Why the World Is Still Fascinated with Astrology

Why the World Is Still Fascinated with Astrology

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  1. The host is almost identical to Charlie Chaplin in look. Wait, wait…but him and Charlie are not the same sign…. I see what it is…ok. They are both English, and likely this is what makes them look nearly identical =)

  2. So you visited a bunch of western/tropical hacks, and this proves astrology is bunk? Did you have no plans to visit an ACTUAL astrologer?

  3. @Hagge Banke, congrats for putting the finalising comment for the last 2 years. I was thinking perhaps about the astrological meanings one shall check this information as well and found myself here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidereal_and_tropical_astrology

  4. VICE does some coverage of the news that is terrific. But it is so disappointing when this Gaven Haynes idiot decides to look for something to bash as if his smart ass attitude was the news. The astrologer there at Harrods told him right to his face that his smart ass comments put people off and she was 100% right. If VICE is interested in the news still, as opposed to going only for the money, they might want someone intelligent and respectful enough to find out what people get from these activities. His belittling of Indigo Children was also just as crappy and not journalism. A journalist does not have to believe in something to cover it responsibly. So if you could find someone who is more emotionally mature than a 14 year old to cover these topics, you might produce something watchable.

  5. I also believe it is a tragedy that people would rather distract themselves with bullshit than learn to think rationally. The actual truth about the reality of the universe and our place in it, which we are now and will continue to make new discoveries in this respect, is far more fascinating than anything we could ever imagine, and that includes the thing that we imagined called astrology. Astrology was developed at a time when humans believed that they and this planet earth were the center of the universe. Astrology, just like religion, is a weak and way outdated attempt at explaining how and why we are here.

  6. I mean if people lead their lives better and are happier because of their astrological charts, what’s really wrong with it? It’s sort of like a religion, but never has one leader started a war over a star sign 🙂

  7. These hoes out here mockin astrology because bullshit media like this video give a completely misguided interpretation of it. Little do they know that astrology is the oldest and most developed science that dates back to the beginning of mankind. More developed than any science or religion, but no we assume the extent of it is just that everyone is one of 12 vague personalities. Do your research. Don’t rely on some stupid VICE video with a “reporter” who is clearly biased from the get-go

  8. Astrology has helped million of people to self-discovery. I dont think its working as a prediction tool. Its very much related to psychology.

  9. i've been work in magazine & newspapers.. yes we made that up, just for fun, and people believe it .. i guess that was best jobs, have fun doing it & people like your job

  10. One thing I hate about the Astrology community is horoscopes imo. I can't deal with Horoscopes anymore, esp considering how contradicting they are

  11. A lot of people are just pessimistic and believe that we’re all just specs floating on a rock in space with no connection to anything greater. It’s truly quite sad to see that there are people who put their lives on science when the sad truth is that the “facts” we say are true today will probably be proved wrong within the next few hundred years due to better technology. I don’t believe that we should just put all of our trust in physical things and conscious knowledge when we should be focusing on the mysteries of the subconscious mind and non-physical realm. Then, we’d probably actually get somewhere. Astrology and all other divinities are just ways to discover and study things that are greater than physical and material things. I don’t see the problem with it…

  12. I have to say, I don’t attach definitive, unconditional belief to most things, but I do take interest in acquiring information, and there are some unlikely parallels between people’s natal charts and their actual personalities. I don’t believe it’s completely fair to dismiss it, because there is wisdom beyond what we know.

  13. Ill be honest, im a scorpio too and considering sex i have to say, the most explosive best and perfect sexual partner i had was pisces and that should be literally the ultimate sex partner for a scorpio! My best relationship was with a libra tho

  14. These people are quacks. Where did you dig them up? I would run if I met those people. Look if you do a documentary actually go interview people that have PhD's and are professionals. Every person you had on here are uneducated and opionated individuals.

  15. People believe in it because they don't care about what is true or not, and because they don't want to take responsibility.

  16. Whenever somebody tells me their zodiac sign like “I’m a scorpio” I just google some other random sign like Sagittarius and say “so would you describe yourself as (the description of the other zodiac sign I pulled up) and 9 times out of 10 they say “omg yes that’s so me” before I reveal that it was the description of Sagittarius

  17. 4:51 – He looks like the type…
    5:10 – I would get a reading from him for the entertainment…
    5:38 – It's because he poisoned her… But don't worry, you can still get a reading from him, just don't accept any tea and biscuits from him.
    Hail Satan!

  18. Maybe because it has some things right? That moments in time are different, and it is related to the motion of celestial bodies.

  19. So I'm supposedly Scorpio Sun, Picses moon, Cancer rising and I'm supposedly getting along well with water and earth star signs but in reality I'm not! I have a disastrous relationships with Capricorns Taurus cancers! So this goes to show you astrology is BS:)

  20. I think it’s fun to think that maybe the way that the planets were aligned at the exact moment of our birth may affect who we are as people. I rarely read daily horoscopes cause I think they’re mostly vague and anyone could relate to them. I think astrology is fun, interesting even

  21. Too bad that the few comments below are made from those, who like the filmmaker himself … are Massively Ignorant of Fact – Astrology is FAR FAR more than ANY of you can even wrap your minds around ….. As an avid amateur astronomer and telescope builder of 50+ years … ASTROLOGICAL Parascience continues to amaze me.
    Genius has existed for quite a few more centuries than our Newtonian model of Physics- and its black and white model of how the world works- can reveal. … Consider Quantum Theory folks …. Now we're getting warmer.

