When will we find alien life? Place your bets! | Michelle Thaller

When will we find alien life? Place your bets! | Michelle Thaller

45 thoughts on “When will we find alien life? Place your bets! | Michelle Thaller”

  1. Pretty sure there are no intelligent life in our solar system. But pretty sure there are in far far away galaxy. We are just to far from each other that even space and time cannot reach

  2. I love your passion and enthusiasm. Lots of good info

    My money is on no life anywhere else unless it was blown into space from our planet.

  3. She is smart and sweet, no question is dumb for her and she always starts with "xyz, you asked a great question" isn't that nice and encouraging attitude? Simply love this lady.

  4. Man, right now if I could really wish for something, I wish that we find proof of life while Michelle is still around❤

  5. I will go for simple life right now. My reasoning? If simple alien lifeforms (microbes, etc) exist, than that rises the odds considerably that more complex life, and intelligent life exists elsewhere.

  6. That will mean that life is a relatively common thing in the universe, just extrapolating couple of planets within our solar system, it will make our own galaxy already a place where civilizations could ever take place , or hundreds of them.

  7. Here is my bet: if we find life on moons within our own solar system my prediction will be as follows:
    1) if the life has evolved past the microbe stage I predict that we will life that have evolved similar forms to that we have seen in Earth's evolutionary past. Physics is the same as here on Earth. So, if there are organisms that live in the oceans of these moons then they will evolved the dynamics of life that on Earth the evolved in our oceans. Since there is no light beneath the icy crusts of Europa and Enceladus eyes would not be the same or at all. They might have eye like sensors to detect radiation from their host planet that act like a form of eyes. Perhaps shellfish, jelly fish, etc… They won't be the same as life here but they will have similar features cause the forces of the environment follow the same laws of physics here.

    2) in the case of the moon Titan if life is found there all the same laws of physics still apply as I explained in 1 but there are 2 differences to Europa and Enceladus. Titan has an atmosphere and land. This means if there is life that it is possible that there could be life on the land which sould still follow the same paths as we've seen here on Earth. The other major difference is that its oceans are made of methane. If life esists here it could be Silicon base rather than Carbon base like on Earth.

  8. i would love to see other planets other than earth we never seem to get any meaningful footage i mean just put a regular old go pro up there.its so frustrating

  9. We are alone in the universe,this is a fact.Our telescopes can see into different galaxies,there is ZERO life out there!No signals,no ships,no signs of buildings,not a single thing that shows aliens.Life on this planet was a cosmic fluke,never happening before and to never happen again most likely.

  10. I don't believe in aliens, but at the same time, i don't know, so…

    It's more likely that if there is alien life, it's very far away. Life in my idea is not supposed to be prevalent. But still, i don't know.

    Edit: Maybe they created us and we're a giant tv show o_o

  11. Contact has always been established with us. It is just with those who do not always have their eyes on themselves. The universe is life. Only a fool would be so blind as to not be able to see this. Those with far sight and those with in-sight have always been challenged by those who have no sight. I love science, but scientists can be thick.

  12. "I think we're going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we're going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years," NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan. This was said in 2015.

  13. I believe contact has happened. I would not doubt that the powers that be, have already made some kind of deal with them….

  14. I enjoy watching this lady on the science channel. She's very good at explaining things. And I feel smarter everytime I watch her.

  15. what we need to do is stop wasting our money on rovers and crap and actually use that money to build rocket thus we can discover life (hopefully).

  16. hi dr. michelle. do you actualy believe in multi verse? and i have another doubt..
    we know how blackholes are formed and how they work but do they eventually die…or are they eternal growing and growing?

  17. Michelle was so wonderful and logically based her premise on evidence in the flat earth video! However in this video she abandons reason to be ideologically possessed by scientism. Just briefly, we don't know how life arose here on earth so why would we project/fantasize that it would elsewhere in the universe?

  18. Her way of explaining things is just brilliant. Michelle if you read this I wanna say I am very fond of you since the day I saw you on How the Universe works in season 1 about stars episode(this is best time to be live ). Keep it going Ma'am. Love from India.

  19. There is a major flaw in the drake equation f_l (which is the probability of life starting in the right conditions). Until we can actually create abiogenesis( life being created from non living components) or we find life on Mars, Titan, or Europa we have no idea.

    To tell you just how rare life is every single source of life known to human kind started from the same lifeform. It can all be traced back. There isn't a single branch of life different from the one that started it. Which could mean that one lifeform killed off all the others, or that it is so rare only one was created.

    I would argue f_l is the most important part to the drake equation and we're not any closer to finding it out.

    How in the world does she think in 50 years we will find these things? 30 years of mars research hasn't found anything. We have no means of getting to Europe or Titans oceans (we don't even know they are actually liquid water it's just a likely probability.

  20. So many YouTube videos just take things based on face value. Universe, as we already know, is so much more intricate.

  21. Do we have any probes on the way to the moons (or planed on going to the moons) to answer these questions?

  22. Best chance to find life, oxygen biosognatures in solar spectra transiting planets detected by super future versions of Kepler and Tess.

    Europa and enceladus wave water under miles of ice, no realistic way of getting a submersible there in 50 years with chemical rockets.

    A planet 50 light years away might be millions of times farther but engineering wise, easier to detect life signs.

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