What is Ormes / Ormus?

What is Ormes / Ormus?

hey so it's not a conspiracy theory it's pretty obvious it's not a conspiracy theory now what do we do about this stuff well before we get into specific solutions I need to cover some fundamentals because if I start talking about solutions then if I don't explain some of these fundamentals it'll sound like a bunch of nonsense to you so once you understand some of these basics it'll be much clearer to you so one of these fundamentals is understanding what are known as mono atomic elements also known as or minutes Ormus or or meas which is an acronym for orbitally rearranged mono atomic elements and what the heck does that mean right well it turns out that certain elements on the periodic chart the platinum group metals gold silver mercury copper iodine a few others normally we are you know we're familiar with these metals and they look metallic they have their usual traits of metals and however you can run them through certain processes and convert them into white ceramic powders and what you do you can use either photosynthesis or vortexing these elements in magnetic fields in water or fermentation or some alchemical processes and laboratory processes you can basically break these metals into individual atoms which according to conventional science you know doesn't happen in nature it only occurs in laboratories and under special conditions but in fact these monoatomic elements these individual discrete atoms of these elements these minerals they are in our bodies they're in all living organisms they're in plants they're in microbes they're in soil they're in ocean water they're in rock they're in all kinds of natural conditions and we can do things to use these because they're extremely healing as it turns out but when you convert these metals even liquid myrrh when you convert them into individual atoms of the metal they all become these white ceramic powders and they all become non-toxic and healing so even liquid mercury which is very very toxic when it's in monoatomic form it's actually very healing and there are actually videos of indian Swami's and gurus on YouTube taking herbs and mixing them with liquid mercury and converting it into this white ceramic powder and I believe the way that works is these monoatomic scan hide inside of matter and they're not identifiable by our usual forms of analysis and so when they're hiding in these materials and you mix them with other Ormus elements or materials that contain Ormus elements they will bond with the Ormus hiding in in the materials and then convert to these white ceramic forms so it's really weird that you can take like herbs and mix it with liquid mercury and convert it to a white ceramic powder but in fact that's what happens now these monotonic elements are super conductors and they're multi-dimensional which means that they're really weird they're not like conventional three dimensional matter part of them are regular three dimensional matter but part of them are simultaneously existing in other dimensions of time and space and this was proven by some of the top labs in the world by a man named David Hudson who rediscovered these in more recent years in the United States and spent eight million dollars with the finest labs in the world testing to figure out what these things were and what they found was for example when you take these monoatomic powders and you heat them up they will disappear from visual range they will just disappear right before your eyes but they're still there because they will act on things like if you put them on a scale and heat them up they'll disappear and their weight will disappear along with them but they don't just the weight doesn't just go to zero it'll actually go negative because they become anti gravitational and so they'll actually pull up on the scale and go negative on the scale so they have a lot of weird property like that being superconductors they're anti-gravitational they conduct electricity with zero resistance and they have other properties as well they resist magnetic fields they they create superconducting fields that can have interesting effects and they're extremely sensitive to fields about electromagnetic fields so for example the energies coming to earth cosmic radiation and solar radiation and such that's coming down from the earth where these minerals are present in living organisms and in soil and water and such they're actually picking up these extremely weak fields from other planets and Suns and celestial bodies and other sources and then they can actually rebroadcast them in locally so they act like these super conducting antennas that can pick up energies from other other places and then rebroadcast it locally and depending on what material you're working with with the mono atomic so it's a monoatomic gold they the different elements have different frequencies and they're all in this form they're all very healing and regenerative because they're superconductors they are being used in a lot of covert technologies for example space travel and time travel now that may seem like a bunch of New Age whoo-hoo crazy nonsense but I actually have met three different people at three different occasions completely serendipitously wasn't looking for it who all were working on anti-gravity time-traveling flying saucer technology for the US military some of them since 1950s and so so this technology really exists and these superconducting elements are included in the in this anti-gravity and time travel technology and it's because these monoatomic elements are interdimensional they exist in 3d space time but they also exist in other frequencies or dimensions of time and space oh let's see yeah so what does this stuff come from how is it created well you can make these monoatomic elements there's a book called Ormus modern day alchemy by Chris Emmons and you can you can get it on Amazon places like that and Chris did a really good job of writing how you can make this stuff out chemically real common method is to take some form of whole salt and put it into a water with lye and then precipitate out this powder and rinse it cetera cetera and I don't recommend doing that because you can poison yourself that way really well really easily you've got to really know what you're doing with this stuff so and also to when you ingest alchemical forms of these monoatomic s– if you overdo it you can raise the superconductivity too fast in the body and then you will start manifesting things that you did not intend because the way that we manifest with the things which I'm going to show you a little bit more about is by consciousness going out in in utilizing the energy of consciousness is a form of energy that actually can be converted into matter and electromagnetic energy and things that we actually can see and use and so when you plug the superconductivity in the body too high too fast you're one of manifesting things you didn't intend and you can run into some major major problems I've met people who have done that had car wrecks and all kinds of things and you see you don't want to do that but you can make it that way I recommend for people to either buy it from reliable sources which there are only a very few that I recommend or you can get it the old-fashioned way in food and in Fermat's which I'm going to show you a little bit more about they're also these monoatomic SAR created by microbial action in soil because plants can't uptake boulders through their roots they can only take in particles that are either individual atoms which is the Ormus elements or particles with just a few atoms maybe a handful of atoms in a particle those are known as angstrom or M state excuse me not m state particles and so they've got to be in these smaller particle sizes to get into plants and have them I've taken so the microbes are what do that the microbes eat rocks break them down into mono atomic and angstrom particles and then plans can up take them and we can also do things with them as well you can also create these mono atomic elements by vortexing these elements in water inside of magnetic fields and we'll get more into that photosynthesis will create these so for example if you know where a source of mono atomic elements are you can feed these elements to plants they will create a lot more of the mono Atomics in them volcanic rock powder is a huge source of these mono atomic s' for feeding to plants or ferments and we'll get more into that later about those processes but basically volcanoes are a major major source of these mono atomic elements and this is why you can go on to youtube and search on volcano lightning and you can see when a volcano is erupting you'll see these lightning bolts shooting up out of the volcano into the sky and the reason that is is because the this volcanic ash is really really finely powdered and it's high in these mono atomic elements which creates these superconducting Meixner fields that has a huge electrical potential and so it's got to ground out and that's what it does and so so you can take these volcanic rock powders for example and either feed them to plants or you can feed them to firm it's like crowds you know or using effective microorganisms which we're going to get into but this is where this is where these elements come from and some of the sources of you

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  1. I think this is what the media called, the cocaine mummies. They say it was sniffed like cocaine. It mustve been a very strong drug in the human body. Like a super high, making super humans. Is this a cure-all for all diseases?? Reminds me of the movie Lucy.

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