Top Fin 5.5 nano saltwater tank - Diatom Bloom!

Top Fin 5.5 nano saltwater tank – Diatom Bloom!

hello everybody this is an update on the top ten 5.5 saltwater tank I guess first and foremost you're seeing what I thought was a bad thing is a brown diatom bloom and I've got some green algae mixed in there as well this kind of took over my tank in the last week and in reviewing the forms that look it seems like this is a natural occurrence although it looks pretty nasty it's actually the tank maturing so just to give you a little bit of timeline the first video I made and the video right after that saying the the cycle at least the ammonia nitrite cycle had completed was during week 5 maybe just going into week 6 and right now this is week 8 so this is three weeks later and I've had this going on now for about 4 days 4 or 5 days or so and it's kind of transitioning from brown to green but and everything that I've read online in the forums it seems like this is right on schedule week 7 to week 8 maybe a little bit later you can expect the Brown diatom bloom and the green algae to kind of take off I've been trying to manage it by keeping the glass clean and turning the sand in the picture here you can see some I've had at a cleanup crew which I learned about in the forums as well there's a bunch of snails and there's a hermit crab in there now specifically I got to sareth snails one Astraea turbot one zebra turbo and a Scarlet hermit crab and hopefully this cleanup crew will start to eat the algae but I'm also going to continue routine routine maintenance cycles as I try to beat this or let it run its course and at least maintain the tank in the presentable as possible manner so other updates so I just gave you an update on the on the new critters the yellow damsel our yellow tailed damsel was in the last video all the critters are new the only other thing that's changed is I switched from the aqua attend hang on back filter this is actually a flooville 30 which if I remember the Box correctly had a hundred and fifty gallons per hour movement and that might seem a lot for a 5.5 gallon tank but with the real fifty-plus power head there and 150 gallon that's 69 gallons I believe and 150 gallon of Flula 30 that's a turnover rate if you take if you add those two together divide by 5.5 that's a turnover rate of roughly 50 times an hour and that's pretty much what people most people will say that you need if you want to be doing SPS and LPS which I don't know if I'm going to do but I want to help the turnover rate anyways just in case it is something I want to do I'm just going to take care of it now all the take is young and then deal with the deal with the corals later also additionally I've added in you can't see in my note because I'm filming during that time when they've closed up but I've added in some zoanthids here and then some green star polyps on their own little island hopefully over here and I'm gonna cut in you'll see me cut in some videos that I took up the two girls mother opened up during the daytime and before I had the bloom just so you can see what those look like the other thing is that I took down the dry rock kind of reef tunnel that I had built and that was because I wanted the green start pull up on its own Island over here away from everything and when I took it down I actually kind of like this look better I like the it just looks more natural to me versus the tunnel the tunnel seemed very kind of I don't know almost more man-made less natural anyways that's it that's the update I wanted to keep it nice and short I'll track the bloom and try to clean up the bloom and make another update after that's done with how everything went and what the tank looks like afterwards I suspect that as you see with most tanks and displays display tanks that stores and whatnot it'll get pretty clean and go back to looking more like a normal fish tank after this is all done so stay tuned

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