47 thoughts on “The Physiology of Tai Chi and QiGong”

  1. Logical, engaging, very interesting, philosophical, educating……… ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿค— thank you

  2. Its like the Prana of yoga … kriya yoga is simmilar of that all
    its the chinese kriya yoga lol

  3. Not just the way he speaks about tai chi and qigong but the music frequency is also used for calming the mind good work sir

  4. New to your channel my friend. Great information. Really enjoyed watching this video. I hope that we can stay in touch. Have a great day. Rod

  5. i am totaly speechless…..,one day i gona learn this,its just that those around me always urge dont dig too deep dont mess with things that too deep,i honestly dunno who to listen to i am hungry for knowledge yet i am afraid of it, becuase they always warn me,i wish i could find a way prove them it isnt dangerus or too deep ,they embed in me their own fears and now those fears become mine aswell.

  6. I am so grateful I discovered Qigong. I was suffering from severe post traumatic stress syndrome. I was doing my daily Yoga for 6 years and it also helped me a lot, but when I started practicing Qigong on a daily basis healing was taking place on a much deeper level and also much faster than with Yoga. I thank all the Qigong masters.

  7. In salt water isolation tank you can feel/experience this in less than 1 hour. Itโ€™s all about removing energy draining distractions. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ™

  8. Very interesting and informative – thank you. Iโ€™d be however curious if Qi Gong and Tai Chi observes any differences between female and male body? (similarly – Iโ€™d imagine – to Sri yantra of Hinduism that moves from up to down in case of males and from down up in case of females)?

  9. Wonderful, healing exercise, I have been doing Tai Chi every day for a week and I'm feeling the benefits already, my blood pressure is getting better too!

  10. Western medical practices do so much damage, removing organs suspected of dysfunction. Still, learning this chi information can help one improve health. Wonderful video. Thank you for providing it.

  11. To the Quik: [Yoga], [Tai Chi] & [Qi Gong] using the [Para Sympathetic & Sympathetic Neural Systems] for Energy.
    To the Point: All for [Calmness & Control]…[Breath with Healing & (Comforting) Energy]…[Peripheral & Autonomic Neural Systems]
    for [Completion & Fulfillment]. [Steele Yoga] where [Discovery] is a [Fun] & [Rewarding] Experience.
    Yours truly, Jamieson (PF) Steele. (A Young Master's Way). Amen.

  12. We certainly are connected to the Non-Local Universe indeed. Inner Energistics is far Superior than outer energistics. Qi Gong is my preference along with deep meditations. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ’š LเฅVE ๐Ÿ‘

  13. Misleading shit. Qi is not awareness of blood or fluids moving through the body. That is only a side effect of relaxation due to meditation.

  14. Someone tell me PLEASE!

    Ok sooo, I have this weird ability and idk if others can do this or not. But you know that feelings you get when you get goosebumps? That weird odd energy tingly feeling you get throughout your body? Well, I can literally 100% control that feeling….turn it on and off like a switch and leave it on if I want but it's difficult to do holds (2-3seconds)….I have to pulse it with breathing and…..this may sound funny but it really helps trigger it, I squeeze my arsehole ๐Ÿคฃ to do it. Cant really do it if I dont do that. Now this energy feeling starts from back of skull and goes down through my core, arms stomach and through my legs. I've noticed if I'm cold and shivering, if I do a few pulses, it seems to internally warm my body up and I get warm. Not a crazy amount of heat but I feel a HUGE difference. Maybe 10 degrees difference.

    Plus I've used this ability for Telekinisis. Only did it once and havnt done it again due getting badly sick next morning from not regulating energy levels lol been 4yrs since that.

    Is this some sort of Chi?

  15. I am watching this video because I wanted to know what causes depression. I have depression myself and I find I need to do Qi gong every second day to stay alive and happy. I also wonder why I have depression in the first place. Possibly because of how the modern age is nowadays?

  16. Let me explain why Tai Chi is good for some as a meditation relaxation technique a person is driven by a subconscious thought he might not be aware of:) so when it does the movements with his hands he's concentrating focusing Ali slow movement which helps they're a bunch of different types of meditation are ment to cam your energy think of it as a balloon mind you feel it's about to pop meditation releases the tension

  17. What an awesome video the best ever. I'm always looking to do different techniques about mind soul and body. I choose the natural ( not easy) way to live a healthy happy life. The truth is there is not a magic pill to make you lose way or to combat depression whatever illness,

  18. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm now a new subscriber and took advantage of your generous free membership site ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Meanwhile taichi and kungfu instructors don't on average live any longer than anyone else! There are many martial artists who dies before the national average (I personally love taichi but not the overblown mysticism of it….)

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