    BTW, Newton himself became a fellow student of astrology in his attempt to debunk it !! ….. Ditto so for myself.

  22. Interesting, though, that the very first thing Gavin (who says he's a Scorpio) mentions, has to do with sex. That's a Scorpio for ya.

  23. Scientific arguments against https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ2eMUmumw0
    Scientific arguments in favor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B77f_8lQ1g

  24. Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars- mere globs of gas atoms. I, too, can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. But do I see less or more? -Richard Feynman


  26. Jesus, even if this dude was stating the most obvious of facts, he'd still seem like a smug soy nerd. Horrible.

  27. I like how he goes to one (1) astrologer and deduces that combining therapy and astrology is a bad idea. Great science, VICE. I thought journalism was supposed to be neutral and not a couple shoddy wanna-be scientists conducting incomplete and biased research. If you deny astrology, you would also have to deny the ocean tides and never drink water so as to be unaffected by the neighboring moon and planets’ gravity (but at zero percent water you would be dead, hence, a single astrological chart only affects us until the day we die. For those who know reincarnation: a new chart is issued for you when your soul is reborn.)

  28. As per the “Starbaby Scandle w CSICOP and the cabal of eminent scientists led especially by Astronomer George Abel, there HAS been an ongoing massive effort on the part of Abel et al to tell a false and ‘criminal’ tale against Astrology …. to debunk it at ALL Costs no matter what it takes.

    ~I liken this effort to the 2019 Rise-yet-Again of the Political Right to eviscerate Roe v Wade !!!! ….. Certain people have an agenda-at-all costs !!

    1- Abel made it certain that his friends in publishing ONLY publish early results of the Gaugelin studies which statistically DISPROVED Astrology

    2- Later when the Gaugelin study PROVED this Mars/Jupiter/Saturn Effect, Abel (and CSICOP) personally and intentionally corrupted and falsified statistical data to FORCE the Gaugelin data to fail when independently re-tested.

    This cover-up caused massive internal explosions within the scientific community of CSICOP wherein co-founder Dennis Rawlins objected to Abel et al executing this cover up !!!! In paraphrasing Raulins, he felt it was an abomination against True science to falsify data and destroy scientific evidence and information/ideas that did not flow with the idea systems of Abel and his cabal!

    What happened next was that Rawlins professional career was blackballed and smeared… Abel/ CSICOP did their best to DESTROY Rawlings, even though Rawlins remained no ‘fan of astrology’ by his own admission!

    3- Your article particles re the Gaugelin Data …. are debatable, given the ACTIVE disinformation campaign by CSICOP.

    4- Your response also in No Way addresses the careers of Michel and Francoise Gaugelin!!!

    This husband and wife team were preeminent scientists who began their exploration of astrology as vehement of objectors. Planning to once and for all kill this idea scientifically about astrology having any truth, they subsequently themselves dedicated the remainder of their careers as Professional Astrologers.

    While their career choices neither approved or disapproved astrology as a system, The fact of the last 40 years of their career investment always and forever goes on addressed by the scientific community! Their ‘conversion’ from hardened Skeptics of astrology and then becoming World leaders of the study of astrology is certainly a most interesting historical fact to be discussed.

    5- You and people like you continually say there is no scientific evidence that supports astrologer’s existence… Yet astrology has existed since the dawn of time as the observation of natural world cycles And their correlations.

    6-you and people like you speak as though 550 years of modern science has wrapped up all the studies… As if we have learned everything there is to learn about the phenomenal world!

    –That idea is absolutely absurd and preposterous!

    -We have only had 550 years of modern science to explore the natural world… Much continues to be discovered, Including the forces of physics as we understand them

  29. Furthermore and likely my last waste of my time in addressing the ignorant detractors posting on this forum, … Don’t you think yourselves foolish and even stupid to rage against and publicly speak against Astrology !!!! A topic of which you know absolutely ZERO/nothing about!!
    I do find it maddening infuriating and disgusting that I continue to have conversations with ignorant people who show themselves to be Small-minded fools who argue with me about the topic of astrology while knowing nothing whatsoever-not one scintilla of knowledge- about the topic they rage against!!

    >>> Before the age of 15 I had the same ‘sheeple mentality’ as all amateur astronomers do. I’d scream against astrology… But then it occurred to me to educate myself to argue more effectively against it ‘such a stupid thing Astrology Signs “!

    As the Gaugelins themselves found, my OPEN- minded investigations proved ME WRONG…!
    And so I can say to all of you who rage against this topic of astrology… Have at least enough courage to be open minded and explore !!!

    How IGNORANT, small-minded and downright childish for you all to continue to argue against something you know absolutely ZERO about!!

