Thoughts Effects Your Reality | Simple Tip to Change Your Life

Thoughts Effects Your Reality | Simple Tip to Change Your Life

By thinking you manifest. This is Yogic Technology. The Yogis talk about Siddha Sankalpa, which
means a perfect thought. You have a perfect thought, and it manifests
itself into matter. Now,
this no longer philosophy, it is science. You can create through thinking. In fact every creation takes place because
of the thinking process. Now in Quantum Physics, there is this concept
called: “The Observer”. You observe, and through your observance,
you create reality. The wave dynamics, becomes particle dynamics. The waves are floating, and if you want the
waves to coagulate into matter, to collapse into matter, you have to look into that wave. As soon as
you look at the wave, it collapses into matter. I’ll give you an example: You think about
an apple. Now, the very act of thinking, creates the
image of the apple. That is taking place at the
subtle level. If you don’t think about the apple, then
you are not collapsing the waves into particles, into matter. So all of the time, what you need to do is
to think, and to think it with Focus Consciousness, Sankalpa, and when you do that then you collapse
that thought into a material reality. The
most interesting thing about this creation through the thought process is that it doesn’t
take too much time. You bring in time, only when you collapse
matter in another way. For instance,
if you think that to make a million dollars, or to heal a disease, or to stop bad dreams,
will take a long period of time, if you think that way, that will become the reality. But if you just think
that I want to be functioning at the Quantum Level, at the speed of Light, which is the
speed of the electron. There are electrons going around the nucleus,
and then you just ride on this electron, and pick up the speed of the electron. The way you do that, imagine yourself, or
imagine a thought that you’re thinking, and then put that though inside of an electron
which is spinning at the seed of the light. Then that thought will acquire the power of
the electron, the speed of the electron. And when you do this your psychology itself
will change, then you won’t be like a robot-like thinker.

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