21 thoughts on “University Update: Biochemistry, University of Bath 1st Year!| Noo”

  1. Are you at Bath Spa or the university of Bath? My degree is licenced by the university of Bath so I'm going there in a couple of weeks for a lecture!! Exciting!! X

  2. Hi Noo! It was so interesting hearing about your course , I am definitely just being nosy! I was wondering if you had any spare time if you would possibly read my personal statement if you had any time ?? Iโ€™m applying for next year !! Xx

  3. Hello i am Architecture student in Foundation course who is studying in UK. I have some curiosities about the University of Bath and I want to ask you that if you know any of Architecture student,, I want to know the detailed things about Architecture course honestly.. So sorry for asking about a bit awkward question๐Ÿ˜… Thank you!

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