly cast into the mould of ancient spells, from which we get our modern spelling? c
ast just like a mold, or perhaps like a net?
while caught like fish in the net of spells and spelling, we’ve been sentenced to the wards of these words
which can be deadly as swords if misunderstood. or perhaps
you missed the understanding of my terms, or possibly the sibyls of my syllables,
or even the ancient rites of modern writing? we languish in our languid language
in anguish ever since the ancient times of the English Angus
and the pony phonetic phonics of the ancient Phoenician Phoenix. how is it that we’ve been
cast into this mould of spelling? could it be, possibly, a form of government?
From the Latin root govern, “to control,” and ment or mens mentis, meaning “mind.”
“to control the mind” as government? English as a tool of phonic phonetics
by the phony Phoenician Phoenix, reflects the creativity and cunning genius of the human race.
which of course is not a race at all, unless you’re just another rat
caught in this daily maze, of this rat race, of this human race, against one another… we draw money from our banks,
which are “the edges of a river” which flows in currents to the sea.
which is why it’s called currency, because cash flows like pyroclastic ash flows, to the sea…
which is why we can trace back our roots of modern trade to the ancient Phoenician trade routes
and why our mundane weedays seem to keep us in a perpetually weak daze,
until we are so weakened, that we barely make it to the weekend.
so each day we routinely awake in the morning, which is a Monday morning ritual
conversely conversing a mourning at a wake, for the dead…
and thus the Bible speaks that the dead shall walk the earth. so it appears that they already are without even knowing it,
just by the strange language of which they know not the true origins
and what their words mean in etymology! Thus the significance and the signs
of the sins in signification of their signatures on these dead legal fictions,
such as IDs, mortgages, or mort-gages meaning “death pledge,” bills, etc…
because our citizenship begins when we board the citizenship,
which sails the high seas carrying the sea men and it all begins when the male ship docks in the female slot or slip,
also known as its berth, and unloads the cargo or the semen
which sail up the waters of the canal so she then gets pregnant and now carries the precious cargo
and will give birth to the new citizen which must now register to board that citizenship,
and repeat the cycle all over again, until the citizens catch on to the ancient spells
of phony phonetic Phoenicians tools of Commerce and piracy of the high seas
and the human commodity through the use of their made-up languid language,
which gives us our modern English. the grammatica or the study of root meanings of esoteric spelling and discussing the topic of Philo Sophia Philo the love of and Sophia wisdom holy moly that do I

69 thoughts on “The Hidden Powers of Language: Lifting The Veil”

  1. Anatomy, Astronomy, Astrology, Anthropology, Alchemy, Acoustics, linguistics, Etymology, Egyptology, Psychology, Syncretism, Science, and spirituality. Have all helped me discover TRUTH.

  2. If you learn the Story of ISIS, OSIRIS and SETH the truth you will end up at is RE-MEMBERING your higher self before the fall of man brother against brother, and with out this understanding of OCCULT Knowledge the results are very easy to see in this world we live and the only way to fix it is to RE-MEMBER who we are. This is the TRUTH and is why we still see it all through out the world. Osiris's penis (Obelisk) represents the SOULDIERS who dismembered themselves from life and became a member of the underworld and we pay for their sin by re-membering them and not re-membering ourselves of who we can become if we DIS-MEMBER our higher state of Consciousness. This is also the story of CAIN and ABLE

  3. Its a shame we have to turn off the I with the AM , If we just remain the I then we are always on. The I AM is duality needed but we must always come back to the all seeing I. on/off, on/off, on/off, ON.

  4. I wrote my below statement about 45 minutes before you uploaded this video, talk about synchronicity I nearly fell of my chair when you said language is on/off at 16.20

  5. We never learned about etymology at public school as we only was steered to look to the consise dictionary.
    Cut short of the truth in meaning for those who mean superiority as if deceiving all until affiliated as part of their family to adopt to be their own .
    Words used against not for. We are brought up in ignorance .
    Following blinded made to believe. As most believe themselves NICE would never wish to be Nice.
    As again is not ment what's said.
    A good and truthful presentation thank you for opening a gate that leads in a direction of truth.

  6. The more I innerstand and comprehend the etymology of words and letters, I have learned to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Information enters when the mouth ceases to spew.

  7. So where is God, our loving Creatorand ever loving father? Where is our God and Creator, who left us here on this earth of death and corruption and wicked and evil world that he gave Satan full charge of and every one here on this earth is subject to the devices and destruction and corruption and persecution of Lucifer or Satan. Why would a loving God leave billions of people here on planet hell to suffer at the hands of an evil and wicked ruler ? And give Satan full charge of the entire earth? That makes me question the love and MercyAnd true grace of a loving God and Creator. It’s like leaving your beautiful innocent children at a daycare center when you know the daycare is ran by pedophiles and abusive men and women and yet you leave your children there anyway. It does not make sense. Can anyone in the world answer that question?

