VAN LIFE CHORES | VAN-WIFE Edition | A day in the life | Vlog #4

VAN LIFE CHORES | VAN-WIFE Edition | A day in the life | Vlog #4

Hi Hi! If you don’t know me, I’m Lidia I’m
from Majorca Spain and I live in this van with my husband in Southern
California. I’m going to take you with me to get done some of the chores I have to
do today. I’m going to show you what a van wife
does in a day but first please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE this video if you enjoy your
content it will HELP US A LOT! Thank you so much !!! So let’s start the day All right baby I’m gonna make you some coffee. Good morning! Now I can start the day! Yummy…. Ohhhh…Mondays… I’m just gonna get dressed really quick I am ready! So now we’re leaving our spot, we just woke up. And now we’re gonna drop Philip at work and I’m gonna head out to the dump station and dump our gray water and get some
fresh water also. Now Philip is going to work. All right I’ll see you
later Have a good day baby! I’ll try to. Adios There is the damping station right
here and also the water station And now what I have to do is empty this gray water tank. Disconnect this it’s five gallons so… Yeah I empty it pretty much every day. Right there is where I am gonna dump all my gray water. LETS DO IT! I normally wear clothes that I don’t really care about Caus they’re gonna get probably dirty here… Now I just put it back inside. So now I have to get some water I have this water filter and then I have
this house I have my filter connected to my water hose. I got this in Amazon I
just connect my hose to this speaker. It’s gonna take a while… Yeah get comfortable here you’re gonna be here for like 15 to 20 minutes maybe because
sometimes it’s so slow Get that water!! It’s like putting gas but it takes a
little longer. OH MAN… It’s full All right That was getting water and dumping my gray water Let’s go get us but at the beach!!! I love the palm trees..! And just like that we’ve got a parking spot. YEEESSS!!!! So I just got a really nice spot at the
beach and now it’s super hot here in California right now I don’t know but
it’s hotter than summer so I’m just gonna change Mmm…these are the overnight oats I did last night. Oh man they smells so good…
yummy I’m so hungry. When you empty the water tank and you get water it is a workout you know, it’s not like that easy like in your house that you just open the sink and have unlimited water you have to go somewhere and fill up
your water tank and in my case is 30 gallons of water so it is a long process
but now I am parked at the beach and this is my house too so I am just gonna sit down and
have some coffee and breakfast with these views right now for like a
couple minutes. Of course I got a stain on my white t-shirt now I gotta change. FOLLOW US on Instagram if you don’t
follow us cause… we will share all the secrets with you I’m drinking a little bit of
coffee. And now I’m gonna have to make this bed. So the band is pretty much done I
normally like to put the pillows this way so is comfy And the bed is done So now it’s time for me to start working on some photo edits and some video edits that I have to do and work a little bit on social media. And that’s what I’m gonna do for a
little bit before I start cooking lunch. Today we have chicken salad I think I’m
gonna make Just working here… Putting some camshafts on a fucking Jeep… All right so is time to cook some
lunch. Some parmigian cheese, greens, chicken… Today’s spot is a little tilted tilted so the van..OH SO THE VAN…OHH! Like you can tell this
just fell on the ground. The van is a little bit this way so my kitchen is taller than the rest of the van so sometimes you got to deal with that the
terrain is not pretty flat so I gotta be careful when I’m cooking and stuff right
here like pay extra attention on your fire and everything when you’re cooking One of the things that we invested a lot
of time thinking about when we were building a van was getting a nice
kitchen with oven and let me tell you these is a game changer
that’s what it makes you feel like you’re in a regular house cuz you’re
never limited in yourself and what you’re gonna cook today if you wanna
cook something in the oven just go and do it you know I would put the link down
below if you wanna check or or oven and kitchen. But for us man…is been
working amazing. And the salad is ready and look at who got here!!! Hey babe!! Hey there!! Do you like the views bae? I’ve got a good spot today. Lunch was awesome but now
I got to go back to work. All right I’ll see you later. I love you
Give me a kiss. Hasta luego! Adios! A little update right here we just did a 4×4 conversion. We will do a van tour soon guys…! The van changes so much It’s always good to do your dishes right
away after you eat because when you live in a van you kind of rather don’t have
any dirty dishes while you’re driving cause like at least me I use a lot of
glass and I try just to get done the dishes right away and then just put them
away before I start driving . I always cook clean the dishes and then I clean a kitchen before I put it away. Keep yourself contain and clean your dishes empty your water tanks regularly clean them good you want to smell fresh in
here you know yeah so you can see here the dishes are done the sink looks
pretty clean that’s how I like it yes and then the kitchen is put away and
all clean. And now guys everything is clean I need a bunch of things that I had to get done today and I have to keep working on a computer I have to
keep working on editing I have to keep answering emails I’m actually
anything I vlog right now and also I editing some photos for Instagram. FOLLOW us on Instagram if you don’t follow us already because we put always extra
content daily in our stories so yeah this is pretty much what I do in my day
until five o’clock and yeah I’m just gonna be doing this for a couple hours THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS IF YOU MADE IT TIL THE END These videos getting a little too long
so I’m gonna wrap up here LIKE this video if you enjoyed and please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and stay tuned because we’re gonna do a van tour very
soon we’re gonna show our 4×4 conversion and all the interior that we’ve done
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31 thoughts on “VAN LIFE CHORES | VAN-WIFE Edition | A day in the life | Vlog #4”

  1. Great job 👍🏼 You forgot the hardest chore of them all…. WASHING THE OUTSIDE OF THE VAN (after you go wheeling) hehe 😜

  2. I definitely need to make another video sharing more chores…these are just a couple of things heheh there is wayyyy more

  3. Your videos are always improving. I really admire your hardwork. Btw i really like your videos and always make me have a laugh and happy 😊👍

  4. Hello everyone!!!
    We hope you like to see some behind the scenes and the not so glamorous side of living this lifestyle! Sometimes people forget that living in a van is not all sunshines and rainbows! We also have to get dirty and work hard to get simple things like water for example!
    Please leave us a comment if you have any questions and SUBSCRIBE to support our channel!
    Philip & Lidia

  5. I can't subscribe to a woman that discusses her husband and immediately after her is wearing something looking like underwear for the world to see. There's far too many Skaggs out there for me to like anymore

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