Top 10 Worst Ecological Disasters

Top 10 Worst Ecological Disasters

43 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Ecological Disasters”

  1. It's called Climate Change. It involves much more than a warming planet. The warming is one of the key contributors of climate change but it's not the only thing that's causing global ecological damages.

  2. When I was in college in the '80s I saw a presentation by 2 leading global climatology experts saying that the rainforest will be gone by 2002….the latest date for total rainforest destruction was 2012… so now that there are no more rainforests it shouldn't be on your list.

  3. I think Chernobyl should be number 1. The city where the disaster happened will not be habitable for 20000 years!

  4. Global warming is ok because we cant stop it only slow it down, but the rainforest deforestation is madness.I dont know how people are getting away with it!!

  5. Informed may not have been the best word, but watching a parody or satire of some event or situation can flesh out things that people tend to gloss over, in this case you referred to the rainforest as life, yet the rainforest is a very dangerous place that constantly causes death (that was the irony that was being conveyed in the south park episode)

  6. but I am not holding anything… wait, air is LIFE? *gasp, btw if you havn't already I want YOU to watch the south park episode – Rainforest Shmainforest , and think about your comment again. Your opinion may not change, but it is good to be informed no?

  7. There are many alternative once us human discover space and exoplanets (eglise super earth etc) colonizatinion then global warming will start to cool down and better efficent feul or energy will be discovered

  8. I've seen the darkest areas of the Internet. Where no being will go. What I found was rule34 pictures of Shrek… Now I see him everywhere, over everything.

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  9. I know you're typing up paragraphs about the Ice Ages, global warming etc …. but is your picture of Shrek's face replacing Nicki Minaj's face?What did you search up to find THAT? XD

  10. We're the top of the food chain, humans. We need to be careful with our actions, because they affect everything from the top down, and eventually it WILL come back to haunt us, like with the Global Warming thing. Not 100% our fault, but we certainly haven't helped matters.

    Haven't heard of some of these disasters. Now I'm intrigued.

  11. If you keep on blaming Humans on killing and ruining the world, than you should just beat yourself up, cause u r a human as well, if u want this world to go green and all natural, than stop using electricity, car, gas, any sort of technology like even an oven, or a Fridge, cause theses things too ruin the world, and if u really care about all the animals being killed, why do you eat meat, i mean meat is literally animals killed by us to be sold for money, you are too trashing earth, hate urself

  12. Global warming is natural. We are coming out of an ice age, after all. However, all of our human endeavors have sped up the earth's natural climate cycle.

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