  30. astrology is fucking retarded. If astrology were a kid it would be the one that ate grass until he was 8. And if you believe in astrology then you are exceedingly gullible and dumb. Very very dumb

  31. Whether science or spirituality both are part of study .This universe is so vast and everything is possible in this, ofcourse astrology is also a part of study and beliefs.

  32. 'im a scorpio' '2 seconds later 'astrology has been helping us figure out who we should be having sex with' OFCOURSE U WOULD SAY THAT COS UR A SCORPIO. I REST MY CASE ASTROLOGY IS REAL GOODNIGHT

  33. This is quite a shallow review of astrology. There's not one exact philosophy of how it works.

    I'm one of those odd types who is both a skeptic of everything and also curious about everything and willing to give most things a go. My belief about astrology in terms of personalities is that planets and heavenly bodies do not influence a person's personality. It's that they serve as mechanisms that comprise a universal "clock." At the moment and place you are born, all planets are in a particular configuration (as they are at THIS moment) and they are a reference to something that is inexplicable, much like dark matter is not observable but we know that it exists because of OTHER things. Think of it this way: if you get hungry at 2:05 p.m. GMT tomorrow, the clock that displays 2:05 p.m. is not making you hungry; it's just a chronological reference point.

  34. Thousands of years astrology has been used to tell us who we should have Sex with. .. Wow.. really?

    I wish to meet him .. cause slapping his face sounds very appealing

  35. In every generation we think we have reached the PINNACLE of scientific knowledge and in every generation we are wrong. Stop asking scientists about Astrology. We are still in our infancy with science.

  36. My autistic friend told me so much based on how someone looks and acts. The time I was born too, nailed that and the fact I have Gemini in Mars powered 2'ce. All the years for nearly a decade he got right in everyone. Yes my friends, it's real.

  37. "People have been doing this for thousands of years" is usually a reason not to do it, because people didn't know how anything worked thousands of years ago.

  38. 1. If a person was told that there are radio waves using which one could talk to other across an ocean centuries ago, he would not believe it.
    2. Subatomic particles are formed out of nowhere from energy. It is hard to visualize how that could happen. But it is now proven with Large Hadron Collider.
    Same way, just because it is not proven scientifically that celestial bodies at birth affect how a person develops himself into when he matures, does not mean, you should deny that theory. There is always Micro Newton amount of force acting on any molecule in our body because of a celestial body. May be they do re-align our initial cells of the glands that control hormones and in-turn develop uniquely based on celestial body positions and affect how we think and act.

  39. From personal experience I can tell you that it is real. Its usually a day or two in advance depending where you get the info.

  40. The Astrology Shop will be 30 Years old in a few days.We accept the flack, but celebrate the curious folk. I will personally read the chart I think I can help the most. It won't be a tragic case, We celebrate we don't rescue. If you are conscious,open-minded and think Astrology can help you be a better You, come Party. One Soul is about to have their mind blown, and leave equipped to manage themselves more easily. One condition, You have to report back !

  41. The best thing is THICK SHEEPLE who think Astrology is what’s in your daily newspapers the ⭐️ Stars pmsl!!!
    Billionaires use Astrology
    Millionaires “DONT”

  42. Queen ELiZebeth has a personal Astrologist
    As did Queen Victoria
    The Alchemist Jon Dee was
    her astrologist….♎️🦄♋️
    You can take the sheep to knowledge but you can’t make em think!!! FFS y’all think you live on a spinning ball!!😂😂😂😂😂

  43. astrology gives us tools to understan the unity, the dance of life and get the most out of it, it's not there for prediction, it's there for wisdom, reminding us of the intricate layers of consciousness interweaving on this planet. it's older than religion, unlike science it doesn't tell you what to believe, it simply gives a map of spirit's journey in form, takes us home. what a disappointing video vice, wake up

  44. the sky has shifted since the alleged 12 horoscopes were defined by the group of people disrespecting God (Babylonians)
    See: https://www.stylist.co.uk/life/nasa-horoscope-star-sign-zodiac-ophiuchus-personality-astrology-astronomy/248217

  45. Havent you NOTICED Geminis ? Seriously ? Hugh Laurie, Marc Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear, BILL BURR, you must have noticed the same quick mind and sarcasm in real life.
    But no, YOURE TOO LAZY to read up on other signs or pick out several people of the same sign.

  46. If you believe in astrology, here's a test. Write down the names of as many people as possible (friends, celebrities, historical personalities) who have personalities with which you are very familiar, but whose birthdays you don't know. Guess a star sign for them. Then when you're wrong about most of them to the statistically predictable degree, pay attention to how many times you rationalize why you were wrong.

  47. a person cant tell how someone is going to treat them based on there zodiac.i use to believe in that too but now my mind is changing from all religion..honestly my sign is suppose to be a cancer they say we nice sweet whatever honestly I can be real bitchy..the honest truth.but I stop being so bitchy still.but what I'm saying don't push away or not date someone because your scared cause what they zodiac says.i don't believe in torat cards i stop believing cause there 3 .5 billon people in the world matter of fact over populated how can one person read for so many cancers or Gemini for argument sake.religion labels you instead of setting you free.you set yourself free not religion…

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