Let’s talk about the women because a lot of people know you because of the women I mean how it all started It is in love with what throwing the points off the roof Know the you know the trying to impress them with the Instagram stuff and whatever started posting like the guns But then he said the girls got more and then later the Cannabis got more which we’ll get to yes, so I mean initially it was it was kind of lifestyle stuff and then I put the girls stuff in there, too And it’s funny because the jealousy was actually like more of a driving force than anything else if girls see other hot girls that are interested in you it’s you know, I think the most powerful like driving factor like more so than the money and the fame and all the others Well, maybe not more than fame fame kind of as a trump card But he said fame like a hundred exes things where it’s like it’s a crazy thing like yeah It’s a crazy thing like situations that would never happen Otherwise, yeah, is it now out of is it now have allied life of its own? I mean, can you control it now? Yeah, there’s no stopping it now, you know the train has left the station So like I didn’t post for like a month or two and figured like it would kind of go away and it just not going Okay, and the women that are around well, first of all, you probably heard connections with Hugh Hefner are you the modern-day Hugh Hefner and like that image one guy with like eight women like you do or Hef does I mean that Does everyone’s head in right and in the Puritan America? with you know, Family Values You know, why is that such a hard thing for people to get their head around him? Okay. What are you telling them? I don’t know. I mean it’s I think like recently Society has said certain things are okay and certain things are super bad That had been going on for like thousands of years like Back in the day. I mean it was normal for a person to have more than one wife You know not that long ago If you you know, if you won a battle you would rape and pillage and you would steal stuff from the village He’d have sex with all the women and that was fine. And now I mean that would be you know, crazy war crimes and I just think in the last hundred years things have just changed a lot but I think it’s I Think it’s more normal than people lead on I mean if you look at you know in the animal kingdom I mean, there’s one stud animal that has sex with you know, most of the you know, females and I think in our society It’s actually you know, that is actually what happens. It’s just not necessarily broadcasted as much it’s not Kind of put out there but I think 5% of the guys have sex with like pretty much all the girls So I think it’s been happening and I think it happens like that. I just think You know before social media, I don’t think it was as public, you know, and I don’t think And I also think it’s kind of it’s a little bit counterproductive to post about it because I think a lot of these guys You know would do it a little bit more on the slick And I’ve always just been like fuck it. Like I just I always tell the girls of truth. So I’d never lied about anything Which surprisingly made it easier actually because then I don’t know like If you act like if you ask me Or let’s say if I asked my girl like a girl that I was dating like hey How many guys you have sex with last week? And she told me I had sex six guys last week I know she’s telling me the truth, right but it’s like no girl would like lie in that direction, you know Or if I said how many guys you had sex with your whole life, but she told me you know 537 like I would know she’s telling me the truth So I think when these girls ask me questions and I tell them answers that they you know, normally wouldn’t want to hear It builds trust So it’s like a strange thing but It’s you know, a little counterintuitive And why do they stay I? Why do they stay I think different reasons, you know, some of them want to be famous. Some of them are having fun Some of them genuinely like me some of them Just enjoy the lifestyle some of them are there for the adventure some of them are there because they’re not supposed to be there a Lot of them come because they’ve broken up with a boyfriend and want to piss him off. That’s like the number one, I think But yes a lot of different reasons I would say, how does one get to your house As a guy or girl a girl like as a girl, it’s kind of tough. Like I don’t really You know, they got to know somebody or you know, sometimes the dm’s work We’ve got you know, we’ve got a lot of photographers that work for us, so maybe through that but it’s easier now like I think back in the day if a girl wanted to Get in touch with a celebrity. It was kind of difficult like she didn’t know somebody or a manager to set that up But now they can just go straight to the source and just DM them and it’s true for me, too Like I actually watched this the show iron cowboy the other day This guy did 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 days and 50 states. I’m never you you see that huh Yeah, everyone’s like this crazy thing and I watched this documentary and I was like, holy shit Like that’s that’s insane Like this guy You know did 50 fucking Ironman? Triathlons in 50 days in 50 states and like the previous record was 30 in a year which are set by him So do 50 consecutive ones was just like absurd and I end up DM and the guy and I was like, ah, like, you know Super impressed like yeah actually like motivated me to start doing more cardio again And then the guy hit me back and you know, we started talking. I was just like, you know, it’s just kind of like Crazy to have that access, you know, like you could watch a movie and you know hit somebody up or you know like I mean you Know tons of families people like I could just immediately connect with them And so that is one of the you know, interesting things about social media. Is that it? gives girls access so they can you know They want to hook up with these celebrities they can now so a lot of the girls will just you know DM me and all, you know happen pretty seamlessly Are you always looking for more girls or like a cap or do you have too many? its Money and girls like a black hole There’s just never I feel like there’s never enough Like there’s net you like you just never feel like you have enough money. You never feel like you’ve fucked up enough girls I don’t know. It’s a weird thing and that’s still the case today Yeah, yeah, I mean I’m a little overloaded right now, but I feel like you’re still like I don’t know I mean every time every girl is different, so it’s always a different experience. You know, would you say you’re addicted to sex? Yeah and you’ve known that for a while I Think I’ve like come to terms that recently Maybe in the last like three years. Okay, and you found a way like a functional addict? I was a functional alcoholic from anyway, well, it’s it’s a weird addiction because it’s one that like I feel like a lot of guys would have but they just can’t you know, it’s like You know, I think Most yeah, it’s weird I almost all guys if like don’t Have as much sex as they would want like in that that goes for like even the 5% I think Yeah, I think that’s why they watch you write well I’m saying like even the 5% of guys that are having sex with all the girls like even the super famous guys like they’re still Like in fact like a lot of those guys chase as much as the guy at the bar that has sex once a year So and everything, what do you thoughts on marriage? I? You know, I don’t see a ton of upside in it for you know a guy in my position, but I guess if Lived in the Midwest and you wanted to have a family and you want to have kids it would make sense Otherwise, it’s a gamble on 50% of your assets It’s a big bet man the announce you you know, you’re betting that you’re gonna love her forever And I mean you’re also involved in the government Like if you want to get a divorce you have to ask the government for permission. So it’s I Don’t know I think like I think just that dynamic alone makes both people feel like kind of trapped in the situation a little bit so I Think when you put somebody in a situation where they can’t or they have no out It makes them kind of want to get out. I don’t know. I just think the whole kind of Idea is a little bit flawed so there’s a lot of these like invisible contracts that we have like marriage or boyfriends and being faithful and I hope the marriage one is too invisible, right and that’s like kind of like You got to go to court. I mean, that’s what I’m saying It’s a whole process like if you just thought like if you catch her fucking the plumber It’s not like you can just walk like no you have to go to court. You have to talk to government You have to give her a certain amount like give the agree Oh, it’s just a whole process right like just split up the house. I mean, it’s it’s just so different than dating It’s just so many more serious implications you said even before that some people are just in relationships and they stay in them because they just You know don’t have better options and they’re just trying to research. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah No, I think but you kind of blow through all of those. I think it was laziness I think that’s probably one of the if I were to say the main reason people stay in relationships, I think it’s laziness because I think there’s a decent amount of them that are unhappy or that would be happy with somebody else, but they’re kind of You know, they’re afraid of the unknown or they’re comfortable or Whatever they just don’t want to go out and you know find somebody better or find somebody more compatible And so they just get you know stuck in the routine. I think that’s what happens to a lot of people in their lives they just get stuck in a routine and then they wake up one day and they’re 40 and they’ve been doing the same fucking thing every day and They look at my Instagram and say oh shit, you know, here’s a guy that’s doing something different all the time He’s you know, he’s living outside the box experiencing something new. He’s having sex with different girls He’s traveling different places, you know, who knows what he’s going to do next. And so I think that’s part of the appeal is that You know, it’s unorthodox. It’s unknown, you know unpredictable