  8. I just started with your channel and easily, its become one of my favourites. Great stuff presented here.Not yet gone through it fully but will do soon.

  9. After having working and living extensively with the NLP-Meta and Milton models of language, and having a working knowledge of etymology and law, it is my perception that what counts most with how we use language is the internal representations that emotional intelligence uses to connect meaning to any verbalized sounds. The "vibration", while it may be a part of the equation is only a secondary inclusion. That being said, it is highly important to realize that others use different internal representations and therefore it is necessary to ask questions.

  10. KNOW your enemy and proceed with living positively. Consciously and physically REMOVE YOUR MIND FROM NEGATIVITY AND EMBRACE THE AWAKENING. IT'S GLORIOUS, 😊

  11. Yes. The "G" the Masons use is for Grammar, and Grammar alone. Correct Communication Parse Syntax Quantum Grammar and a Claim-of-the Life Claim is our way out of Babylon. Check out a channel called WAR-CASTLES for knowledge on history and Bible prophecy and Language.

  12. Its not only the words themselves but the word order in sentences. There are rules or Laws that governs language.
    David-Wynn:Miller is dead, but Russell-Jay:Gould is alive and a man of honor.
    Russell holds the copyright on Quantum Grammer for 300 years. He wants to use it for good where as David wanted to give it to the top 1%. David is the one who told Clinton "that depends on what the definition of "is" is…."

  13. A POWERFUL discussion on the psychic potential of human consciousness that is directed via language and rooted in symbolic or archetypal precursors to etymology.
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  14. for fuck's sakes, feminists. yes yes, women are the best, men ruined everything. you know we're all enslaved sweetheart? save your modern politics of selfishness and focus on finding truth… for everyone.

  15. Dyslexic people have an advantage, the gift of seeing the patterns and sounds; the struggle with the written word and the rejection of its importance in their lives.

  16. Id say, yes u can thinknabout anything. Bit u must face it in a taoist type passive, non fear, process. I remind myself, everything serves a purpose.

  17. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Life is made of all three colors; mix them together and you will get GRAY.
    …less expensive pigment gets you mud color or black.

  18. I inner-stand that everything is a lie and we live in completely inverted world of how we should. Truth is bitter but love of truth is sweet. Disturbing is the words “I love you” back masked which sounds, “we will die”. Question is…how do we set our selves from this open air concentration camp prison with only illusion of freedom and choice, rid ourselves of debt slavery, dismantle our criminal overlords from power, and dissolve this satanic realm into heaven on earth. As I see it, we should be a highly enlightened beings thriving, living in harmony speaking multiple languages, master several trades, be skilled in arts and esoteric teachings, and be grounded to nature so we can heal.

  19. Speakers of ancient native language in the U.S. refer to English as 'dog language' – a language For the instrumentation of lower life forms.

  20. So governments the world over spy on us, allow corporations to pollute the planet, abuse human rights generally all because the English language is effed up? Gee, & here I was worried people living in nations where their own laws allowed them to hold their government accountable were looking to find some weak-ass excuse for not doing so.

    Yeah, we're done here.

  21. Hey! Please check out the YouTube channel Chiron Last
    He’s big into language, I think he’s a genius 💡
    Let me know what you think!

  22. If you are interested in language, you should study Ancient Irish, a primarily oral, druidic language based on White Magic.
    Fách pronounced "fuck" means wish
    Fíor pronounced "fear" means truth
    Fáil pronounced "fail" means destiny
    Sídhe pronounced Shiii(t) means spirit
    Only a few examples of how English has inverted the intention behind these powerful Irish spells
    Swapping Loving intention with hating intention.
    Thats why when we use "curse" words the ony ones we are cursing is ourselves
    The English language is a broken wand that keeps backfiring

  23. I find all your videos very brilliant and well researched. How is it explained is also remarkable. You filled in a lot of gaps that I was ignorant too. And comparing notes was interesting. Thank you.

  24. the "post master general" guy you're referring to is David Wynn-Miller. he died in the past year or so. Mark Christopher now teaches his stuff.

  25. People didn't choose to willfully reject you from the truth over your life. They smile and enjoy doing that yes, but it is not them. Their spirit is not their own, a being is a witness through them and universally react with rejection towards gifted people that have a spiritual large mission in life. The story is the same everywhere. If you care for them in your being, you can intuitively read all the pain of people with missions and react to all triggers of that pain to investigate them like you did with words. It makes people fall in love with you and trigger them to want children with you as you become an alpha leader in that suffering/energy.

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