The new Stradic FL: Continuous Evolution! | Shimano Fishing Europe

The new Stradic FL: Continuous Evolution! | Shimano Fishing Europe

My goal for fishing is to have a nice day. And for me, it is a way of living. Yeah, it is a way of living,
always. And it’s like a sort of adrenaline, sort of little drill, a little adventure,
that you go outside. And every day is not the same,
even every hour is different. The weather is sometimes your friend. Its like sunshine now, and over one hour its like cloudy weather,
or its like rain. When you have good equipment, and you go on the water,
the performance must be always the same. You know exactly what is happening,
and you exactly what you can expecting from it. I never give up. The last hit is always on my mind.
And you want to throw for more, more, more… Because everything is possible
when the lure is in the water. When im casting, on somedays sometimes a thousand, im always exiting,
because you never know. You never know when you have a bit,
you never know how the day is working. You never know what is happening, you never know when it starts,
you never know when it stops. I always maximise my time on the water, because otherwise I stay at home. You can cast, cast, cast, hour after hour,
and then in a second you get a bite. Then you forgot the whole day. Even when you had no fish at all, that day. When you have a bite, then its good.
Yeah, it makes the day complete. Oh, when I hear a drag sound I go crazy. First you get a bite , then you strike,
than you hold your rod, – Nice fish. then you get that feeling like;
Is it on..? Yes, its on! And then you wait,
and its going to shake on your rod. When its a bigger fish,
it goes away from you. Then it’s swimming on your gear. You must trust it.
That is very important. And the drag sound is like music in your ears. Then your adrenaline is full in your body. You want to catch the fish. And you hear the drag is pulling. And you think; Come on, come on,
Come to the boat, come to the boat, come to the boat. And when it is finally in the net.
And when it is finally in the boat, Then your are happy,
then you are a free man. Then you are in control. – Whoooo… Yeah!!! For me fishing performance is not about what you catch,
but it is about the feeling that you have on the water. Because when you lure hits the water, you feel free. And when the day is over,
you want to do it again.

42 thoughts on “The new Stradic FL: Continuous Evolution! | Shimano Fishing Europe”

  1. this guy rocks he speaks sooo well lol tot was watching a movive had to read the title again forgot why i clicked on the video

  2. Имею страдик 3000 уже лет 7, использую на фидере, доволен целиком и полностью – великолепная катушка!

  3. I had a chance to play with it in the Shimano open house thiese 2 days.
    The feel of the reel and the lightness is much better then the FK. Unbelievable for a RRP SGD260 reel.
    Can't wait to get 1. The Stella is much heavier for the same size.

  4. According to my experience,the french Shimano after sales service is incompetent and doesn't take care of its customers : Shimano reels never again !

  5. Je n’ai eu que des moulinets shimano, lorsque je vois autant de nouveauté, de video, de pub, je ne peux être que réjouis mais , quand le sav sera t il a la hauteur de vos produits?

  6. Good day! in the 3000MHG model there are two stock guides

    spurious gears metal?

    Is the body of the coil completely metal or is plastic present?

  7. Wow, truly cinematic! I currently have several low end Shimano reels, including Siennas (from 500 FD to 4000 FE) and Nexave (from 1000 to 4000, all FE series).

    After seeing this cinematic scene I'm planning to get a new Stradic FL 2500.
    I know for freshwater fishing it's kinda overkill because my Nexaves and Siennas have delivered me more than I needed.

    But I want to experience a new level of fishing, that's why I'm going to buy a new Stradic.

  8. The reel looks very nice.>>> But compared to the same model I tested at Dick's, it is not that smooth. I guess this reel needs some run-in period.

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