You could live without these organs – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

You could live without these organs – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Did you know that not all organs are created
equal? Well, at least not technically. We’re here to tell you about seven organs
that you can leave without and how you’re able to survive without them. First up on our list is the stomach. The stomach plays an important role in breaking
down our food but life can go on without one. So, how does that work? Well, a total gastrectomy is a surgical procedure
which cuts out the stomach and joins the esophagus to the small intestine to form an alternate
stomach. A person may still swallow and digest food
post-surgery but portion sizes must be smaller and more frequent due to the limited capacity
of the alternate stomach. Nest stop on our list is the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland closely governs metabolism,
growth and development, but you can live without it. Well, the thyroid gland may need to be removed
in the presence of thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism – this is where your thyroid produces an
excess of thyroid hormones, or cysts or nodules on the thyroid gland. People without a thyroid gland will need to
take a lifelong medication containing the thyroid hormone, thyroxine, also known as
T4. This is usually produced in the thyroid gland
alongside another thyroid hormone called triiodothyronine also known as T3. Together, these two thyroid hormones play
an important role in many of the body’s physiological processes. Here’s one you may have already heard about
which is the appendix. The appendix stores friendly bacteria that
help our intestines to function optimally but it’s not essential for human survival. Surgical removal of the appendix is called
appendectomy. It’s likely you’ll need one ASAP if you contract
appendicitis. Next on our list are the humble kidneys. The kidneys act as your very own blood filtering
service removing waste products and other fluids. But not so fast. You can live without one of your kidneys but
the other one needs to stay. Kidney removal is carried out via a surgical
procedure called a nephrectomy. Some people donate one of their kidneys for
life saving organ transplants. For others, cancer or kidney damage may require
kidney removal. The next one may surprise you. Are you ready? Okay, it’s the lung. The lungs are essential for respiration, defending
your body from infection, and keeping your pH in check, but one lung can work without
the other. The remaining lung can take on the work of
the missing lung very well but strenuous activity may become more difficult. Lung removal is carried out through a surgical
procedure called a pneumonectomy. This may be required in the case of a chronic
lung infection, injury, congenital lung disease or cancer. Now just heads up! This one may freak you out. It’s the reproductive organs. Male and female reproductive organs including
the testes and uterus are needed if you want to create someone to call you mom or dad but
they are not necessary for survival. Removal of the testes is carried out by a
procedure called an orchiectomy. An orchiectomy is indicated in the case of
testicular cancer or testicular torsion. Removal of the uterus is carried out by then
a procedure called hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is indicated in the case of
endometrial cancer or severe fibroids. The removal of the uterus does not have to
include removing the ovaries. Women who have had a hysterectomy can still
have children by donating their eggs to a surrogate who will then carry their child. Now you know some of the organs that you can
live without. We hope we didn’t offend any organ out there. We still know how relevant they are to us
but the truth is sometimes we just need to live without them, like a long lasting relationship
that comes to an end. Let us know on the comments below what organs
could have made the list. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell
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  1. disfunction of the atrium of the heart is not lethal , implantation of a small part of the liver that can function normally and regrow to its normal size ! and tonsils' removing etc… there are more examples i think . our organs are created with great capacity to endures variable difficult situtions.
    it is a generosity and a mercy of our god

  2. You can also live without the spleen although as per the thyroid gland you'll need to take life long medication to provide your body with the necessary immune response moieties.

  3. The title says organs that you don't even need… But also says you need medication for you to be able to function

  4. Well then you can live without a heart
    You just have to be connected to machine for the rest of your life
    Nevertheless still alive😑

  5. id argue that if you need to take medications to survive without an organ, then that organ was essential.. kinda dumb

  6. Without Thyroid you Actually DIE, also Thyroid produces Hormones like T1, T2(T1 and T2 are not well known), T3(Triiodothyronine), T4(Thyroxine) and Calcytonin(calcium and phosphate economy)

  7. If you need drugs to live without an organ to replace its functionality then by DEFINITION you can't live without it…

    Btw, seriously, stop using double organs for extra points.

  8. Those faces are sooo cuute awww.w.. Really nice video 😀 And i like your voice more than female one. I really like listening to you talking calm, slow and clear 🙂

  9. did you know the risk of dying by a car accident is higher then winning the lottery..
    and getting bladder cancer is only a 3.27% chance, everytime it replaces a cell (avarage cell replacement is 1 in a quarter quarter second)
    if you read this and not have cancer, congrats on reading this 30 second long comment, 35 second long.. 36 second long.. ehh, you get the point

  10. There are two people in Russia that are living normal lives without a heart. Their arterial system pumps blood through the body to keep the people alive and kicking.

  11. You can live without your kidneys technically, with a kidney dialysis machine.
    And you could even live without your heart as long as you have an artificial 1.
    But I wouldn't call them living(just surviving)

  12. If removing the organs effects the way your body functions, then you can’t live with out them. My wife has one kidney and she can’t do all the activities she used to do.

  13. I feel like previous medical doctors made up those long, hard words to make med students’ lives more miserable……or maybe they tried to invent a secret language.

  14. as a women ( im not am ) i would want to carry my kid out on my own not let somone else do the work i mean i dont let a other man make my girl pregnant or ?

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