100 thoughts on “WHY I HAVE SO MANY DIFFERENT GIRLS IN MY LIFE – Dan Bilzerian | London Real”

  1. 99% of the things come out from his mouth is the truth of life, 99%of the people cant say it because they havent experience it.

  2. „He hasn‘t found the right way…“
    For me it seems like he has found his own fucking way of life! Maybe all the people around him are fake…but that‘s oke for him bc he knows that and just wants to enjoy the amount of girls!

  3. Everything is an addiction. 🙂

    The salty comments here.

    I need to study Quran, bible more, and date many more girls and post it online together. HAHAHA, just to break society off their morality

    People will be pissed because their religion will be used by me against them. Thus you have nothing 😂😂😂

  4. I think many of us envy this guy for the symbolism of the lifestyle, of course actually! Big houses, beautiful women, parties, travels, top cars, fame, etc! The representation by this status, means to society that we are accomplished men. Also I think that every man in search of something in life, specially those who still not find their way, has to experiment a little bit of this at some point in life, even a glimpse of it. But for the high value man, the purpose will always stand out and ressonate with us at another point on our journey. I wont lie, I would love to live all those things this guy lives everyday, to me its a thing from another world. But I fear for what I could feel in the future, about all thing I did in life and my purpose. At the same time, this looks like everything……and nothing! The counsciousness and the mirror never lies. We should teach our fellow men, to seek inspiration on real man, those who give sweat, work, blood and tears to make others better. I admire a few things from this guy, but thats it. This cruise to me would be like a fun ride on the most awesome theme park ever, but if I stay too long, maybe I get bored.

  5. I don’t understand why so many people seem to be hating on this guy, who wouldn’t want to live that life. Divorce rates go up every year and fewer and fewer people get married every year. And with the mentality of women in today’s society what idiot would actually take them seriously? (Other then a cuck) Health is the only thing more important than building your wealth. With wealth comes power and women only care about money. So get money and women will chase you, fame is unnecessary for women to chase you but it’s a nice bonus. Wise up fellas, remember who your ancestors were before this soft ass “PC” culture we were forced to adopt because we’ve given women power. We are conquers, in the interview he describes it perfectly when he said, we used to rape and take everything from the conquered nations and fuck all the women after we killed the men. Get your balls back fellas.

