100 thoughts on “‘The Mandalorian’ Creator Jon Favreau Has Plans for a ‘Star Wars’ Life Day Holiday Special”

  1. Pretty much the only guy who would think to even touch the idea of a new holiday special. Probably the only who could actually make it good too.

  2. It will have nothing to do with what you want. It’s about how they can extort more money from you based upon your desire for the unreal.

  3. EP 1 sucked. It was dull, the writing was weak, the fight scenes were poorly thought out and if they removed the member-berries, it woudlnt be Star Wars.

  4. i hope they make it as ridiculous and terrible as the old one. it can be disneys way to make fun of itself as reparation for all the rampant damage they inflict upon our beloved franchises.

  5. Can't wait for the Kotor movie even if it's coming in 2021 or 22 probably 23 since everyone is for some shit reason in love with empire and rebels era shit

  6. Funny Bob Igar has the keys to making Star Wars great again (the three F's), but he has a leftists feminist road block in front of him in the form of Kuntleen Kennedy. Hope she retires soon but it would be more fun if she simply got fired

  7. I've been a fan since 1977, I think he did a good job and its in the vein of episode 4 a New Hope. Let's hope each episode gets better and if it does they should offer the movie giggs. I've liked Jon since he played boxer Rocky Marciano.

  8. i thought the first episode was good but then the second came out and its just another soap opera. really bad-a** guy collects a bounty stuns a huge creature and flies Instantly across the galaxy.
    has a big fight against many well armed men, not a scratch, fight two lizard people and gets a nasty wound, a bunch of rat people steal his parts so whats this infinitely bad-a** individual do? cries to a little pig person/ugnaught and gets the old pig person to trade with the little rat people for him. he didnt even flinch at a giant worm monster big enough to hold his ship down, but is terrified of jawas and cows. what a Pu$$y! the strongest warrior race/faction in star wars brought down by a few Jawas/rat people and his armor desroyed by a f-ing bull. for shame. strip him of his armor and call him "the Human" a star wars story.

  9. Insert redlettermedia memes here. Although honestly this comments section wouldn't do justice to RLM references…

  10. He’s the best thing that could have happened to
    Star Wars; making it great again, after the unwatchable and pathetically poorly written last Jedi we didn’t have hope. Now we do…

  11. Oh. Now I know it's going to suck. Keep your nose out of things that are already amazing aka jungle book and lion long. Now you get to destroy the bounty hunters of Star wars a great story. Under this idiot. Ridiculous

  12. This guy seriously gets it. He knows Starwars. No agenda, no trying to be responsible for the next big twist.. just acknowledging what drew him to Starwars and wanting to replicate those sources of inspiration.

  13. The Jawa's done by Leprechaun proberbly? I love it if they are Leprechaun and the rest are electronic puppets. I am happy if it is not heavily CGI-ed because CGI is not real and puppets are real. And i love the the explaining how species live and have their culture, the details are so important, for example they showed indeed toilet in the ship. Yes, i love it. I hope to see the Ewoks or an other cute folk in the future.

  14. I am a person who saw the very first Star Wars movie in theaters and went to see it 7 times and am a life long Star Wars fan. I loved the first episode Mandalorian. I can not wait to see more.

  15. Disney let Ryan Jhonson direct Mandalorian starting episode 3
    Result: Mandalorian went to a planet of Gays and went thru a sex change operation.

  16. This guy is fucking killing it. I’ve been critical af on Star Wars these days. But mandalorian was actually good. And his Netflix special chef is great too.

  17. Jon knows exactly what makes Star Wars fans tick even recognizing that toy catalogs and marketing can give away huge plot points. Lucas should be proud

  18. Nice spoilers guys. He has a look like "Why the hell are you ruining it for people?" but he's too nice to say anything.

  19. In two episodes, The Mandalorian has shown more facial expressions, emotions and character development than Mary Sue in 2 whole films.
    Without removing his helmet.

  20. I knew it. Almost the entire environment is fucking CGI. Hes using the tech developed for the lion king to render the environments and backgrounds. Amazing.

  21. Fire Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson put this guy in charge of Star Wars he understands Star Wars no agenda no sjws just good fun Star Wars

  22. Favreau for president! Greatest living filmmaker. Well done on Mandalorian. Way to tell a good tale. Can’t wait to watch ep3.

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