What Is Something?

What Is Something?

The simple questions are the hardest ones to answer. What is a thing? Why do things happen? And why do they happen the way they do? Let’s try to approach this step-by-step. What are you made of? You are matter which is made of molecules which are made of atoms and those are made of elementary particles. But if elementary particles are the smallest things that exist, what are they made of? To answer a simple question, let’s start simply – let’s wipe the universe clean. Away with matter ,antimatter, radiation, particles… anything. Now let’s take a closer look at absolutely nothing. What is empty space? Is it what we call a vacuum? There are no atoms, no matter, nothing. Is it really all that empty? Nothing gives us the building blocks for everything. In a sense, empty space is a lot like a vast calm ocean. While the water is very still when nothing is happening, a stiff breeze create some serious waves. Our universe works a lot like this. There are these “oceans” everywhere – Physicists call them “fields”. This might be strange and new. But think about radiation for example. By exciting what’s known as the electromagnetic field a little kink is created which is the particle we called the photon The particle that carries radiaton we perceive it as light This isn’t unique to light. Every particle in the universe is made this way. There are fields for every particle of matter all with their own rules. For example, along with the electromagnetic fields, there is an electron field everywhere in the universe and little kinks in that field are electrons Altogether, the fields of our universe can produce 17 particles which can be divided into three categories – The leptons, and the quarks and the bosons. Leptons consists of the electron as well as its cousins muon and tau particles. Each has an associated neutrino. Then, there are quarks. The quarks are the nuclear family of particles. They’re always found bound together in groups and pairs, and makeup protons and neutrons which make up the nuclei of atoms Together, electrons and quarks are the matter particles. They make up all the things you see. The air you breathe, the sun that warms you, the computer you’re using right now
to distract yourself from the stuff you should be doing. But things don’t just exist, they also do stuff. In some philosophical sense, the properties of a thing are just as much a part of it as existence itself. This is where the bosons and the fields that make them come into play. While the quarks and leptons are made by matter fields, the bosons are made by force fields. We call a rule of the universe a force, and so far four fundamental forces have been discovered – Electromagnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. These forces are the rule book of a game where the pieces are particles, and the game is the universe. They tell particles what they can do and how they can do it. Bishop’s more diagonally, massless particles move at the speed of light, nights can jump, gravity attracts. The forces are the rules for how particles interact, which ultimately make them the rules for help articles assemble into all the big things we see in the universe. Gravity isn’t just the rule for orbits around the Sun or Apples falling from trees. As a rule, it says matter attracts which build planets and stars. Electromagnetism isn’t just a rule for magnet attracting or repelling, or electric currents in light bulbs. It governs all atomic bombs, building every molecule. Together, forces and particles are sort of like the tinker toys of existence. The bosons are like messengers passed between, you could say connecting the matter particles, which they used to tell each other how to move. Each particle uses a certain set of the forces to interact with other particles. Quarks, for example, can interact with each other with electromagnetism and the strong nuclear force but electrons don’t use the strong force, just electromagnetism. The quarks exchange strong force bosons, communicating the strong nuclear attraction to each other, while the protons they build exchange particles of electromagnetism, photons with the electrons. Thus the quarks end up locked up in nuclei, while the electrons remain attached by their electric attraction building atoms. Even though the university has lots of big messy phenomenon like life, supernova and computers that seem complex on the surface, if you zoom in far enough on anything you just get 17 particles emerging form underlying fields, playing a game with four rules. To summarize, in the most basic from we know right now, this is what things are. This theory is what physicists call the Standard Model of Particle Physics. You are basically nothing more than disturbances on an ocean that’s excited by energy, and guided by forces that make up the rules of the universe. But why and what is a force? We’ll have to explore a few more simple questions to get to the bottom of this. We made some wallpapers from some of the graphics in this video, you can get them on patron.com. If you want to help us make more videos, you can do so there. We really appreciate your support! While you decide, here are some more videos we made. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. I heard quarks in another video
    2:37 wait pause the cube’s shadow is a circle but it is a different shape from the cube

