Wild Food Free Medicine Plants that Heal

Wild Food Free Medicine Plants that Heal

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  1. —-Please id ALL the plants that you're featuring! There's so much good info here but with such quick clips saying "this plant is good for such & such"…but what is the plant? Oh I see now why you didn't name them all –this is a promo for your DVD series! It certainly piqued my interest…
    Excellent filming–it's good to see imagery that isn't blurry, full of uhs, & material that needs to be edited out! –Blanche

  2. ……. Major, major kudos to you, MarkusRothkranz, for all of this, & thank you, Lisa Allen, for the heads-up on this 9 min. encapsulation. It never ceases to amaze me as to how incredibly valuable medicinally that the humble dandelion is, yet it is routinely eradicated by oft times severely harmful herbicides that harm not just all animal life, including us, but have long-lasting harmful impacts on the environment. Here begins a revolution. Carry on teaching! Namasté ~ (•8-D

  3. Nearly all skinny, how can I eat right and still keep my tone, weight, (minus the gut)? Is there an alternative to protein?

  4. Wow, amazing Markus thanks! Can't believe we how much money we spend on food when it grows free all around us! I want these DVD's!!

  5. I have a friend who would like to know if there is a natural remedy for reducing the size of her breasts <3

  6. Hey #UN#, I love your channel! Keep up the good work! Let's stay in touch and become friends! Feel free to Subscribe, Like, Comment, and make Favorite to my YouTube Vids too!! <3

  7. I just purchased the Free Food and Medicine dvd. Can't wait to get it. Although I am vegan I''m not a raw vegan. I plan on incorporating more raw into my diet. I'm starting to do green smoothies too and hoping that I;ll learn plenty of ways to incorporate all the wild plants and things from this dvd set into my diet as well. This is some really exciting info for becoming and staying healthy the natural way.

  8. Great info, really. I am into healthy and raw food myself. I even want to establish a small community somewhere that will be self-sufficient. Anybody interested? Need people like this!

  9. I just started my garden ! I don't wanna depend on the world anymore because the world wants us to need it so we can stay slaves!

  10. @Gauraonline
    Sounds like you need to read my new book "The Prosperity Secret" 🙂 You don't need to "work". A simple shift in perspective and a whole new world opens up. Welcome my friend.

  11. I ordered a VItamix Super 5200 online. I got a deal on shipping. I had sent by Priority Mail and hope to get it by next Tuesday. It comes with the standard 64 oz container with wet blades and a 32 ounce container with dry blades. In order to further grind dry herbs to a fine powder, you recommend a coffee grinder. From your experience, which brands or models do you recommend?
    P.S. I am re-watching Disc One of Five of 'Free Food and Medicine.' Great stuff!

  12. I don't need glasses anymore. Its all explained in m book Heal Yourself 101 available at MarkusProducts com

  13. Bought this guys book "Free food and medicine…worldwide plant guide" for $30 on Ebay and thought I wasted my money. Until I got it in the mail. I spent 2 weeks reading it straight out of the mailbox. Thanks so much for the writing this book…. The Pics in the book are amazing….Can not wait til spring.

  14. Thank you Markus. Now i know i don't have to depend on big evil corporations for my food anymore. I got 5 acres of goodies in my yard. My goodness i can't wait for spring. I'm so excited!

  15. Hi Markus I was just wondering I have 2 fig trees in my garden with plenty of green leaves. Are these edible and can I use them In place of normal greens every day for my green/fruit smoothie and also raspberry leaves thanks

  16. Markus!  I just found you last Friday!  You are the best thing!!!.  I have been juicing for a wonderful week.  Just one problem.  I am having heavy pain in my legs and hip area.  I have had this before but it is kinda of constant unless I lay for a few hours it will stop.  I know I carry fluids in my legs.  I know there are toxins in my legs.  Is this possible a sign of the organic veges and nuts possibly cleansing my legs and that might cause the pain?  I have been massaging my legs and trying to stretch and lift my legs for circulation.  Any suggestions.  I am sharing all about you and I love man….  😉 

  17. Markus , Can't believe you 50. You look great I/ve been juicing for a while and am trying to cut out meats and need to lose weight and a few high blood pressure pills.  What would you suggest . I believe our true meds are our product just not sure how to transition to have the right balance of protein veg and carbs 

  18. Super good video . Preparing medicinal Green smoothies from wild edibles .Knowledge is power .  Vegan greetings  .

  19. …but why grow at home in a container when it's out there everywhere and we basically count on there long roots to gather nutrients from deep underground?
    So is it OK to breed them indoors..?

  20. love it, be careful of pesticides! I ate wild mustard's in high school until a wise and helpful teacher warned me.

  21. I am litterly crying as I watch this video! This is my lifestyle <3 thank you Markus ! Thank you the All That Is for everything that I have 🙂 so divine.

  22. Okay, here I go. I watched a show on TBN and they went into the deep part of South America and some other countries that still live primitively. There are still areas where tribes live and outsiders are not allowed. Somehow these men were permitted pass these areas and they found hundreds of wild herbs and plants that they have been using for thousands of years to heal dis-ease. Most of the tribes live long healthy lives. If you are a Christian or if you are just a a reader of the Bible, you will find that God told us that everything we need to survive and be well is here,and is provided for us in the natural. I am 65 and I am still learning. I still have much to do before I leave this world, so I gotta get healthy. Blessings and good Karma to all.

  23. Wow I really have so much to learn , I thought I was doing so good eating mostly organic , but these wild crafted foods are something I really need to investigate and start using tto 🙂

  24. Eny regular wild food harvester know . That you should always pick in moderation. ( the more you pick the more it grows ) is not always true . That's why we have diminishing ramps and ginsing ! Please be mindful to only take what you'll eat ! And leave some of the biggest ones . Cuzz that's the mother plant . If you take her . It might not come back !

  25. I am an ex cook/Chef now I do not cook food anymore I prepare food not from a suppliers but earth s pantry may IT be well with you !

  26. I am from Thailand. I don’t know much about a lot things. But there’s one thing that I’m sure of.American people needs to clean out their refrigerators and start eating organic or wild edibles. Stop killing animals and eat more vegetables. Should all have their own kitchen gardens

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