  6. “It’s used to be you could just kill and takeover a place, pillage, and Rape the women and that was okay.” Bruh…. that was NEVER okay. That’s what we trying get your culture to come to grips with. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Polygamy might be normal in the animal kingdom, but beta humans ban together and kill whoever hoards all the wealth, including women

  8. Dan Bilzerian has one good point:
    He does not conceal what he wants and what he is…
    Second point:

    He exactly knows what he is expecting.

    Is it bad?…NO!
    He is making a choice… his choice.
    So the "girls"…their ones…

    He is a pure gambler.

    Good luck to him!

  9. The main reason girls stay is money. You missed that one. I doubt any, love your glowing personality or sexiness. In fact I doubt any would be with you otherwise

  10. Oh uh, here comes jealous comments and stories of reasons not to envy a guy who is living his life the way he wants to and not an average nobody like yourself . Whatever makes you feel better…I guess.

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  12. This guy is an, inherited money, douchebag. Why do people interview him as though he has actually done something?
    Oh yeah, and Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  13. I had some guy add me on Facebook pretending to be this very guy but with a different name, I came here looking for him, a while ago but with an Alias .

  14. This comment section is full of jealous betas. Why does his life choices grind your gears so much? Go live & focus on YOUR life – it’s not like you have a choice anyway.

  15. All women want is to have a relationship with an intelligent man. The only problem is, intelligent men don't get into relationships.

  16. If you have an emotional connection then you can have a meaningful experience. If you don't then it's essentially masturbation.

  17. That guy was probably living alone and stalking girls just to satisfy his lust. That's the kinda vibe I get from him, I don't know anything about him until today youtube just recommended this

  18. Such a dream for every virgin out there. I mean, soon there will be HIV and other stds vaccine, and male contraception. Such good times we live in.

  19. Because he doesn't have true life, but he's looking for it, and the harder he looks, the further it seems to be away from him. He won't find it until he finds Jesus.

  20. Objectifying women is toxic, we all know there are attractive women from every single race. This is an undisputed fact! But yet he picks and chooses the ones that look the same. They are all white and a few Asian, they all have the same body types, and they are all just as shallow as he is. How can he say all the women are different when he cant even see the value past his type. I cant keep following him knowing that he has a thing against minority women. Fuck you Dan bilzerian I hope you lose it all one day

  21. Bottom line is, we as humans get used to our lifestyle. Same old marriage, boring, Dan’s lifestyle after a while, the norm, boring. I think by changing women here and there it’s like a breath of fresh air to him, which I can understand.

  22. I was struggling with my bf, but surprisingly, we got back together after i ordered a Love Spell. I got results the next day

  23. This is pure disgusting, this is what happens when you don’t have Islam in America. Drugs, Adultery, Addictions, and at the end it will lead to Depression. Theres nothing wrong with having fun but being Promiscuous and Naked all the time is a little too much. And why does drugs need to be involved really? How would you feel if your mother did this or your future wife (In which you did not initially know she did these things) did stuff like this? I mean come on, and theres nothing with having sex, but with multiple people just gets really disgusting. The western culture has really lost its morals really.

  24. At least dan is super truthful about loving women sex weed and guns lmao. I’d love to sit down 1 on 1 with him. I feel like I saw him in MGM in May this year but I couldn’t really see because the table was crowded with people. Love the honesty tho

  25. “In our society that is actually what happens, 5% of the guys have sex with all the girls” damn that’s fucking true, those are the guys with the fortune and fame

  26. Sad, to have endless resources, groupies and followers and still be this fucking stupid. His answer about how society has just recently evolved to become more conservative- not accepting plural or casual relationships- while back in the day everyone had multiple wives and raped is beyond retarded. You can tell the last time this guy read anything was in high school.

  27. As a woman, I wouldn't let this guy touch me with a 10-foot pole. He's probably lying about it all but even so, he's so freaking lost and confused as a man. No mission or purpose. His soul is just drifting. My uterus is like "stay awayyyy" 😂 Trust your heart and soul girls. Drop into your body and feel. A man like this is actually quite worthless. Even historically speaking.

  28. I think love and life is better than sex with women and stay empty .. cos they make you satisfy physically not mentally

  29. I mean he’s got girls, money, a good body and that’s great. I’m not jealous at all. However, I find his personality awful – it seems like he tries so hard to appear powerful that I would think he’s a total douche if I wouldn’t know about his lifestyle. I also sense some kind of insecurity with this guy and I’m usually pretty good at that stuff.

  30. The animal kingdom thing is such a bad example, this is not about reproduction unless hes planning to impregnate all these girls.

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