  2. the computer is a machine that happens to be discovered in a solitary rhythm

    individuals then happen to be building cultures and conversations to program the mind;

    results then customized virtual values are processed in the form of drawings, sound, video making the induction mass conflict;

    later, open source concepts are presented as being more efficient than famous brand companies fueled by world wide developers

    instigating the subject of fame to adapt failed conversations by building user titles on favors to inductors;

    a thing then becomes expressed as the conduct of the activity and realities cause a wave of induction causing a disturbance to pay attention to new contracted inductors;

    productivity with the computer is then manipulated to process the cultural sayings;

  3. I was 13 back then when I watched this video, I didn't even understand, now I'm punching a wall freaking out like "wow, this is so exciting and entertaining" I understand it

  4. 1:16 this annoys me for some reason…
    it's not in the Kurzgesagt animation style… why outlines? why gradients? aaaa

  5. So what this video is teaching is nothing become something thru a disturbance of space and energy to create everything well kurgeasgt is something else tho lol.

  6. 🙄😣 I need drugs on this title 👈 smoke weed come back to here your answer ON THIS TITLE SUR☝️

  7. I see all the comments here and it reminds me of a wise Tamil writer "Sujatha" words. "A lizard in the wall has no ability to understand why the bulb in the wall glows". Legend he is.

  8. Hey, I have a question. What are leptons quarks and bosons made of?

    Or does abs nothing make up them?

    What makes up gravity?

    What is outside of space?

    So many questions:)

  9. Drill Instructor: 0:12

    Me: SIR, I AM MA-

    Drill Instructor: You are matter, which is made of molecules, which are made of atoms…

    Me: …

  10. everything kurzgesagt talks about is really big or small, fast or slow, powerful or weak. nothing is around a normal scale xd

  11. everything kurzgesagt talks about is really big or small, fast or slow, powerful or weak. nothing is around a normal scale xd

  12. But what are quarks made of? If there are strings, there would be the same question: what are strings made of?

  13. "In some philosophical sense, the properties of thing are just as much a part of it as existence itself" I CANT UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!

  14. I zee your VID and games because i have free time why you think w w do that to get out of work and btw its summer

  15. "The computer you're using to distract yourself from the things you should be doing".. no lie, that statement was creepy AF cause I should be preparing a weekly report at work right now but here I am distracting myself by watching this video 🤣. This video was amazingly brilliant. I have greater understanding now of reality as I thought I knew it. Thanks a lot, @Kurzegesagt

  16. All the cures for every disease is just DNA letters and forces just one big puzzle for computers to solve lol…

  17. Enh, it may not be everywhere. It's been posited on more than one occasion that there are places in the Universe where physical law breaks down and our rules of reality don't apply. And that doesn't even take into account different dimensions or the possibility of a multiverse. Never forget what Thor said to Drax….

    Thor: I need to go to Nidavellir.
    Drax: Nidavellir? That's a made up word!
    Thor: All words are made up.

  18. Maybe someone has already thought of this, so maybe this is a stupid idea but: What if you were to take the earth’s most powerful space telescope and reverse engineer it to be the world’s most powerful magnifying glass?

    Maybe we could see tiny things smaller than quarks? Just an idea I just had.

  19. What are they made of? And what are things that made it made of? And what are things that made things made of? And what are thing that made things that made things made of?

    Mind blowing

  20. You said "Let's take a closer look at absolutely nothing." Then you followed that with the question "Exactly what is empty space?" I would wager that "empty space" isn't nothing. That empty space is something. Then you mention a vacuum which also would be something. There's something faulty with your analysis. I think I smell some incorrect assumptions on your part.

  21. Hi my stupid brain just won't sit so I want ask something to make him quiet if all existence make of same matter why we can't touch air, why we can only touch solid things though we can also touch water and why solid things can't merge with other things they're made of same thing right? Thank you

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