21 thoughts on “University Update: Biochemistry, University of Bath 1st Year!| Noo”

  1. Are you at Bath Spa or the university of Bath? My degree is licenced by the university of Bath so I'm going there in a couple of weeks for a lecture!! Exciting!! X

  2. Hi Noo! It was so interesting hearing about your course , I am definitely just being nosy! I was wondering if you had any spare time if you would possibly read my personal statement if you had any time ?? I’m applying for next year !! Xx

  3. Hello i am Architecture student in Foundation course who is studying in UK. I have some curiosities about the University of Bath and I want to ask you that if you know any of Architecture student,, I want to know the detailed things about Architecture course honestly.. So sorry for asking about a bit awkward question😅 Thank you!

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